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TBD & Politico Operations Expanding in Rosslyn

by ARLnow.com December 6, 2010 at 3:59 pm 2,738 12 Comments

(Updated at 4:15 p.m.) It’s rare to find a news organization that’s actively hiring these days, let alone one that’s expanding physically. But that’s exactly what Allbritton Communications is seeking to do in Rosslyn.

Allbritton’s landlord has applied for a site plan amendment to convert space that was originally intended to be a television studio into work space for the web divisions of its WJLA-TV and Politico properties. The nearly 6,000 square foot space is a former retail bay in the interior mall of the 1000/1100 Wilson Boulevard office complex.

Citing the “evolution of the broadcast television industry into a web-based online media,” Allbritton will take what the board initially approved in July 2008 to be a new TV studio for WJLA and convert it into cubicles and offices for web employees. County staff is recommending the board approve the change at its Saturday, Dec. 11 meeting.

The renovations will help facilitate the on-going addition of nearly 100 employees for TBD, the web and cable division of WJLA, and Politico Pro, a new subscription service that’s being launched early next year, according Saul Carlin, Allbritton’s Director of Special Projects.

TBD currently has 24 web employees and approximately 12 cable employees. Politico Pro is expected to launch with a staff of 40. According to TBD Editor Erik Wemple, the web site is in the process of hiring three new employees — a news writer, a D.C. neighborhoods reporter, and a transit/transportation reporter.

That accounts for not quite 80 of the 100 stated new hires. Additional hirings at TBD are “possible,” Wemple said.

In the site plan filing, Allbritton said the new hires should boost the company’s Rosslyn workforce by about 25 percent, from 400 employees to 500 employees.

“If approved, the change would help us to keep our growing Arlington operations under one roof,” said Carlin. “In this difficult economy, we’re pleased that we can be an engine of job creation in Arlington County.”

“The proximity to the federal government creates opportunities for news organizations in the Washington, D.C. media market that might not be available to them elsewhere,” Carlin added.

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  • That is great news. Sharing on facebook which will get the notice of 70+ local realtors too so that this awesome site gets more readers.


  • Lou

    Ah, the next dot-com leasing bubble has begun.

  • Bluemont John

    Wemple is a super-smart guy–and refreshingly free of BS. I met him the first time when I was interviewing for a job at the City Paper. I asked him what he was looking for in the person to fill the job. “Smarts. Just–smarts.”

    • mehoo

      So did you get the job? 😉

  • el fat kid

    Kind of wish they wouldn’t make the pro version so steep… would pay a monthly fee but over $1,000/year… nope.

    Unrelated to this story but… Scott any chance you can implement a verified user registration system for comments? Something along the lines of DCist? People would still remain anonymous beyond their user name but i think it would contribute to the discussion if people weren’t using several different logins, as they appear to be doing now.

    • A registration system is in the works, but we’re not going to force people to register.

    • mehoo

      The fee is obviously aimed at companies, not individuals.

  • So you know when I posted this link on facebook for its own sake as well as to introduce my friends to Arlnow it did not do your site justice. It did not bring up a photo for the link to make it appealing for friends to click on. Not that big a deal but thought you should know….Here’s pic of how facebook shares it: http://bit.ly/_ARLNow_facebook_share

    • Link directly to the site, not to Feedburner

  • More jobs, particularly for writers where the job market is dismal, is a good thing.

    • WilsonBlvd

      Only if they hire Arlington residents! 🙂


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