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New 7-Eleven Store Opens in Rosslyn

by ARLnow.com December 23, 2010 at 9:40 am 4,099 41 Comments

And just like that, the new 7-Eleven store that had been under construction on Wilson Boulevard for the past few months has opened for business.

The store is located in Rosslyn at the corner of Wilson Boulevard and North Quinn Street, near Ray’s Hell Burger.

Thanks to @heryandotus for the tip and the photo.

  • LP

    Looks like it still needs a little exterior work for it to look like a standard 7-11.

  • ChrisW

    Another missed opportunity for an Arlington Waffle House!

    • SoArlRes

      Ahh, that would be sweetness.

    • Burger

      you mean WaWa

      • CrystalMikey

        Man, I would love a WaWa here!

        • Ali

          Ditto that. With the closing of the one in College Park it’s a long haul to the closest one.

  • NorthAdams

    finally. great to have more late night and early morning convenience nearby. we need more of this!!

  • Darwin

    I was hoping for another high end pizza place! I guess I’ll just settle for the current 12 along Wilson Blvd.

  • bob

    Rosslyn Heights returns to the ghetto! Now all the thugs can get a slurpee after their various rounds of burglary, rape, muggings and occasional beat downs. Not to mention taxi-drivers…

    • CrystalMikey

      Mmmmm…I want to go get my Slurpee in brown flip-flops

  • Arlwhenever

    Another grocery store for Arlington. Yea!

  • DT

    Is this the old gas station spot next to the school?

    • Ryan

      Yes it is.

    • Parent

      Yes, and I’m sure the patrons will try to overflow park in the school parking lot so those of us picking up our kids will have issues. Wonderful.

      • Ali

        I rarely see any 7-11s around here with full lots. You should worry more about Hell Burger customers (as should 7-11 frankly).

  • a’town

    Rosslyn Heights? I think you mean Key Blvd Apartments..

  • Andrew

    I remember the 7-11 across the street from this one that was torn down for new development. Is this new one open all-night too?

  • Bluemont John

    I *think* this is the building that for several years after the 2004 presidential campaign still had a “Wesley Clark for President” banner.

    Too bad that we get another 7-11. Just glad it’s not near where I live.

    • nope, that was on Lee Hwy. This was a gas station until the beginning of the year…

      • Bluemont John

        Oops; you’re right.

  • Matt

    So basically they ripped out a gas station and convenience store and replaced it with a convenience store. Brilliant!

    • But the area kind of needs it. It is another sign that Rosslyn is becoming more than a place to work at, it is also a place people live in. Try finding anything else open in the wee hours of the morning/night in the area.

      • Bluemont John

        This raises the question: Who, other than cops/night-shift workers, is out during the wee hours?

        I personally see a 7-11 as an impediment to a peaceful residential existence–all the delivery noise, the homeless it attracts–even the one at Lee/Harrison has the occasional homeless–the landscape laborers with their huge diesel trucks, etc.

        I guess I might feel differently if I were not in my 30s and were out partying in the wee hours.

        • Aaron

          You know that there was a 7-11 at that intersection for many years without any of those problems, right?

          This is an early Christmas present for all of us Rosslynites, every one.

          • KalashniKEV

            That was before the Bum invasion…

          • Idi Amin Dada

            It was also before the yuppie invasion.

          • rft

            i know which one I prefer

  • NorthAdams

    kudo’s for being part of the car free diet.
    marginal convenience store and gas station converted to just convenience store.
    no more car oriented gas pumps and service bay!!

    • Bluemont John

      It just means that to get gas, people will have to DRIVE FARTHER, burning more fuel, adding to road congestion, and emitting more pollution!


      • MrStevens

        The same we have to do now for a car wash since they took out the shell in Ballston.

        • Radar

          The Mr. Wash on Glebe Road is about 0.8 miles away from that Shell.

      • Just the Facts

        There’s a gas station a block and a half down the road at Wilson & N. Rhodes St.

    • DT

      There hasn’t been any gas there for years. The tanks were leaking so they had to fill them in and it cost more to clean up than it would have to replace. This is info I got from the old owner.

  • Larchmont

    There’s a big gas station 1 block away from this 7-11(former gas station), and that gas station has a car wash, along with a joke of a convenience store. This old gas station was a joke and rarely used.

    So the people that live in Rosslyn get more convenience and all these commenters can do is whine, whine, whine….from a far, and about something they did absolutely nothing to prevent. Par for the course for most arlnow comments anyway. You people are not happy and cannot be pleased.

    • were you expecting pro-capitalist, pro-development talk from this place? There even was a requisite “what about the children” comment here (about parking for the school next door). Imagine the insult of adding a 24/7 convenience store to a neighborhood that is steadily increasing in size? The nerve of 7-11 trying to providing a valuable service to those residents…..

  • Bender

    ***I personally see a 7-11 as an impediment to a peaceful residential existence–all the delivery noise, the homeless it attracts–even the one at Lee/Harrison has the occasional homeless–the landscape laborers with their huge diesel trucks, etc.***

    Yes, they should get those day laborers and homeless (especially the minorities) out of white trendy areas of North Arlington and back to South Arlington where they belong.

    • Bluemont John

      I don’t care what race they are. I don’t want laborers (or anyone else, really–but that’s who does it) eating in front of my house in their trucks, nor homeless loitering nearby.

    • Bluemont John

      Oh, and by the way: The street I live on is very multiracial and very non-trendy, though it is somewhat affluent.

      • charlie

        bluemont john: are you new to Bluemont? Because you have tons of homeless people living there. be grateful you have a nice, albeit overpriced, house.

    • TGEoA

      Actually they belong on the other side of the potomac.

      • MrStevens

        Preferably under one of the bridges on I-66 by the Kennedy Center.


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