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by ARLnow.com December 29, 2010 at 8:01 am 2,743 4 Comments

Arlington Place and Street Names Explained — Ever wonder how Rosslyn, Clarendon, Aurora Hills, Lorcom Lane and other county neighborhoods and thoroughfares got their names? The Falls Church News-Press’s Arlington correspondent has the answers, courtesy of a new book from the Arlington Historical Society. More from FCNP.

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Events in Shirlington — Check out this comprehensive list of the New Year’s Eve happenings in Shirlington Village (via Shirlington Village Blog). After you party all night, feel free to lounge all day at Busboys and Poets’ New Year’s Day pajama brunch (via Shirlington Village Blogspot).

Two Die in AHC-Owned Building — Carbon monoxide poisoning is suspected in the deaths of two people in a Baltimore rowhouse. The home is owned by Arlington-based affordable housing organization AHC Inc. More from the Baltimore Sun.

Flickr pool photo by BrianMKA

  • g_clifford_prout

    Very interesting. I think Military Rd really should be North Chain Bridge Rd. (and the speed reduced to 15 MPH (what about the children?!)) More to the point the Columbia Pike trolley was named after Charles II’s third cousin the Viscount Trolley of Hindquarters.

    • We should name a road after the 2010 CB members. Summers Eve perhaps?

    • MrStevens

      It’s okay — the dangerous concrete medians placed in the road are causing people to slow down — because you can’t see them at night and they are full-height onto oncoming traffic — that is, if you’re not from around here, don’t see it, you crash right into a curb.

      They are already covered with tire marks along the front and sides. How long until the first lawsuit?

      I’m pretty sure these medians are also against any standard road manual in the country.

  • Cool photo! Is that looking onto the Kennedy Center?


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