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New Meals Tax Delinquency List Is a Mixed Bag

The county’s meals tax delinquency list is sort of like a health meter for local restaurants. If the amount owed to the county keeps going up, bad things may be happening for the restaurant financially — or at least managerially.

(The county collects a 4 percent “meals” tax on all prepared foods and beverages sold in Arlington. Often, this tax is passed directly on to the consumer.)

A new meals tax delinquency list dated Dec. 14 shows mostly stagnation when compared to the list released on Aug. 31. The amount owed by the three biggest debtors has increased slightly in the past three and a half months, likely the result of the 10 percent interest the county charges on such debts.

  • Arlington Catering Company owes $75,556.76, compared to $74,304.59 in August
  • Extra Virgin of Shirlington owes $72,352.56, compared to $71,435.96 in August
  • Wall Street Deli, located in National Airport, owes $60,338.49, compared to $58,988.14 in August

The above list excludes chef Roberto Donna, who has so far been faithfully making court-mandated $500 monthly repayments to the county, according to officials.

Three restaurants near the top of the delinquency list have seen significant increases in their debts.

  • Front Page of Ballston owes $23,037.00, compared to $17,113.52 in August
  • Kora Restaurant in Crystal City owes $10,624.41, compared to $5,517.03 in August
  • Market Basket, a store in the Pentagon complex, owes $16,564.89 compared to no debt in August

In some good news, three local favorites have been paying off their debts.

  • Tortoise and Hare in Crystal City has no debt, compared to $19,508.46 in August
  • McGinty’s Public House, in the Market Square at Potomac Yard development, owes $19,751.18, compared to $25,226.64 in August
  • Bob and Edith’s Diner owes $5,468.95, compared to $12,841.15 in August

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