Crystal City Elevators Chronicled on YouTube

by ARLnow.com January 20, 2011 at 10:51 am 2,551 19 Comments

We may have discovered an entirely new genre of video on YouTube.

Crystal City’s elevators and escalators have been extensively chronicled on the video sharing site. There are at least two dozen such videos on the site, posted by at least three dedicated elevator enthusiasts. The videos feature commentary and often a critical review of the elevator’s aesthetics and function.

“Look how big that indicator is!” the young man in the video below gushes. “That indicator is quite a sight.”

“They’re very fast for hydraulic, yet it’s very hot in here,” he added, mixing praise with criticism.

Most of the videos feature elevators, but there are also a few escalator videos.

See a few more examples of the genre after the jump.

  • accidental tourist

    almost as dumb as camping out at the chick-fil-a

    • Ali

      At least camping out came with benefits. These vids are just stupid.

  • info for thought

    People have way to much time on there hands.

    • Steve

      You’re right. They should be spending the time studying grammar.

  • dss

    DHS will be investagating these videos, they are a possible threat!

  • Rover

    Some video on the functionality (or lack there of) of Metro escalators would be more appropriate.

  • OX4



    Wow, who knew?

  • K

    Uhhh, ok. Well I guess everyone needs a hobby?

  • Arlington-ville

    how did this get missed on the 8 part Crystal City Series? http://bit.ly/bcXOB1

  • Rover

    Wow they called Crystal City a Walkers Paradise. Didn’t Guns & Roses write a song about that town?

  • Even Jay Fisette wants to punch these nerds.

  • Rover

    Wow TGEoA, how very mature of you. Thanks for the insightful comment. Not that my comment was noteworthy, but you really took this to a new low. Punch Jay, really?! Come on.

  • Cyrus

    Thanks. That’s 1 minute 8 seconds of my life I’ll never get back.

  • lindsay

    I can’t believe this exists … WHY did i just watch all 4 of those videos?? I couldn’t stop!!

    “this is an exquisite elevator” “there’s your proximity scanner and there’s your fixtures”

    “these are beauties! Excellent job, Otis. Excellent job”

    “love those buttons. series 2, not series 4.”

  • CMG

    I am 99% sure the kid in this video is somewhere on the autism spectrum. Probably Aspergers Syndrome.

  • Just Me

    Looks like a lot of people are into elevators.

    This guy gets stuck. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhI_ZhBfv_M&feature=related

  • Ballstonian

    A lot more interesting things to do in an elevator than video tape its tech specs…

    a few ideas come to mind:
    1) Try the John McClane special from Die Hard, try to open the top and/or throw a computer with C4 attached – Die Hard
    2) When people ask if it’s going up respond, no sideways – one of my favorite lines in my building
    3) engage in pre-coitus behavior – top favorite thing to do
    4) light up a cigarette because I really want to see who assesses the $25 fine 5) stand in the middle of the elevator and make other people go around you and feel awkward
    6) stare at other people and see how socially awkward it can get.
    7) face away from people staring at one of the walls
    8) put an annoying song on like Angelina Pivarneck’s hit from Jersey Shore, ‘I’m Hot’ and play it LOUD
    9) ‘accidently’ lean on all the buttons and
    10) be normal and not say anything and/or video tape your daily trip in the elevator – preferred method of all.

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