Arlington, VA

McGinty’s Public House, Tortoise and Hare Bar and Grill and Bob & Edith’s Diner have piled up tax debts to the county over the course of the summer.

McGinty’s (3650 South Glebe Road) owes the county $25,226.64 in unpaid meals taxes, according to the latest list from the County Treasurer’s office, published on August 31. The owner of the Potomac Yard bar opened the massive P. Brennan’s pub on Columbia Pike earlier this year. As recently as July, McGinty’s was not on the delinquent list

Tortoise & Hare (567 South 23rd Street) was also not on the July list, but now owes the county $19,508.46. The Crystal City bar opened three years ago, and regularly hosts live music acts. It is also a popular football destination on Saturdays and Sundays.

Bob & Edith’s Diner (2310 Columbia Pike) is a bit of a surprise, considering that it seems to attract a crowd at all hours of the day. A second B&E’s location further down Columbia Pike shut down a couple of years ago, and the shell company for “Bob & Edith’s Diner II” has been listed on the delinquency list ever since. But the granddaddy Bob & Edith’s is now listed as owing $12,841.15 (B&E’s II owes $36,370.58).

Flickr pool photo by Chris Rief


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