District Taco Restaurant Opens Today

by ARLnow.com November 11, 2010 at 9:14 am 6,614 15 Comments

After a number of delays, the big day is finally here. The guys behind the the District Taco cart are holding the grand opening for their first brick-and-mortar restaurant (shown here, still under construction), at 5723 Lee Highway.

The restaurant’s menu consists of basic, fresh Mexican cuisine, served over a counter. There will also be weekly specials, where owner Osiris Hoil will get to show off a bit more of his culinary prowess. See an early preview of the menu here.

In announcing the grand opening on Twitter this morning, Hoil spoke of the journey that has brought him from laid off construction worker to restaurant owner.

“Two years ago I lost my job. 6 months later [District Taco] was born. 1 1/2 year later i am Dreaming the American Dream! Yes, you can make it too!!,” he said.

Update at 10:00 a.m. — Just in case you needed another excuse to go, District Taco is offering a “buy one burrito, get one taco free” deal.

  • Lou

    Next step: delivery.

    • Lou

      Oops, nevermind, just read the sign.

  • Jason S

    Good on them. I hope it does well.

  • MIke O’Malley

    Tacos are excellent! Burritos are on the “try next” list

  • Zach

    I ate there on Sunday and it was excellent. A word of warning though, they still seem to be working out the kinks in terms of workflow. The service was SLOW. I’m sure it will get better quickly though. Just don’t be in a hurry when you go for the first time. It’s not going to keep me away.

  • NorthAdams

    I’ve never understood when the County requires a business to get a permit for delivery (Domino’es) or not (joe’s pizza).
    So before anyone gets too exxcited, delivery is also a permit from the county which requires support fromy the immediate neighbors.

  • SD

    WOOHOO! Love the breakfast tacos and excited to try the quesadillas!

  • MC

    Can’t wait to try this. What a great story – reinventing one’s career after adversity, taking personal risk. I offer my sincere wishes for Osiris’s success. Wish more Arlingtonians were entrepreneurial and risk-taking, instead of passive-complainers.

    • NorthAdams

      nice touch.

  • Zack

    Congrats to District Taco! I’ve been a patron of theirs since their first day they arrived at Crystal City. Great group of guys and fantastic tacos. I can’t wait to stop by their new place.

  • Andy

    Tried to go last night. It smelled really good inside. I stood in a line extending back to the door for about 5 minutes. The line didn’t move at all, so I bailed. I’ll hope to try it again, soon, though.

  • Bill

    Ate there with my family last night, been excited to have it in our neighborhood. The food is good, reasonably priced and portioned. The rice has a distinctive flavor and the meats have different seasonings than you might find at Chipotle. I’ll echo the comments above about service, though. There’s only one cash register and a confusing menu. That adds up to each person having an extended session with the cashier. Result: long, slow moving lines. In contrast, the cooking staff looked like they were just standing around, waiting for orders to appear. So they need to either make their menu easier to understand or get another cashier.

  • Rob

    Went there Friday night and had fantastic food. The line was long (probably 10 people in front of us), and you still have to wait a little while after you order, but we were in and out in less than an hour, which is pretty good for a place that is brand new. The menu wasn’t confusing if you’ve been to their truck. Basically you get to choose whatever toppings you want, plus you can order rice and chips and other non-taco-related stuff. The rice was delicious, the burrito was great, and the goodies you can get at the truck–chicken, beans, guac, grilled veggies, pico de gallo, and salsa–are still fantastic. My one quasi-complaint: The chips were tasty but really greasy.

  • Andrew

    I have tried this location and it gets two thumbs down. The food is no where near the quality you pay for and the service is absolutely horrendous. The line took 10 minutes for about four people and waiting for three tacos took another 15 minutes. They took my name for ordering purposes and yell the order number for pick-up which is an undesignated area… confusing and what was the point of taking my name? The dine-in ambiance is less than amusing. Overall, this place is poorly run and doesn’t deserve another visit.

  • Osiris

    Sorry Andrew for your bad experience at District Taco. We still getting adjust it and making improvements. Next time if you don’t like something just let us know and we’ll fix it. I’m new in this kind of industry and we are doing our best and always want to improve.
    Thanks for coming.
    District Taco


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