Cinema Drafthouse Saves the Day For Soccer Club

by ARLnow.com January 21, 2011 at 9:45 am 1,758 23 Comments

News of the recent neighborhood fracas over rap music being played at the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse (2903 Columbia Pike) didn’t sit well with David Goodwin, Outreach Director of the Screaming Eagles soccer club.

The Arlington Brigade of the Screaming Eagles will be hosting a charity event at the Drafthouse Saturday night, and Goodwin wanted to let us know how accommodating  the theater was to his organization.

I was saddened to see the story the other day of a customer having an issue with the Drafthouse and their staff.

Here is a quick one that shows how customer-friendly the folks over there are:

The Arlington Brigade of the Screaming Eagles, a non-profit soccer club, were in a bind on where to show an international match this Saturday night (due to the delay by the USSF in releasing their TV deal for the event). Yet, the staff of the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse were extremely helpful in allowing us to take over one of their busiest nights of the week for a fundraiser for two soccer charities – love.futbol and the U.S. Soccer Foundation.

As a result we hope to pack the place with soccer fans decked out in red, white and blue on Saturday night at 10pm for the USA vs. Chile match and raise funds to help create safe places for children to play both at home and abroad.

See more information on the USA vs. Chile viewing party here.

  • Truthiness

    I bet Truthi will have a problem with this article. Shut ’em down, shut ’em, shut ’em, shut ’em down.

    • Gr

      You mean Carole

  • CrystalMikey

    Go USA!!!

  • G

    Just went to the drafthouse last night for the comedy show. Love this place!

  • PikeHoo

    During World Cup 2010, the crowd for USA v. England at Buffalo Billiards in Dupont was the most enthusiastic and loudest crowd I have ever seen at a bar for a sporting event. It was incredible. Nothing like having a packed bar full of people cheering for the US and against the Red Coats. Beer may have been involved.

  • Screaming Eagles are wankers for not using the Sam’s Army name.

    • Benny’s Army

      That’s pretty funny on two levels, but probably goes way above the heads of the casual fan:

      First, the SE’s were the “DC Brigade” of Sam’s Army for over a decade and did much of the grassroots organizing for US Soccer supporters activities in the area. They have always been club and country in their focus.

      Second, they actually had a “wanker” t-shirt based upon a player for the MetroStars who joined DC United for a spell. They sold the shirts to benefit Mike Petke’s “Kick the Violence Foundation”. You still see them from time to time at RFK during matches.

    • Joe Blow

      Why would an MLS supporters club want to use the name of a supporters group for the US national team?

  • S. Arl Res

    I’m only going if Tupac is the background music

  • LB

    I wonder why this isn’t listed on the drafthouse website? Is this in the restaurant area (instead of free comedy) or in the movie theatre area?

    • Ima Helper

      USA-Chile will be shown on the big screen (it’s now listed on the Drafthouse website).

    • SoCo Resident

      I was confused about this too, i.e. exactly where it was being held. Now, is CDH donating all profits made Sat. night to this charity?

  • FedUp

    Good for them! I love Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse!

  • Newt

    Is Carol coming?

  • SoCo Resident

    This one poorly written and confusing article, ARLNOW. In the original article about this issue, you identified the spot at issue as “the Old Arlington Grille, the Cinema and Draft House’s restaurant/lounge, while in this article you mention “the recent neighborhood fracas over rap music being played at the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse.” Is the rap music just being played in the lounge or all over the drafthouse, i.e. the theatre?? Did the soccer charity event take place in the lounge or in the drafthouse, i.e. the theatre?? Are there two different ABC licenses there? Further, how does this soccer rep.’s statement about the CD being nice to them negate the rap controversy?
    A little more accurate reporting, please?

    • Maria

      Really? I mean… really?

      • Newt

        SoCo Resident…I would like to introduce you to my friend Carol, Lol.

        • Maria

          Seriously… just waiting for his crusade: “SHUT DOWN ARLnow!”

    • All that information is clearly available via the links provided. Nothing was inaccurate.

      • SoCo Resident

        Originally, ARLNOW wrote a story about a rap controversy involving the CDH “lounge.” You began this story implying the neighborhood fracas involved the whole place. “LB”, “IMAHelper” and “FEDUp” discuss the confusion (above) about exactly where this even is happening so it isn’t just me that your poor reporting confused! A little more accuracy would be helpful. For instance, most would not want to jammed in that lounge!!

        • Dan

          Sorry SoCo, but it is clear as to what happened where….I think that you are trying to generate a problem where there isn’t one.

          • Maria

            That seems to be his (or her?) M.O.

    • Jim

      SoCo is never, never catching on– and now we know why… SoCo is a hater.


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