Arlington, VA

District Taco (5723 Lee Highway) will be holding a taco eating contest starting at 6:00 tonight.

Ten contestants will compete to see who can eat the most tacos, without vomiting, in 15 minutes. They will have to consume four different varieties of tacos, in the following rotating order: breakfast taco, pollo asado, carnitas, carne asada.

According to District Taco’s contest web page, the winner of the contest will receive a number of prizes and honors, including free tacos and apparel.

Their picture will be taken and placed on the Wall of Fame with much fanfare and celebration. The champion and runner-ups will also receive District Taco awards such as t-shirts, hats, stickers and best of all–free tacos.

History will shine upon the grand taco-eating champions of District Taco!

Editor’s Note: If any photographers are going to be in attendance, we would love to use a couple of your photos tomorrow (with credit, of course). Send them to arlingtonnews [at] as soon as possible.


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