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Reminder: Taco Eating Contest Tonight at District Taco

by ARLnow.com January 10, 2011 at 1:07 pm 2,277 13 Comments

District Taco (5723 Lee Highway) will be holding a taco eating contest starting at 6:00 tonight.

Ten contestants will compete to see who can eat the most tacos, without vomiting, in 15 minutes. They will have to consume four different varieties of tacos, in the following rotating order: breakfast taco, pollo asado, carnitas, carne asada.

According to District Taco’s contest web page, the winner of the contest will receive a number of prizes and honors, including free tacos and apparel.

Their picture will be taken and placed on the Wall of Fame with much fanfare and celebration. The champion and runner-ups will also receive District Taco awards such as t-shirts, hats, stickers and best of all–free tacos.

History will shine upon the grand taco-eating champions of District Taco!

Editor’s Note: If any photographers are going to be in attendance, we would love to use a couple of your photos tomorrow (with credit, of course). Send them to arlingtonnews [at] gmail.com as soon as possible.

  • mehoo

    I’ll just go down the street to Taqueria Poblano and make a donation to Feed the Children or whatever.

    • Jezebel


  • Bart Simpson

    There’s a special on tacos down at the Taco Mat. Hundred tacos for $100. I’m gonna get that.

  • Rover

    Rats. I already had tacos for breakfast and lunch. Guess I’ll pass.

  • That sounds ridiculously awesome/delicious! Too bad I missed it. Oh well that doesn’t mean I can’t stop by and have my own mini taco eating contest.

  • Just Me

    I find these eating contest repulsive, for one there are hungry people that would love to have something to eat, give them the food. Also eating like that is really bad for your health. I have not and will not ever support this activity. What is the reason for this anyway?

    • Newt

      This Blog is awesome and “Just me” is single…..just saying.

  • Dave

    Just me: I participated in the taco challenge. I didn’t fare well. In fact, I lost to a girl. But I got a free t-shirt so I’d say the night was productive. I’m sorry you hate Mexican food, racist. Maybe next time we’d can have a hyperbolic blog comment contest.

  • Just who?

    Just Me: You sound like a blast. Maybe should join more blogs to comment on items that don’t interest you. It’s seems like a hobby that would suit your super fun personality. Besides, there were children there, children with their little eyes full of joy and delight. You’d take that from them? Tsk, tsk, Just Me. Tsk, tsk.

    • mehoo

      Were the children there really fat like a third of American children these days?

  • TacoEater

    “Just Me”, every time you post a stupid comment like that, a kitten dies. And then a poor kid eats that kitten. In a taco. So keep it up!

    • mehoo

      Mmmmm, kitten tacos. With hot sauce.

  • Smy

    YEAH!!!!! Let’s stuff as much food into our mouths as we can fit!! Whewww! Who cares if we’re not hungry anymore, let’s keep shoving food into our mouths until out guts bulge. Good thing we all wore our sweat pants today. We’re Americans and we kick ass!


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