Lyon Park Business Owner Fires Back at Internet Critics

by ARLnow.com January 18, 2011 at 4:54 pm 3,584 102 Comments

The owner of the Eclectic Threads vintage clothing store in Lyon Park was apparently none-too-pleased with a few unflattering internet reviews of her business.

Yesterday “Tara S.” — presumably Eclectic Threads owner Tara Selario — went on the review site Yelp to respond to the store’s critics.

“Please go to Georgetown to complete your Halloween costume next year – let them deal with your complete lack of respect for other people’s property,” she said to someone who complained about “dour, snotty service” this past fall.

She had a more measured response to a gripe about the fact that many store transactions are cash-only.

“We do not accept credit cards under $100 because banking fees have gone up in the last few years but there is an atm across the street,” she wrote.

But to a woman who complained about a lack of parking, an abundance of “junk,” and a “growling” dog that inhabits the store during business hours, Tara S. had much sharper words.

The dog probably sensed your negative attitude – you’re clearly a nasty person . We’ve been in business for 10 years and we didn’t last this long selling over priced junk (obviously). There’s plenty of street parking for those capable of reading parking signs. We’ve never advertised our shop as an upscale boutique but it is very much a true vintage shop. Everything is sized and very well organized. There’s not a fur coat in our inventory that’s missing fur spots and just an fyi “divits” is spelled “divots” and it means “sod”.

The Yelp user community wasted no time in responding to Tara’s unapologetic retorts.

“If I went onto a business page and saw the owner making those kinds of comments, I would not step foot into her establishment,” one Yelper said today.

“Seeing the vicious attacks made on those who had negative comments makes me want to steer clear of this place,” said another. “Does she not know that if she wouldn’t have given a negative experience, there would be no negative comments? I’m not sure she understands what customer service is all about.”

Even with the negative reviews, Eclectic Threads (2647 North Pershing Drive) currently has an overall rating of 3 out of 5 stars on Yelp thanks to a number of people who said they had a positive experience at the store.

The business has received considerable media attention over the past few years. Last year it was named the area’s best vintage boutique by Northern Virginia Magazine. It has also been featured in the Washington Post, the Arlington Connection, and on WTOP.

A phone call to Eclectic Threads for comment and confirmation of the postings went unanswered this afternoon. “Tara S.” was identified as the store’s owner on Yelp, which has its own owner verification process.

Photo via Yelp

  • DudeGuy

    I see that place every time I drive home from work. I wondered how it stayed in business… freak show!

    • SD

      Have you checked out the place next door? Corner Cupboard? It is owned by her parents.

      • SoCo Resident

        These are wonderful, longtime business people who live nearby and take meticulous care of their property – and that Jack Russell Terrier in the window. Unfortunately, the building is for sale and we are all worried about what is coming! Maybe a cupcake place.
        As the Lee Shopping Center bits the dust this week……….

  • Me

    Isn’t having a minimum for credit cards violating the contract between the vendor and credit card company?

    • Kevin


    • Tim

      It’s legal if the credit card minimum is $10 or less … either that or it will be soon. Treasury Department regulation.

      • Kevin
      • Allan

        It’s not illegal.

        Should the merchant processor who processes those transactions determine the merchant is violating the terms of the merchant agreement, their privilege of taking credit cards may be terminated. Visa and MasterCard have historically not allowed a threshold on minimum purchases but due to the recent intervention on the part of the Federal Government, merchants can now set a minimum.

        However, the merchant processors will just make up the fees they lose from this regulation in another manner.

  • Lou

    I bet that mannequin out front is considered a sign by the county. Same rationale as the dogs in the mural.

    • Zoning Victim

      Too funny… I guess Melinda really likes that store, so it’s okay.

  • R0bespierre

    Why do people think that customer service means putting up with every single snotty thing that every one-time customer does or says? We have all seen nightmarish customers at various businesses, this “tolerate anything” attitude is what creates them.

    It depends on who your bread and butter is, if you have a core of customers who know what you’re about and then some rude person steps in and starts making false and/or defamatory statements about your business, as a consumer I will not look down on you for politely or even sometimes firmly correcting them, because that means it is less likely I will have to encounter some egomanical idiot delaying me if I come into the store. It also means I am less likely to receive biased or incorrect [grudge] information about your store’s quality if you sometimes refute.

    • Brandon C

      There’s a major difference between putting up with “Entitled jerkfaces who disrespect the business and are rude to the workers” vs. “Disappointed customer who walked in with a positive attitude and walked out with a negative one because of the staff.”

      It works both ways.

  • Allan

    As unfortunate as the tone of her reponses are, as a business owner, it can be very difficult dealing with those who choose to post their experience on Yelp. Yelp does not require any authentication of who the person is, if the experience actually happened, and they make it very difficult for a business owner to remove or refute the claim. Yelp’s position is that it’s the person’s “experience” – whether it actually happened or not is immaterial.

    Business owners now have to troll the Internet for any and all comments regarding their business to ensure their business is represented fairly – Yelp has it’s positives, but for a business owner, it can be a double-edged sword. Too often, the ratings are skewed by the business owner asking good customers, or friends, or employees to post positive reviews to offset the negative reviews that tend to be posted much faster than any unsolicited positive review. Tending to your on-line reputation is a big job and small business owners have so much more to do; but this is now the new reality.

    It seems that the business owner may have finally just had enough and perhaps even knew the customer from bad experiences in the store – and again, as unfortunate as her tone is, may very well be completely frustrated and it shows. The customer is definitely not always right; just often more noisy.

    • Citizen

      There’s a much better way to go about it though. Instead of responding with “you must be a very nasty person” and going on to insult the reviewer, the business owner could respond more matter-of-factly by pointing out where the parking is, emphasizing the quality of her goods, etc. Now she just looks crazy.

      • snot dog

        she does look crazy. one time I went in there – never been there before, I said Hello and she just looked at me and said nothing. she was pretty rude. the old lady next door, at antique shop, shs is actually very nice. I dont think they are related.

    • T

      The thing with Yelp is although it doesn’t have a user verification system it does have things like user photos and Elite status to let you know whether the person is a fly by night complainer/praiser or a person who posts reviews regularly. Personally, I don’t take those with one or two reviews who only came on to rant very seriously. Adults shoudl be able to skim through the reviews and decide whether or not the reviews and experiences are legit or on trend or whether or not they representa fluke experience.

      • Allan

        Yes, but Yelp does not require the user to post a photo. It does, however, require a business owner to post a photo of themselves, not their logo, not something representing the business, but a personal photo. If you do not, then you can not respond as a business owner (unless they have changed the policy in the last two weeks). You can respond as a user, but then should someone at Yelp not like that – the post is removed.

        They do not filter bad reviews if the user has an “elite” status, and that doesn’t mean the user can’t and hasn’t posted negative feedback on situations that actually did not occur. It has happened, Yelp did nothing, and continues to do nothing. A business owner should not have to show their face online if they do not wish to do so – nor should they be encouraged to advertise on Yelp as a means to reduce the visibility of the negative reviews. Again, that’s happened.

        I do feel that this particular business owner could have responded in a more effective manner and not used personal attacks; but, she did, and there’s a good chance one day she will regret her tone and her choice of words.

        • T

          I would think business owners would appreciate Yelp making it hard for anyone to pretend to be them.

          I didn’t say that Elite is a filter. I meant that people who use it can filter through the reviews using common sense. Read the reviews and see if they have a common theme. Look and see if the users are frequent posters. If you have time read their other reviews to see if they normally bitch and cry or if their reviews are both good and bad.

          How would they know if an event happened or not?

    • Yelper

      I like to think that the positively biased reviews and the negatively biased reviews cancel each other out and what you’re left with is an average rating for the establishment.

      I’ve found some great places using yelp. I’ve also gone to places that were rated poorly on yelp thinking, “they can’t be THAT bad” and they were just that bad.

      It’s easy to see which reviews are crazy rants and which are thoughtfully crafted. You just have to use your judgment. I think it’s a pretty helpful site.

    • G

      Who cares? You shouldn’t be worrying about whether the person is real or has a picture. If you’re a business owner, you should be worried about MAKING YOUR BUSINESS BETTER.

      Think of Yelp as a feedback tool – would you rather have someone walk out and never know why, or hear people’s complaints so you can improve your business?

    • John Antonelli

      Well well sympathy for the customer here but not for ‘Carole” at the C/D. Do we see a double standard?

  • Elizabeth

    To be perfectly honest, I’ve been in there a few times and she’s really not that friendly. However, if I want what she’s got, and she has some really cool stuff, I have to play by her rules. I’m fine with that in the end but am totally not shocked she dug into these folks on Yelp.

    • Lala

      Here’s another option for you: http://www.luckettstore.com/index.php
      Good stuff–out by Leesburg Outlets, so make a day of it. Items are clean & neatly displayed, pretty organized shop. Anything in the city (or close to it) is gonna be overpriced and probably not that unique.

      • Elizabeth

        Ohh, cool. Thanks Lala.

        And if Lala works for that store, THAT is the way to drum up business!

        • Lala

          Haha, no I don’t, I just like buying vintage;-)

  • Bryan

    Yelp sucks! I work for a local business that has had negative Yelp comments. What bugs me is the establishment I work for has comment cards in 2 different very visible locations. Not one has been filled out. Why can’t customers who are disgruntled with something ask to speak face-to-face with management/supervisors? The disgruntled customer would much rather spinelessly post on Yelp.

    • Michelle

      Bryan, I bet you wouldn’t hate Yelp if they were giving you better ratings. Clearly your business must be lacking something. Perhaps use that negative feedback to improve your business or end up like the nasty trash at Eclectic Threads.

      • Andy

        Well was that necessary?

        • Joe

          Yes, why yes it was. Yelp gets attention from an owner far more than an isolated comment card that never sees the light of day.

          • Andy

            I was referring to calling a person or business “nasty trash”. I think, and I’m sure others will agree, that calling someone “nasty trash” is not necessary.

      • DT

        Consistently nasty, huh? Me thinks you’re not all too different from the people you whine about on Yelp.

    • G

      Why not just consider the Yelp reviews the same as comment cards? They’re just as anonymous. Use the feedback to improve, instead of getting mad that someone dares to dislike something about your store.

      • mehoo

        The difference is that the comments go out for all the world to see, not just the store owner.

    • arglebargle


      Filling out a feedback form helps you, the business.

      Filling out a yelp review helps others avoid you.

      Depending on the customers experience, they may have no interest in helping you. Instead, they may have great motiviation to help others avoid you.

      The only way I’d spend the time filling out a feedback form at a business would be if I liked that business and felt the desire to help them.

  • Laima

    It sounds as though the negative comments might have been written by a competing store to me.

  • Questioning

    Didn’t they try to shut this place down not that long ago? I recall seeing a “for lease” sign out front for a day or two and then it got taken down.

  • MC

    I don’t consider the owner’s comments an “ideal” response, but the real culprit here is Yelp, which encourages people to make snarky comments without consequence. Yelp in fact profits from snarkiness, as they ask small business owners to play to have comments reordered.

    A better social media system allows other to “vote down” snarky comments so they disappear.

  • CarrieW
  • CarrieW

    Whoa, how did so many spaces end up between my words? My comment is that Yelp is for idiots. See my comments here. Mine was the one selected as best answer.


    • Maxine

      Thanks Carrie – that explains a lot.

    • katherine

      very well put. my thoughts on yelp exactly – a forum for those who are always unhappy about something. nothing really constructive.

  • Michelle

    I started my yelp account in February 2009 for the only purpose of alerting people of what a horrible place eclectic threads is. That’s right, it’s me on those Yelp postings. I was there. The woman that runs it is a nasty, snarky little witch and yes, the fur coat selection looks like it got ran over by Blackwater employees. Her business has only been around for 10 years because from what I understand her parents own the building so she doesn’t have to worry about over head costs.

    People can hate Yelp all they want but it is a good service for people looking for restaurants, local shops, and services. Business owners go on all the time and spam it with fake accounts but they can do that with Google or Zagat.

    I’m glad she responded to my post. It just goes to validate what a mean lady she really is. And she’s obviously behind on the times. All these responses were written yesterday (1/17) and my post has been around for almost two years. She is behind on the times.

    • Andy

      One would think that you would be over this by now. You have proven what others have said, the customer is not always right, and the quality of reviewers on Yelp can’t be trusted.

      If you don’t like the business owner, fine. If the service was awful, fine. If your opinion is that the quality of merchandise isn’t to your liking, fine.

      Calling someone names, even if it’s done to you, just makes you look as bad as you say she is.

    • SD

      While I think calling her a “little witch” is overboard… I am confirming that her parents do in fact own the building including the Corner Cupboard next door and the apartments above it.

    • Amanda

      I get that this lady was probably a pain and her follow-up responses on Yelp do sound unprofessional. But if I were you, I’d let her nastiness speak for itself and not keep getting on her. The more you go on about the store and her, it makes both of you look pretty angry. It looks like the vast majority of your Yelp reviews are one-star reviews, which could make it look like you might dislike things more than you like them. Believe me, I complain about places, but it’s important to also recognize the good places or else it looks like you’re just a whiner. No offense, just my objective opinion.

      • Amanda

        Wow, I will have to amend my last comment after actually reading Michelle’s Yelp reviews ( http://www.yelp.com/user_details?userid=SQ2J0vy4sUIrVfB6_qcbDg ). They are horribly mean-spirited and flat out rude, if you don’t count her glowing review of a plastic surgery office. No matter how awful the woman at Eclectic Threads is, I can’t imagine she is nastier than Michelle. Sorry, no sympathy on this one. Yowza.

        • Boom! Roasted

          Holy crap that woman might be nuts.

          • CW

            Maybe not nuts, but about as materialistic and shallow as a human can possibly be.

          • arlcyclist

            Oh man she has some classic bat-s#!t crazy reviews…

            5 stars for Poste Moderne Brasserie…
            At this super chic and swanky establishment you will find: men, rich men, richer men, wealthy men, men with money, men with yachts, men with trophy wives, men with Centurion cards, men with Bentley’s (sic). And who doesn’t want that?!

            1 star for Food Star…
            Lastly, we’re in AMERICA. Accordingly, I kindly would like the cashiers of Food Star to speak AMERICAN. Regardless of my complexion, I am not Hispanic and show some respect and speak to me in AMERICAN. Even if I was Hispanic, we’re still in AMERICA. I’m tired of this tom foolery! Example of why AMERICAN must be spoken: They put my gallon of orange juice bagged with my carton of eggs. Had they listened to my request of two separate bags spoken in AMERICAN, I would have had breakfast this morning.

            I think the NOTORIOUS C.H.I.N.K.Y deserves her own ARLnow post.

        • mehoo

          Wow, Michelle, you’re a hateful, mean, dirty-mouthed snotty kid who watches too much South Park and thinks “retard” is an acceptable insult.

          • Carrie W

            Thus proving exactly what I said about Yelpers. I’m no prude, but if I see on line reviews that are profanity laced and full of hatred, then I ignore them. People who write reviews like that clearly have issues themselves and their reviews have no credibility.

          • John Antonelli

            Have you been to the Food Star? Michele is dead on. The fine wine section carries Night Train.

          • Westover

            Total Beverage carries Night Train, I don’t think that can be used as a judgement for or against the place. Ten years ago somewhere that carried PBR would be considered a dump, today it is trendy cool…..

        • Maxine

          I’m inspired to get out of my cube and go be NICE to someone. Yikes.

    • mehoo

      “nasty, snarky little witch”


    • V Dizzle

      Wow, since I’m trying to be civil and more classy than you and the shop owner, I won’t call you a skanky sounding ho-bag. 🙂
      See what I did there?

      • V Dizzle

        And what language is “American”? Is that like “Mexican” which is reportedly spoken throughout Latin America and Spain?

        • mehoo

          It’s our native language, unlike English, which comes from that foreign country England. 😆

    • JP

      I’m so turned on right now!

    • MB

      OK, I have to come to Michelle’s defense. I feel like this entire area has extremely poor service because people here seem to not value their money and businesses aren’t held accountable because of this.
      I think her reviews are fair and honest and I tend to agree with what she has said. If you have a bad experience then you have every right to go talk about it on Yelp, isn’t that the whole point of the site? I find Yelp to be very accurate, so I don’t understand all of the whining about it.
      It is unprofessional and infuriating to see a business owner fighting with their customers on Yelp. I had this happen to me with My Eye Doctor in Clarendon and it really, really pissed me off when one of their receptionists wrote a response to my bad critique.
      I can’t believe there is even a debate over this, the business owner is clearly in the wrong.

  • GeorgeOrwell

    Maybe Michelle and Carol from the Pike need sometime together?
    One of the many downfalls of small businesses is that they know everything and think their sh*t don’t stink.
    Well, it does.
    But in Arlington so do the customers. Look at some of the attitude in here.
    Arlington needs to regulate this attitude.

  • Questioning
  • DT

    Michelle is what is wrong with Yelp. I always check the reviews because some people use it as a sounding board to diss every business they don’t like. They either have all negative reviews or only one post ever.

    Eclectic Threads is an Arlington business run by an Arlingtonian. As a REAL native myself, it think it would be a shame if it has to close for any reason.

    • Sue K

      Michelle fits the stereotype of Yelpers. Believe me, I was on this site for a couple of months a few years ago. I even went to one of their events. The event was just as bad as the Yelp Talk threads. What we have here are a bunch of snide 20 somethings and if you don’t fit in and go along with the clique, heaven help you.

      But anyway, back to Michelle. She sounds like she’s a spoiled Little Miss Snottypants who expects the entire world to cater to her. When they don’t, she unleashes her wrath of curses, insults, and racial comments.

      We speak “American” here, Michelle? Really? That comment pretty much says it all about you. Been to any cross burnings lately? Joined the Arizona Minute Men?

      • mehoo

        And she seems to think her little coined obscenities make her smart too. “The f_ck 2.0”? Oh so clever.

  • DT

    And a big fat LMAO at Michelle’s reviews and pictures. Thanks for the link Amanda.

  • Arlingtonian2

    I have consigned vintage clothing and jewelry at Electric Threads a few years ago and found the owner to be very professional and polite. We should support Arlington small businesses and not resort to online namecalling. I also enjoy seeing what “threads” are displayed on the mannequin and in the windows.

  • This is known as the Streisand Effect: Objecting to negative attention — which results only in more negative attention. Gotta say, love those Web 2.0 review sites (Amazon, yelp, tripadvisor, google). Stores that ignore their reputation do so at their peril.

  • mehoo

    There are two sides to every story. The idea that business owners must bow to every complaint and pretend it has merit is nonsense. The customer is not always right. Glad to see Tara spoke up for herself.

  • Arlingtron

    You can’t win by responding to negative comments, no matter how valid, with personal insults. Unfortunately negative comments stand out from positive ones are are hard to ignore as a customer and owner. Positive comments don’t have as much weight and can be diluted by false statements inserted by management or their agents. The best an owner can do is to continue to do a better job, listen to the criticism and improve if necessary and ignore the rest. You can’t please all and there are nuisance customers.

    With so many options now available to customers local businesses have to do something better to stay in business. The primary area they have most control is “service.” If they don’t have good service they deserve to die. I am surprised that many businesses have not taken efforts to improve their service and this includes the national chains. Even more disappointing are these same chains with a strong web presence often fail to make the two divisions work together. If a brick-and-mortar store can’t meet my expectations I will click elsewhere.

    I have never been in Eclectic Threads but if having a $100 minimum for credit card is true then that is a bad practice. I would understand a merchant’s frustration if people are buying packs of gum with a credit card but expecting willing buyers to carry a wad of cash is absurd. That is customer disservice. You leave yourself vulnerable for robbery since robbers know you have a drawer full of cash. Eat the fees or don’t accept cards at all. From what I’ve seen in the other comments it appears this is more of a hobby than a business. That’s too bad because we need vibrant businesses to build the character of our community.

  • dog lover

    if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. I have found many places on Yelp that I ordinarily would not have found otherwise, so you have to take the good with the bad. I have been in the this store and found it a little shizophrenic in its organization and found nothing. Even more disconcerting was the “territorial” dog. I love dogs I have two, but when you bring your dog to work and have a “do not pet” sign, cause your dog shows aggression, it’s best to leave it at home before it becomes a liability. I wonder if the dog is even licensed in Arlington.

  • Tina

    Frankly, I LOVE Tara’s spunky, sassy attitude. Truly, an individual. I’m gonna stop in a shop there today!

    • Dan


    • Yelper

      And then you should write a review on Yelp about it.

  • mehoo

    Yelp is like the entire internet – open to everyone, and therefore pretty useless.

  • MaydayMalone

    Is it just me, or is ArlNow starting to mail it in? Cutting and pasting Yelp complaints for stories?

    • mehoo

      Why don’t you review ArlNow on Yelp?

      • Niro

        Now THAT is a good idea!

  • Mike

    Yeah, i made the mistake of wandering in there. This “Michelle” has to be bs’ing us, right? This person can’t be real. http://www.yelp.com/topic/arlington-owner-of-eclectic-threads-in-arlington-must-hate-her-life

    • mehoo

      Wow, didn’t know Yelp has comment pages. Looks like a bunch of teenagers spouting off clever, snarky crap from their smartphones. Any idiot can do that. I don’t think I’ll ever trust Yelp again.

      • Sue K


        Smart move!

  • Tierra J.

    I believe blanket statements are being made left and right, from both sides.
    I’m a Yelper and I don’t think I can be put into most of the categories listed – “d-bag” “right wing” “snarky”, etc. Name-calling isn’t the way to be heard. Here’s my take on the issue, and you can put this into any category you’d like:
    I was raised to believe that if you had a valid argument, all of that could be lost if you didn’t present it the right way. I think when people “catch feelings” about things totally lose the original point of the argument, which may have originally been quite good. When people come out with guns blazing, they are dismissed as a hot head. If more people could say, “I understand your point of view, but I don’t agree with it. Here’s why . . .” I think it would give so much more credibility to anyone’s argument.
    I like Yelp because it has served me pretty well, helping me to find various small businesses in Arlington. I just got into the social aspect of it. I’ve met some pretty awesome people. Remember, folks, its the internet. Where you or I may be “what you see is what you get”, some people have a persona. Take it for what it is and let the rest be.
    I applaud the creativity that Yelp allows, but I, like the rest of you have seen some reviews that make me scratch my head. I wonder why someone would write something so hateful. But that can be said of plenty of sites.
    My role in the thread was just that I was a bit put off by what the shop owner said. That’s what the thread was supposed to be about. It veered off into other directions, but let’s get back to the heart of it.

    • mehoo

      I’m not saying all Yelpers are jerks. I’m just saying there are enough jerks to spoil it for the rest of us now.

  • Idi Amin Dada

    I find Yelp mostly useless (and no, I’m not a business owner who received a bad review). It seems to be mostly 20-something females who get a monthly subsidy check from the ‘rents and don’t really have enough experience in the world to really know what’s good and what isn’t.

    • Tierra J.

      I want a monthly subsidy . . . LOL. Subsidized adulthood is where its at!

      I kid, I kid! I know nothing about it. Must be nice.

  • snot dog

    I bet Michelle tried on a dress and she made it smell and lady mean head got made ( and rightfully so). michelle got mad because she smelled and went yelp!

    • Lindsay

      Uh, wtf are you talking about snot dog? lol

  • lindsay

    you guys, this is fun!
    wasting time at work reading Michelle’s reviews. She is… unreal.

    “I will admit that I am a tanning fanatic. I love being tan in the summer months and am a huge snob when it comes to tanning beds. I don’t do (what I call) “Low Budget” tanning salons (i.e. the old, beat up 20 minute beds run in the back of nail salons). I say nay-nay.”

    wait, you can “review” your ex-boyfriend?
    she writes:
    “You’d rather work out then hang out with me. I’m sorry, when did I become ugly? Cuz, bitch, I’m a banger.”

    • Niro

      “You’d rather work out then hang out with me. I’m sorry, when did I become ugly? Cuz, bitch, I’m a banger.”

      haha Michelle’s funny!

    • Amanda

      I know, how awesomely awful are her reviews?? They’re fun to read because I can’t believe that a human actually thought and typed these things. Reviewing her ex is the cherry on top. For all of her self-congratulation, she seems to spend a whole lot of her time sitting on Yelp reviewing everything within sight (including inanimate objects, people, and snowstorms). I can’t wait for her review of Carpet and Lamp.

      • Niro

        Awful? Are you nuts? She’s hilarious! She obviously knows she’s being ridiculous.

        Get a sense of humor, life is too short to hate. I, for one, welcome a review of her lamp!

        • mehoo

          Michelle posted on this thread, here in ArlNow. Look above. She made it pretty clear that it’s not just a big joke. Sometimes people are dead serious about being completely over the top.

  • SandraR

    Eclectic Threads looks like an abandoned crack house and it is really bringing down the property values of the neighborhood. It would blend in better in South Arlington. What a dump.

    • Yelper

      Don’t hate on south arlington, ms. snooty snoot.

  • SoCo Resident

    But, daily she walks that cute dog with the other Jack Russell who sits in the window of Corner Cupboard. The building is for sale and probably will be replaced by chain store, so everyone will then be happy. Long Live Interesting Business Owners and Customers! (There’s plenty of parking on Pershing or nearby during business hours.)

    Is ArlNow’s purpose in running this story to completely destroy this business?

  • Don Kedic
  • Tierra J.

    What on earth do you mean by that?!?

  • Yelper

    All of you who are ripping someone apart on a public forum realize that you are stooping to Michelle’s and the nasty business owner’s level, right?

    Just checking.

    • V Dizzle

      Yes, but it’s fun. Me next! 🙂

  • Ronin

    This is why the village of Arlington is beneath me. Too many whiny, bitchy, little cry baby girls who come up short on every subject there is. Electic Threads get your act together and the rest of you here get a life. Yelp is better than anything any of you can contribute on. Michelle is way too cool for this bulletin board site.

  • William

    Notwithstanding all of the obvious over the top self serving inflammatory language, I would like to offer one observation about the owner of Eclectic Threads. Parenthetically, I’ve lived in Lyon Park for longer than I care to admit. And although I am not a client of the Corner Cupboard or Eclectic Threads because what they sell is simply not on my radar, I will relay my one and only experience that I had with the owner. Years ago, I was walking by her store when I saw what I thought was a rather nice woman’s fur coat. So I stopped, poked my head in the store and began very pleasantly with a typical and social Hello, to which I received a facial expression from the owner that was anything but welcoming. I then continued with, “is the coat in the window….? And before I could finish my question, the owner interrupted me mid stream with what one could only describe as a rude, unfriendly, and yes snarky (to borrow a term heretofore used) statement, “NO, IT’S NOT REAL FUR!” Anyway, to say that I was taken aback by this woman’s incredulously sour, unprofessional and anti-social demeanor would be to diminish what transpired. And to this day, I will never understand why she chose to behave or speak to me in this manner. Is there really any excuse for this type of behavior from anyone, much less from a business owner. As an aside, and this comment will appear frivolous, I’ve never seen this woman smile or appear the slightest bit happy.

    Regarding the building being for sale, I expressed interest in buying the property after the For Sale sign was posted. But their real estate agent (a relative I was told later) was so unprofessional with me that I chose not to pursue the property. And I don’t want to get into defining what I mean by “unprofessional.” But suffice it to say, I’ve bought and sold enough real estate as an investor, as well as owned commercial properties, to know a little bit about how people should be treated. So it does make you wonder if this sort of behavior is genetic. (I hope you’ll pardon the arm chair psychologist comment.) And I will say that I’ve never found the owners of the Corner Cupboard all that friendly either (I was told that they are indeed her parents.) And what I mean by that is this. The few times that I’ve been in their store over the years (to pass some time before going into Talulas for lunch), I always got the feeling that they are not their to serve you as a potential client by ingratiating themselves to “you” as a typical salesperson might be expected to behave. No, the feeling I got was that I am privileged to have been allowed to enter their store to ponder the possibility of making a purchase. Coincidentally, my wife, who I never bothered to tell, once told me that she had the same feeling when she was there. I think the long/short is that we didn’t find them particularly friendly. And or course, it’s their business so they can manage it however way they wish. But you have to remember that you always reap what you sow in life. But apparently that matters little to other clients, as they have had enough customers over the years to keep themselves in business. But aside from our own personal experiences, it wouldn’t break our hearts if the store was sold and renovated into something else. A nice friendly coffee shop, were there enough parking, might be nice. But with the sales price where it is, I don’t see that happening unless a huge chain were to buy it. And I’m not sure people want another Starbucks even though it would be fine with me.

    As far as parking goes, it is limited and difficult to find. But people still manage to find it for Talulas, the Salon, etc. Alternatively, the Salon and Talulas Management are very friendly sorts.

    Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be called a high brow blah blah blah. But that’s fine. As they say, everyone has their right to their opinion. And as my father used to humorously say in private, “opinions are like axxhxxles, everyone has one.”

    For what it’s worth…….I agree that the name calling has no place on this site, or others. But Michelle’s core experience didn’t surprise me at all given my own one time experience there. Can a person have one bad day? Sure they can. But when you see this happening repetitively, it makes you scratch your head with wonder.

    Cheers to all.

    • Tabby

      Oh wow, how did I miss all of this? Oh I was on vacation that week. Poor Michelle. She’s really quite unstable. 🙁


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