Arlington, VA

Morning Notes

Capital Bikeshare Stations Coming to R-B Corridor — Crystal City and Pentagon City have had all the Capital Bikeshare fun so far, but now it’s North Arlington’s turn. The approximate locations for the first four Bikeshare stations in Rosslyn and Courthouse have been decided, with installation expected to take place next month. Also decided: the stations will be placed on the street, likely replacing existing parking spaces. [People-Powered Arlington, TBD]

Bill Could Make Common Traffic Offenses Misdemeanors — If a bill currently under consideration in the Virginia General Assembly becomes law, it could make rolling stops at traffic lights and other common traffic offenses misdemeanors punishable by jail time or a hefty fine. The bill is intended to give police the flexibility of charging drivers with reckless driving when a specific situation warrants. Supporters, including Del. David Englin (D), say the bill could help improve pedestrian safety. [We Love DC, Richmond Sunlight]

Bike Trail Will Link Pentagon, Pike, Memorial Bridge — The Route 110 Bike Trail is being touted as a more convenient alternative to the Mt. Vernon Trail for many trail users. The project to pave the dirt path into a proper trail just got a big infusion of cash, thanks to the county board approving $250,000 in grant funding from the state. Construction won’t begin, however, for at least another year. [TBD]

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