VDOT Plans to Expand Eads Street Off-Ramp

by ARLnow.com January 21, 2011 at 8:45 am 3,036 14 Comments

VDOT is planning to widen the ramp from the HOV lanes of I-395 to Eads Street in Pentagon City.

The project would add an extra turn lane to the ramp, which often gets backed up during the morning rush hour. The ramp serves commuters heading to both Pentagon City and to the Pentagon itself. The left turn necessary to head to the Pentagon parking lots is a bit tricky, leading to some of the backups.

VDOT advertised the project in yesterday’s Washington Post. The agency says it will hold a public hearing on the project if anyone requests it in writing.

The proposal seems rather uncontroversial. The ramp is tucked away in the existing I-395 concrete jungle next to the Pentagon, several blocks from the nearest residential building. A VDOT report found no significant adverse impacts resulting from the project.

  • Lou

    This is actually an improvement tied in to the HOT lanes project which the County has obstructed.

    Not controversial at all.

  • Westover

    A needed project that should be easy to do and probably should have been done 15 years ago.

  • mehoo

    This new lane is racist.

    • AllenB

      And it’s part of a nationwide chain of lanes that we don’t want any part of in Arlington.

    • Sexist too. It serves the Crystal City Restaurant.

      • mehoo

        But only if you’re HOV-2.

  • OX4

    Would be nice if they added some pedestrian access too. BTW, “The agency says it will hold a public HEARING on the project if anyone requests it in writing. ”

    Unless you meant “beheading.”

    • That would be one way to stifle debate. Fixed.

  • PikeHoo

    Probably worth doing, but traffic is still going to be backed up the ramp with the traffic light on Army-Navy.

  • GeorgeOrwell

    if VDOT can’t get their HOT lanes approved, they’ll just do it piece by piece by piece by piece…

    • Lou

      I suppose VDOT’s reasoning is that the restricted lanes have not been expanded, so the traffic on this ramp has not yet increased, and expanding the ramp will not change the effect of traffic on local roads.

      But looking back at all the correspondence between the county, state and engineers leading up to the lawsuit, the Eads St interchange was one of Arlington’s consistent sticking points in terms of mitigating the impact on local roads.

    • mehoo

      Yep. That’s how they work. Look at the Outer Beltway that’s slowly being built, aka the Fairfax County Parkway.

  • dgalbers

    So does this mean any one of the whiners will request, in writing, a public hearing? Just wondering. Personally, I doubt anything in this congested area can be non controversial.

  • mike

    In addition to widening the exit they need to widen the lanes into the Pentagon, so 2 lanes can turn left from the HOV exit ramp at the same time, allowing both a car and a bus to turn left at the same time. That will empty out the backup quicker.


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