Winter Storm Warning Issued

by ARLnow.com December 25, 2010 at 7:35 pm 2,408 22 Comments

Update at 2:00 p.m. — The winter storm warning has been dropped. Arlington is now expected to just get a dusting of snow.

Update at 3:00 a.m. — It now appears that the storm will be smaller than anticipated locally.

The Arlington Office of Emergency Management has broadcast the following alert about the snowstorm that will be impacting the Washington area tomorrow.

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for NCR, effective from 6AM Sunday to 6AM Monday. Currently, the anticipated amount of snowfall is 6-7 inches. However, the area is right on the borderline between receiving a direct hit by the storm, and only receiving moderate snow, so anywhere from 3-10 inches should be anticipated. Light snow will start early Sun morning, and become heavier from mid-morning to early evening. High temp 30. Snow will taper off at night, but winds will pick up. Low 23. Monday will provide clearing but with windy conditions, and possibly blowing snow. High 31.

Arlington OEM would like to offer the following tips:

-Drive only if it is absolutely necessary. If you must drive, stay on main roads, and avoid back roads and alleys.

-Avoid overexertion when shoveling snow. Overexertion can bring on a heart attack—a major cause of death during the winter.

-Listen to your radio, television or NOAA Weather Radio for weather reports and emergency information.

-Dress for the weather. Wear several layers of loose fitting, lightweight, warm clothing rather than one layer of heavy clothing. Wear mittens, a hat and cover your mouth with a scarf to protect your lungs.

-Watch for signs of frostbite (skin appears white and waxy, numbness or no feeling) and hypothermia (shivering, confusion or dizziness, slow or slurred speech). Go to a medical facility immediately if you or someone you know is experiencing these symptoms.

  • Rick

    If KFC is closed tomorrow I’m going to be very upset

    • kr


  • NorthAdams

    how can i clear my sidewalk while at the beach??

    • Lolly74

      Yeah, I’m wondering the same thing. I am sure my neighbor will be waving a copy of the Snow Removal Ordinance in the air and shaking her fist – but I won’t see her because we are 135 miles away.

  • Abominable Snow Monster

    SNOWBALL FIGHT! (Clarendon this time)

    • Abominable Snow Monster

      oh yea, and no GUNS please

      • TGEoA

        And don’t throw objects at people that don’t want to participate.

        • Rick


        • el fat kid

          don’t like agreeing w/ TGEoA… but good point. i’m all for snowball fights but they can turn into a problem when people start targeting randoms walking home or going to get coffee. You don’t know if the person just is going to play along, nuts, or just had a shitty day and might not respond well.

          I would also add that it’s generally not a good idea to run out in front of a car to peg the windshield with a snowball, then slipping and falling on your ass right in the path of a vehicle with limited traction. Any thoughts on this Darwin?

          • Dan

            “I would also add that it’s generally not a good idea to run out in front of a car to peg the windshield with a snowball, then slipping and falling on your ass right in the path of a vehicle with limited traction. Any thoughts on this Darwin?”

            Yeah, it is just the process of natural selection made visible, in real time.

          • Darwin

            For sure! We no doubt need a law specifically against this to protect ourselves from ourselves!

        • Abominable Snow Monster

          he drove through the crossfire… In a god damn HUMMER. Aren’t those things used for transport through a combat zone? He just felt like being a tough guy because he has authority. What a douchebag.

          • TGEoA

            Leave it to a bunch of self-righteous pricks to decide who’s car to pelt. ok.

  • Katie
  • CrystalMikey

    And then there was nothing… 😛

  • R.Griffon

    Worst. Blizzard. Ever.

  • Bender

    Just to be safe, though, we better cancel school for tomorrow.

  • Triple Time

    Is it true that workers were paid triple time on Christmas day? The 3 inches of salt on the roads is much more enjoyable to drive through than that of snow. I guess the deficit is no longer an issue as we head into 2011?

    • AllenB

      So are you saying that the county shouldn’t pretreat roads when there is a threat of snow? And if they stop treating and you go slip-sliding away in the snow, you won’t complain?

      Geez, some people just need something to b*tch about – yes you.

    • Jenga

      I’m glad they did. How else would all the Clarendude’s with their BMWs get around in the snow?

  • NorthAdams

    OMG School has been canceled.

    BTW, my street has enough salt for the next two winters.

  • Darwin

    I’m so sick of this darn global warming! Brrrrr!


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