Capital One Commercial Films On the Pike

by ARLnow.com February 23, 2011 at 10:41 am 4,033 20 Comments

Dozens of gaffers, grips, extras and producers were hard at work filming a Capital One Bank commercial at the corner of Columbia Pike and Monroe Street this morning.

The giant “pin” of one of the company’s signature red push pins was propped up on the sidewalk next to the bank. A lone tennis ball was glued to the top, to act as a guide for 3D artists to later inset the pin’s giant red handle.

The film crew set up their gear around 6:00 this morning, and broke most of it down by 10:00. They used The Broiler, across the street from the bank, as a base of operations.

We hear the crew was heading into D.C. to film at another Capital One bank location this afternoon. That shoot, we were told, would involve Capitals star and Arlington resident Alex Ovechkin shooting pucks from the bank’s roof.

Hat tips to Johnny K., Rebecca K. and M.E. Photo (top right) courtesy Johnny K.

  • G. Clifford Prout

    There are several well respected community banks to choose from in Arlington. Burke and Herbert is opening a branch in Clarendon this week. Everyone should be banking with companies that didn’t help put the country in a ditch and which have strong ties to the community. Capital One just doesn’t fill the bill.

    Visit http://moveyourmoneyproject.org/

    • Worried about ATMs

      How do you get convenient access to your money using a small bank. Am I going to get socked with out-of-network fees all the time?

      • G. Clifford Prout

        I’m not shilling for Burke and Herbert but they refund out of network fees or so says their website.

      • Burke and Herbert Bank will pay your ATM fees anywhere in the U.S. I have been told that allows you free access to 400,000 ATM’s. We do not wait till the end of the month – the fee is covered immediately.

        Community banks are the good guys. Please check out Clarendon office at 3020 Clarendon Blvd.

        Hunt Burke

    • OX4


      My local bank reimburses my out-of-network ATM fees monthly.

  • Clarendudette

    You do realize that the money that was loaned to the big banks has all been paid back with interest and it actually generated revenue for the government?? Let’s try and not topple the free world, k thanks.

    • local

      G. was bashing the banks for creating the problem, not the bailout.

      • Clarendudette

        The problem that warranted the bailout wasn’t the banks fault. I’d look to the CRA passed in the Clinton adminstration that made banks approve loans for a population that truly couldn’t afford the loans. This is the source of the main problem. Someone making $30K a year can’t afford to live in a $500K house- but the CRA made it necessary for banks to approve these folks thus creating the huge problems when the loans didn’t get repaid.

    • Arlwhenever

      Capital One was one of the quickest banks to repay TARP funds into the US Treasury. Also, Capital One purchased and stabilized the rapidly imploding, locally owned and operated Chevy Chase Bank during the worst of the financial crisis.

      Yet I agree heartily with Mr. Prout’s sentiments, doing my very small part to reward/promote good behavior by banking with insititutions (in my case a credit union) and owning stock in banks that didn’t go the TARP route.

  • winner

    Comrade: Just so you know, COF is HQ’ed in Mclean – ie they are located *in* our community. The company was started in Virginia and employees 1000s in our state ie the the people who *makeup* our community. So…let’s try and destroy jobs in our community?? Sheesh.

    The arguement for moving money should be to find the best interest rate as at the amounts of money most of us have in the bank the government gurantees anyway.

    • I’ve been pretty happy with their service as well. I’m glad they bought out Chevy Chase and now they have branches in Arlington.

    • Westover

      Yup, Capital One is a local company employing many in our community and the local branches were all Chevy Chase Bank, another local bank, just a few months ago. Go to the bank that provides your money the best service, small banks and large banks have had problems over the years, and both have proven the better shelter from time to time.

  • Come on!

    Q: What’s in your wallet? A: The Broiler!

  • PikeHoo

    I have my fingers crossed that Capital One for once picked up all the trash from their parking lot and grounds for the commercial.

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  • ArlGnaw

    crapital one got in huge trouble for keeping peoples checks and then charging them late fees. shady company if there ever was one. also the commercials are stupid with the cavemen. i mean–wtf?

  • d

    Join a credit union. You can access your cash from any other credit union, and you wont be tied into the unholy army of evil bankers.

  • Update: Yes, Ovechkin actually did shoot pucks off a roof in DC today. It wasn’t a bank, but our tipster wasn’t far off. http://voices.washingtonpost.com/dcsportsbog/2011/02/alex_ovechkin_shoots_pucks_off.html


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