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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com December 14, 2010 at 7:43 am 1,943 16 Comments

McDonnell Pushes For Quick Action on Health Care Challenge — Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, who praised state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s now-successful challenge to President Obama’s health care reform law, wants the federal government’s inevitable appeal to go straight to the Supreme Court rather than take a more circuitous route through a federal appeals court. “Everybody knows it’s going to go to the U.S. Supreme Court,” the governor told Fox News.

W&OD Trail Closure Postponed — A portion of the W&OD Trail was supposed to be closed today to allow for power line work, but that has been postponed indefinitely because of the wind, a county official says.

Arlington-Based Green Firm AcquiredClearCarbon, a Courthouse-based company that audits corporations’ greenhouse gas emissions, has been acquired by consulting giant Deloitte. More from Reuters.

Street Closure Near Rosslyn Metro Sunday — North Moore Street between Wilson Boulevard and 19th Street North will be closed all Sunday as a result of utility work for the Rosslyn Metro entrance project. Buses that normally use the street will be redirected to North Lynn Street. Signs will be in place to direct riders.

Union Jack’s Reviewed — Parody, or just really enthusiastic? You decide.

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  • Katie

    “Welsh Rabbit”? Hahahaha, it’s Welsh rarebit. I don’t think it’s a parody. I think it’s someone who fancies herself a reviewer. We’re from Missouri where people are friendly at Applebee’s!

    • KalashniKEV

      Haha… I read your comment before I checked the review and thought, “Really??? NO WAY!”

      Nice dose of snark first thing in the morning. Union Jack’s sucks, but I somewhat agree- so does a lot of the service in NoVA. If her overly enthusiastic review of a marginal place offends you, I’d advise you never to visit a certain website called Yelp.com, It’s full of morons with no taste or sense trying to tell you what they think of places…

    • BrownFlipFlops

      Union Jack’s – come for the Welsh “Rabbit,” stay for the last-call brawls!

    • mehoo

      It was rabbit first (see my post below) and now the terms are interchangable. Without knowing it, they were right.

      This is a bit like people who say “I feel badly” and think they’re correct when “I feel bad” is actually right – unless you have a nerve condition.

  • Jim

    We go to Union Jack’s every so often, and like it. But I’d review it without so many adjectives, exclamation points and all-caps words. Another reason I find the Patch (like TBD) not so useful.

  • mehoo

    Jack’s has good English pub ale that’s hard to find on tap.

    I can’t figure out how the Welsh make rabbits taste like cheese though. Some kind of magic.

  • mehoo

    Looks like “rabbit” was the originally correct word, and the word snobs (I’m guilty too) are actually holding up a corruption of it as correct. “Rarebit” was probably just a way to make fun of the Welsh accent. Missouri 1, Arlington 0.


    • BrownFlipFlops

      Here’s the entry from Union Jack’s menu:

      “WELSH RAREBIT – $7
      A classic British cheese and ale sauce served with
      diced tomatoes, chopped scallions, and rye toast. Served sizzling on a cast iron skillet.”

      Maybe she was reviewing an off-menu special?

      • KalashniKEV

        BFF, It doesn’t make it any less wrong. I still say, “gh-YEE-rO” even if the guy on the cart calls it “JY-row.”

    • KalashniKEV

      I actually googled that up after Katies comment, and was actually going to post that, since I have always heard it called “Rabbit.”

      I bit my tongue in the holiday spirit… and b/c I would have been mean about it. = )

      “Surprisingly, it seems there was not only a Welsh Rabbit, but also an English Rabbit, an Irish and a Scotch Rabbit, but nary a rarebit.[3]”

    • Katie

      Oh the humanity.

  • Joe

    The overzealous use of exclamation points makes this review unreadable.

  • Aaron

    I have to agree, the Ballston Patch site is pretty terrible. There is no real news, as other Patches – particularly in the NE have.

    And look at the ‘author’s’ of this Union Jacks review other comments and articles, she just loves exclamation points and cap locks.

    The Ballston editor does not write that much at all and just uses contributors, many who are paid about $15 per article, so they have no real motivation to write well, as that review shows.

    Maybe it is because their is a saturation in the market? I check ARLNow often, because it actually has news I care about. And I check my hometown patch often, again because it has real news. But the Ballston Patch, I always leave disappointed and maybe check it once a day at most, usually a lot less frequently. It’s more a free advertising site for local businesses.

    • Aaron

      Also, the lack of AP style in that story would make a journalism teacher die.

  • MB

    FWIW: The slop you get at Union Jack’s doesn’t even kind of approximate Welsh Rarebit as it is known anywhere else. It’s a cheese dip. Which is not Welsh Rarebit.

  • Glebe

    is the patch a middle school newspaper?


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