Young Woman Hit By Car, Seriously Injured Near Ballston Metro

by ARLnow.com December 30, 2010 at 11:47 am 6,607 97 Comments

A 22-year-old woman was hit by a car and seriously injured while trying to cross Fairfax Drive near the Ballston Metro station early this morning.

Police say a dark-colored sedan hit the woman in the 4200 block of Fairfax Drive around 12:20 a.m. The car did not stop and police are investigating the accident as a hit-and-run.

The young woman is in serious condition at a local hospital, according to police.

Anyone who witnessed the accident or has information about the accident is asked to call Det. Robert Wright at (703) 228-4618. Police say the striking vehicle should have noticeable front-end damage.

Update on 12/31/10 — Police have released additional information about the striking vehicle.

ARLINGTON, Va. – The Arlington County Police Department is investigating a hit and run accident that occurred yesterday morning in the 4200 block of Fairfax Drive. At approximately 12:20 a.m. on Thursday, December 30, 2010, police responded for a pedestrian stuck by a vehicle.

A woman was crossing Fairfax Drive in a crosswalk when she was struck by a vehicle. The striking vehicle did not stop at the scene. She was transported to a local hospital in serious condition.

The striking vehicle has been identified as a dark colored 2003-2005 Dodge or Plymouth Neon. The vehicle would have noticeable damage to the front passenger side and passenger side mirror.

Police ask that anyone who witnessed the accident, or has information relating to this incident or the striking vehicle, contact Detective Robert Wright at (703) 228-4618.

  • The Dope of South Arlington

    Maryland tags, I bet.

    • The Noze Bros

      PG County?

    • Partly Cloudly

      Hopefully ACPD is pulling all the data from their license plate readers from that time period to see who was on the roads. If they were out in ARL at that time they are suspect, right? Let them clear their good (or not so good) names.

      • Jason S

        You must be joking or insane. If they were out during that time, they are not automatically a suspect. Should we start rounding up everybody seen walking within blocks of a crime in which the accused departed on foot?

        • mehoo

          I think he was being sarcastic.

      • anonymous

        Unfortunately, that intersection does not have a bunch of cameras covering it. There are, however, some nearby businesses that may have captured a few images of the vehicle. I really hope that ACPD are able to identify and apprehend the culprit of this heinous crime.

  • Useless

    Maybe you could just say your comments aloud and think about how clever you are, and then use better judgment in keeping them off the site.

    • Usefull

      If everyone used that criteria, there’d be no comments on ArlNow.

      • UseItOrLoseIt

        Oh, it’s not that bad. Some days the SNR is better than others. And even the noise gives me a chuckle sometimes.

        • BoredHouseWife

          i think all 3 of you need a rubber room.

  • Michelle

    This doesn’t suprise me. People in Arlington rarely use common sense when crossing the street. What happened to stop, look, and walk?

    • JamesE

      I live right at the Ballston metro, plenty of times I have the green light and some idiot just darts out in front of me, luckily I pay attention and stop and give them the stare of death. I do not know if that was the case in this incident but people constantly jaywalk.

    • JD32

      This doesn’t surprise me. People in Arlington rarely use common sense when driving. What happened to stopping and yielding to pedestrians?

      • Jason S

        We don’t know what happened in this case, but yielding to pedestrians only applies in marked crosswalks without light controls. If a pedestrian is in the street outside of a marked crosswalk or crossing against the signal then they are at fault and have no right to complain when they deservedly get hit.

        • Sam

          Not quite. Even if a pedestrian is jaywalking, legally the driver of the vehicle is required to maintain control of his/her vehicles at ALL times. If this was not a hit-and-run and the police came to the scene as both parties were there, both would be cited. Just because the pedestrian did something wrong does not mean she was deservedly hit. However, instead of getting a $100 or $250 moving violation, the driver now faces class 5 felony hit and run changes

          • Sam

            *Charges, not changes.

          • Jason S

            Considering we don’t know the circumstances, we cannot possibly say that the driver would be charged with anything in this case for the actual collision. There have been plenty of cases where a pedestrian was hit, sometimes even killed, and no charges were filed because the pedestrian was just an idiot who stepped into traffic. Failure to maintain control requires some actual reasonable failure on the part of the driver, such as not paying attention. If things were as you described it, anybody in an accident while moving would be charged with failure to maintain control regardless of circumstances.

        • Don S.

          Jason, you may want to brush the dust off of that old driver’s ed book. In addition to marked crosswalks Virginia (and most other states) has the concept of an unmarked crosswalk (§ 46.2-100) that occurs where sidewalks meet the street and also where streets intersect. You have the same legal requirement to yield to pedestrians crossing there also. Drive around some of the neighborhoods in Arlington and you’ll see a lot of intersections with crosswalks that aren’t marked.

          • Jason S

            That’s true, but as far as I knew any place where a sidewalk meets a street and continues on the other side at an intersection it is a crosswalk in every legal sense. Those are covered in the law as well, but the thing we must not forget is that it has to be at an intersection. I didn’t want to get too bogged down in how VA defines a crosswalk as the rules basically come down to ones with controls or under the direction of traffic control or ones without controls.

            I’m pretty sure this was covered in those little booklets you are supposed to study before getting a license.

          • Don S.

            Fair enough, but from your comment above it could be construed you were advocating that yielding to pedestrians only applies in marked crosswalks without light controls. Just wanted to make clear that a crosswalk can be unmarked in certain instances and that the same legal obligations to yield still apply as that is a fact people often overlook.

          • Jason S

            You’re right, my statement didn’t include those unmarked crosswalks, which are still crosswalks. It’s good to have people point out gaps, it makes you more aware.

        • BoredHouseWife

          Yeah, go right ahead and use that as a defense. Then get back to us.

          • Jason S

            It’s been used as a defense when charges are filed and worked, which is why people have hit pedestrians who broke the law and did not get in trouble. Again, the idea that the driver is always at fault is why so many pedestrians think the magic of human law will stop a vehicle from hitting them while walking into traffic.

          • BoredHouseWife

            Those drivers were lucky. I agree that many pedestrians do not look nor do they realize they are walking on an area specifically designated for cars. Many will take their sweet time walking across and give dirty looks.
            Parking lots are the worse.

          • Jason S

            In matters of law, luck should have little to do with it. Remember that it is illegal to step into traffic, just as it is illegal to run a red light or pull out of a parallel parking spot without looking. If one person does something illegal which causes an accident, it’s much harder to assign the blame to the party who was behaving within the expectations of law.

      • charlie

        The law is very clear: CARS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY.
        I’ve seen pedestrian think they are in California and as they approach Washington Blvd., (during rush hour) they just keep walking because they THINK we all MUST stop. Not true.
        Arlington is giving pedestrians a very false sense of security.

        • anonymous


          That is actually a very untrue statement. There are in-fact laws that give pedestrians the right of way in crosswalks (marked or not). There are signs at many of the intersections of the area (“Yield to Pedestrians, $100 to $500 Fine for Violations”). And as a matter of fact, the intersection in question was just re-paved and re-marked just a couple of months ago and is well lit.

          As for your comments about people thinking they’re in CA and “they just keep walking because they THINK we all MUST stop.” is both biased and representative of the ‘Entitlement Mentality’ that many have acquired over the past decade or two. The simple fact is people have taken this ‘Entitlement’ and applied it to the privileges afforded them. It is a privilege to drive, period. As such it is the drivers’ responsibility to maintain and operate their vehicle in a safe manner. This includes yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks, failure to do so constitutes a moving violation. This ‘Entitlement Mentality’ does not appear to be limited to people when they are driving, as I have seen its evidence with cyclists and pedestrians while traveling on or crossing the road (ie. not looking before crossing the street, which was taught in ‘Safety School’ [pre-K]).

          This means that while it is the pedestrians’ responsibility to ‘look both ways before crossing the street’, it is also the drivers’ responsibility to observe their surroundings and avoid collisions with people, property, and animals. And not just because it might scratch their car’s paint, but because it is one of the underlying conditions of being afforded the privilege of driving on our roadways.

          • Pedestrian

            +1…. And just because someone is jaywalking doesn’t give the oncoming driver the right to play Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

          • Westover

            And pedestrians need to take a little bit of responsibility for their own safety and not assume the three ton projectile can stop in time not to hit them. Law of Physics will often out rule the Law of Man.

          • Sam

            Westover, in places like Ballston, Courthouse, or Rosslyn, the speed limit is about 20-25. If you are doing the speed limit, especially when approaching an intersection, you will stop in time. Of course, we don’t know the exact scenario here and whether or not the person stepped out when the car was 2 feet away. But in many cases, the driver can’t stop in time it’s because they are going too fast for the type of street they’re on.

  • Black Flag

    Right, what happen to stop, look, and walk?

    • LVGuy

      What happened to watching out for pedestrians and calling an ambulance if you get in an accident instead of darting off?

      • Agent Michael Scarn


  • Maria

    There’s no info here about whether or not she was jaywalking, so don’t make assumptions. It was a hit-and-run at 12am, so there’s certainly a chance she didn’t do anything wrong. Or maybe she did. But we don’t know, so just hope she’s okay and they catch the person who did it.

    • el fat kid

      well said… we don’t know the details of what happened beyond the fact that the driver is either a total douche or panicked and will be racked by guilt until they come clean. hopefully the latter but either way a bad situation for all involved.

      • Juanita de Talmas

        A total douche behind the wheel in the Washington metro area? Perish the thought!

        • TGEoA

          You dirty northern bastards should move back to NY

          • Maria


      • B.Fife

        ….or maybe the driver does not know a person was hit. No facts have been provided to tell us much other than someone was hit and the car did not stop. Comments are just speculation (“driver’s fault; walker’s fault; Chris Zimmerman’s fault; etc.”)

        • anon

          The police are looking for a car with front end damage – this means the girl was most likely hit by the front end of a car. Not sure how a driver does not notice a front end impact great enough to give someone serious injuries.

          • Jason S

            My guess is they were probably inebriated at the time and took off. Had they stopped, 100% chance of getting in trouble for drinking and driving but if they leave then being caught is unlikely. The way people are around here, I suspect hit and run events happen pretty often.

        • Dan

          “….or maybe the driver does not know a person was hit”

          This is why Andy should have fired you and promoted Gomer….he was obviously brighter.

    • BoredHouseWife

      Unless she was pointing the gun at a driver, there is no way she deserved to get run over.

      • Maria

        Of course not, but if, hypothetically, she did just step off the sidewalk into the path of a moving vehicle, she would have done something wrong. Doesn’t mean she “deserved” anything. But my point was, there was no info either way so it’s silly to start this whole “cars vs. pedestrians” argument for the 50th time on this site.

  • reader

    I live in Ballston. I’m a big fan of “stop, look, and walk” like Black Flag suggests, but sometimes stopping and looking doesn’t prevent jack asses from bounding around the corner on a right hand turn when the light’s green. Drivers here are terrible with no regard for pedestrians.
    No matter who’s fault it is, hit & run is a cowardly move.

    • Pedestrian

      and lets not forget how many drivers continue to blaze through the seemingly well light R/B corridor without their headlights on. That could be a factor as could the driver drunk or high. Even if she was jaywalking, nobody deserves to be mowed down and left to die like an animal. She may never walk again. How many drivers hit pedestrians when making an illegal right on red and get a slap on the wrist? Maybe a few months suspended license, but most of them drive again soon. Like I said, she may never walk again. Everyones so quick to complain about people crossing out of the crosswalk. I’m sure they’d all be pissed if I hit the crosswalk button and stopped all cars just for me to cross all alone without cross traffic. Think about it and try walking once in a while. Surely most people could afford to shed a few pounds.

      • G

        +1. Let me also add that as someone who commutes to the Ballston area on foot or bike every day, I consistently come across drivers honking at me or cutting me off when I clearly have the right away.

      • Jason S

        If somebody is jaywalking and gets hit, they deserve whatever handicap fate gives them. No sympathy here. As for this driver, leaving the scene of an accident with a pedestrian, regardless of fault is abominable.

        • LVGuy

          What a ridiculous statement. Are you proposing that if a driver see a pedestrian jaywalking that they barrel them down like some maniac?

          Or conversely, does any driver going one MPH over the speed limit deserve to be shot?

          • Jason S

            I’m saying that if you’re a moron in the street when you shouldn’t be and you get hit by a car obeying the laws, then you deserve what you get. It would be unethical to swerve into a pedestrian or speed up, but no driver should lose sleep if they hit a jaywalking pedestrian. It’s basically the same as if a moron driver fails to stop at a sign, runs a red light, fails to yield etc. and causes an accident by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

          • LVGuy

            If you’re a driver that isn’t watching out for pedestrians that aren’t obeying the law, you aren’t obeying the law either. Obviously there are exceptions like if a pedestrian runs out from behind a car into traffic, but ultimately it’s the driver’s responsibility to avoid that collision. That is the law.

          • Jason S


            No pedestrian shall enter or cross an intersection in disregard of approaching traffic.

            It is not the responsibility of the driver to avoid any and every possible moron that does something stupid. If that were the case, it would be impossible to avoid charges for hitting a pedestrian in any situation when people do hit pedestrians without charges all the time.

            People have this idea that the driver is always at fault, but that’s just not the case. That popular myth is probably why so many people think they can just step into traffic.

          • Arlington, Northside

            Don’t forget the next lines in the statute:

            The drivers of vehicles entering, crossing, or turning at intersections shall change their course, slow down, or stop if necessary to permit pedestrians to cross such intersections safely and expeditiously.

            Pedestrians crossing highways at intersections shall at all times have the right-of-way over vehicles making turns into the highways being crossed by the pedestrians.

            C. The governing body of Arlington County, Fairfax County, the City of Fairfax, the County of Loudoun and any town therein, and the City of Alexandria, may by ordinance provide for the installation and maintenance of highway signs at marked crosswalks specifically requiring operators of motor vehicles, at the locations where such signs are installed, to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians crossing or attempting to cross the highway. Any operator of a motor vehicle who fails at such locations to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians as required by such signs shall be guilty of a traffic infraction punishable by a fine of no less than $100 or more than $500. The Commonwealth Transportation Board shall develop criteria for the design, location, and installation of such signs. The provisions of this section shall not apply to any limited access highway.

        • Pedestrian

          It’s callous pricks like you that will cast judgement from the comfort of your car. Get out and try walking around here once in a while. Streets are designed for the comfort and convenience of car drivers first and foremost, so it’s no wonder pedestrians are consistently jaywalking. And those damn crosswalk buttons don’t even work half the time, priority is given at maintaining the pavement markings that cycle the traffic lights for cars first and foremost. A drunk driver who hits and kill a pedestrian may only get a few years behind bars, so you’re saying that a pedestrian who jaywalks deserves to be KILLED? Are you that f*ckin insane? I bet you’re one of those tough-guys who make it a point to accelerate faster when someone is jaywalking halfway up the block ahead of you. I hope you get hit by a car someday and die a long painful death you heartless bastard.

          • Jason S

            Yes, that’s nice. Why do you assume I speed up? Because you’re a moron, that’s why.

            I walk, ride, and drive around Ballston and feel pretty comfortable that your typical Washington area asshole is inconsiderate regardless of their transportation medium. People look at me like an idiot because I actually wait for lights as a pedestrian.

            This may be hard for you to understand, but we have laws for traffic and those laws cover pedestrians, bicycles, and cars. Traffic is safer and smoother for everybody when they wait their turn, regardless of how important they think they are. At what point did I say that jaywalking should be a capital offense? I said if you get hit while jaywalking, then it’s your own damned fault for being in the road when you shouldn’t. It’s the same as a moron speeding and exceeding the abilities of the vehicle and driver and getting themselves hurt or killed, it’s just nature and we shouldn’t lose sleep over it. Dumb people get themselves hurt and killed all the time, in the long run it’s better for society that way.

            Nothing in my posts has mentioned drunk driving, but as a complete non-drinker and a safety-conscious driver it should be a loss of license on the first offense for a long time and a fatal accident would be a lifetime suspension after finishing prison for manslaughter as that’s basically what it is.

            As for the lights not working, I’ve *never* had this problem. If you read the buttons’ labels, they note which street they are for crossing. Sometimes you have to wait, it’s not a big deal. At a big intersection, the wait can be a few minutes, just take the time to relax. If you do encounter a non-working light, contact the county and they will fix it. Arlington does a pretty good job of taking care of those buttons and lights.

          • anonymous

            Jason S,

            I have to agree with you that everyone is safer when they simply pay attention to what’s around them and follow the ‘rules of the road’ as it were. The problem lies with people’s sense of ‘Entitlement’ and how it conflicts with common sense. Simply put, regardless of who’s in the wrong (or more wrong) the bigger vehicle will always win, insofar as there is a winner at all.

            That being said, some of the crosswalk signals only change to the walk symbol during certain hours of the day/night. The intersection where the lady was struck in front of the Ballston Metro station, is just one such intersection. From at least 11pm on (could be earlier) till about 6am, you can press the button all you want, it simply will not change to a walk symbol. I know I’ve tried it, and after the traffic lights had gone through 4 cycles I gave up and crossed when N. Fairfax Dr had the red (as one would do, were there no pedestrian signals). This may have changed following this recent tragedy, given that the police shut off the traffic signals for a period of time while the intersection was cordoned off.

          • Jason S

            I’m going to give this a shot tonight or tomorrow. The other night I went to Pizza Roma pretty late, after midnight, and I’m pretty sure I had a walk signal.

        • BoredHouseWife

          Vehicular manslaughter

          • Jason S

            IF the pedestrian dies, probably. If they stopped, it would depend on the circumstances. Either way, you have to be a real jackass to get in an accident where somebody is hurt and then take off.

        • Maria


          • Maria

            Um. I guess the comment I originally responded to with this was deleted? I definitely wouldn’t respond to this story with a smile!

    • Sam

      In Virginia, even when the vehicle has a green light on a right turn, the vehicle must yield at the intersection if the speed limit is under 35 mph. Ref 46.2-924(3)

      • Jason S

        You’d think everybody knows this, at a non-device controlled intersection you have to yield to a pedestrian crossing at the intersection when turning.

        • Arlington, Northside

          Actually, when turning the driver loses the right of way to the walker.

          • Jason S

            Thanks for adding nothing. I just said you have to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk without a light. To “yield” means you don’t have the right of way.

  • Partly Cloudly

    I wish we had more details. I’ve seen more than a handful of cars with front damage these past few days but I’m sure a lot of it could be attributed to the snow of last week.

  • jan

    Yes, of course, to prudent pedestrians and to cautious drivers. But I would like to add another element: dark clothing at night is dangerous. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to find light colored winter jackets and coats. I’m still wearing a ratty old yellow jacket to walk my dog because I’ve been unable to find a replacement. Black and navy only serve to camouflage pedestrians.

    • Jason S

      Fashion > Safety and common sense

    • Pedestrian

      cars do have headlights, and speed limits too. the combination of those two being used and obeyed in most circumstances should be adequate at avoiding problems. Alongside I-495 at night, or walking in Great Falls, sure, but this is the city.

    • Maria

      They have reflective strips that I think you can just stick to your clothing. You could try those.

    • anonymous


      There are reflective vests that can be purchased relatively cheaply ( <= $20 ) and worn over your coat/clothing. Ideal places to find these safety vests (as they're called) is at bicycle shops, sporting goods stores/departments, and equipment rental stores. I have even seen them for about 15 dollars at one of the 24 hr Wal-Mart stores near Baltimore. I can't say they're all that fashionable, then again safety equipment rarely is.

  • NorthAdams

    maybe they thought it was a deer. that is a standard excuse for hitting a ped.

    but seriously, the number of people who run red lights is frightening — mostly on Fairfax Drive everyone is focused on raising down and getting thru Glebe Road and getting on I-66…. speed speed speed baby.

    I’ve driven faster on Fairfax Drive than I have once I finally got on I-66.

  • AZZI9

    Nothing beats the rush like crossing the street the right way and have a car barrell down on you to make that left turn. Reminds me of Frogger on my Atari.

  • Partly Cloudly

    Off-peak, Fairfax doesn’t provide a pedestrian while crossing from the side streets.

    Many of the side streets only receive a green light when the loop sensor in the pavement is tripped by a car. I’ve seen the light be green for only a handful of seconds before turning yellow then red. Definitely not enough time to cross. Of course most of these intersections have a button to press — but I don’t see many people use it. They may not even know about it.

  • witness

    Just to add a bit of sober reality to this conversation, I witnessed the hit and run. The victim was in the crosswalk and the driver was going well above the speed limit (50 mph, my estimate). The car accelerated after the driver hit the woman. I thought for sure she was dead. You can argue traffic law all you want but this case is both horrific and tragic. I hope they catch the driver because what they did in this case was totally uncontionable.

    • The Dope of South Arlington

      Did the car have MD plates?

    • Jason S

      If that is the case and the circumstances were as you described them (and the pedestrian had the light as both Stafford and Stuart Street have crosswalk lights) then it is unfortunate and also unlikely that the driver will be caught. Of course if the pedestrian had a walk light, then Fairfax Drive would be red. Speeding on Fairfax Drive doesn’t surprise me either, people speed all the damned time around here and the enforcement is too lax on it.

      • Don S.

        So just the mere fact that a person was seriously injured regardless of blame isn’t unfortunate to you? It only becomes so when it turns out “maybe” they were in the right after all? Tough crowd…

        Prayers go out to her for a full recovery.

        • Jason S.

          Somebody getting themselves hurt is not automatically unfortuate, it happens thousands of times per day. Somebody having their life ruined by an inconsiderate moron is unfortunate. If you intend to pray for everybody that gets hurt, you won’t have time to play on the Internet. Believe it or not the world is not lollipops and rainbows, there are far greater injustices than careless snowflakes playing in traffic. So there you have it, if she was careless, bummer for her; if her only mistake was wrongly trusting a driver, then it is unfortunate. Regardless of what may have happened prior to the accident, after it the driver demonstrated their terrible worth as a human being.

          • Don S.

            So let me get your logic straight here. Even if the driver was going almost double the speed limit that doesn’t matter if she happened to be in a crosswalk against the light? It would still be totally her fault for being a “snowflake” in traffic and she got what she deserved? The driver’s only fault in your eyes would be for taking off after the collision and that is what makes it an unfortunate situation in your book? Otherwise it is just a “bummer” for her? That is pretty much how you are coming across.

            And we aren’t talking about someone who just hurt her ankle stepping off a curb here. We are talking about someone who is in the hospital in serious condition. I’m still standing by the fact that I feel that is unfortunate regardless of blame. If your mantra leads you to another conclusion so be it.

            Thanks for letting me know the world is lollipops and rainbows though. At least I still have the leprechauns and their pots of gold at the end of the rainbow to keep me going in this cruel harsh world that Arlington has become.

          • Jason S.

            You choose to misinterpret for the sake of drama and to avoid thinkin.

            If the drive was speeding and she was wrongfully in the road, she is still partallyvat fault. Considering the risk:reward it is not wise to bet your spine in DC area drivers paying attention. Even when one has the light, they should exercis caution as we were all taught as children.

            We here do no know what happened prior to the accident, so we cannot assign blame no matter how much we wish to blame one party or the other. We know that the driver behaved immorally after the collision, but that is all we actually know.

            As for people being hurt, it’s easy to claim care online, but actually caring to the point of action s o much less common. I am one the few honest enough to not feign compassion while doing nothing.

            Since I’ve not yet seen people asking about this around the neighborhood, people just don’t care all that much. The driver will probably not be found and people will decry the injustice while still not exercising common sense and courtesy while walking, biking, or driving.

          • Jason S.

            That was a mess, typing on the iPad is cumbersome.

          • Don S.

            One thing we can both agree on is you should never count on anyone always paying attention be it a driver, cyclist or pedestrian. And the driver will probably be difficult to find, that is also true. We’ll leave it at that as others can read the posts and come to their own conclusion.

    • Jason S.

      I forgot to say you should tell us th model and color, etc. We may see it around.

  • witness

    A black sedan. A sport model, muscle car looking, it looked like aMustang to me. The car had significant front damage, based on the amount of pieces falling off as they accelerated away.

    • Jason S.

      Thanks for the info. There are a few black Mustangs near me and I will try to note of he condition.

  • Mackenzie5

    I just witnessed a standoff this evening in Ballston on the corner of Pollard and Wilson. Does anyone know if this incident tonight and the one this morning are connected. I noticed the car from this morning’s incident matches the vehicle that was pulled over this evening right outside my building…does anyone know?

    • BallstonDweller

      I also saw some police activity in Ballston on Thursday evening. A helicopter was circling for a while with a spotlight. Was this related? Anyone know what was going on?

  • Courthouse Res

    There are truly some douches on this board. Absurd. Does anyone know how the girl is doing? Any updates?
    I drive and run/walk around Arlington. The fact of the matter is no one is paying enough attention. But I can’t tell you how many times a week I have to stop running in the middle of the crosswalk for a car to come barreling through. I point out the walk sign to them and they give ME an attitude like I am at fault! I do not think most drivers know the VA walking/crosswalk laws. Just the other day I was going to cross 10th on my walk to the metro. I don’t even start walking b/c a car is speeding down 10th. Once they get close they floored their horn at me like I was in the way! First of all, I didn’t even walk b/c I didn’t feel like spending my day at Virginia Hospital Center, and secondly, you’re supposed to yield to me a$$hole!!

    • Jake55

      Physics > Society’s Law

      Be careful out there.

    • Clarendude

      You’re right about not paying attention. Consider yourself lucky if you aren’t related to, or good friends with someone who has been killed in a car crash.

    • Pedestrian

      it sucks that that’s the reality, but even worse that people can leave someone lying there to die, a real cowardly move. I’d like to see more speed tables, rumblestrips, and roundabouts to slow everyone down. And you wouldn’t be lucky enoug to just go to VA Hospital, you’d be going to the trauma center… Washington Hosp Center or INOVA Fairfax.

      • Courthouse Res

        You’re right, but you get what I am saying; I don’t want to go to any hospital! I def. don’t rely on the drivers to stop and I am constantly looking both ways when I am running through a crosswalk. I agree they need to do more to slow drivers down.

      • anonymous


        It’s not just cowardly, it’s criminal (a felony to be exact).

    • Dude Where’s My Car

      Re “douches”: there are some disorders that cause people to have a lack of empathy (e.g. psychopathy. They can seem glib and intelligent as they try to convince you that there are victims of car accidents that don’t fall into the category of “unfortunate,” or that some people “deserve” to be hit by cars. There are also people who *pretend* to have empathy deficits on the Interwebs, in order to get replies, or page views, etc. because they crave attention. (Apparently Mommy didn’t love them enough.) Either way, maybe we should feel sorry for these people.

    • G

      This happens to me all the time too

  • Jane Fonda

    Certainly sounds as though (from what the witness tells us) that the car well knew they’d hit someone, and at high speed. Now why would someone speed up and take off in that instance? Because they’d been drinking.

    As for all the arguments about right-of-way–I walk more than I drive, but I have to say that I am constantly amazed at how utterly careless many pedestrians are. There are some serious candidates for Darwin awards around here. On the phone? Sure, just walk right out into traffic. The eagle-eyed driver can just slam on the brakes (and get rammed by the car behind them). Have a couple of small children in tow? Just let them wander along behind you. No problem. Whatever happened to stopping, looking both ways, and looking again in the direction of oncoming traffic before you venture out onto a roadway?!


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