School Board Race Remains Uncontested

by ARLnow.com March 2, 2011 at 8:00 am 1,889 7 Comments

Barring any surprises, it looks likely that school board member Abby Raphael will coast to re-election this fall.

No other Democrats have filed to challenge Raphael for the endorsement of the Arlington County Democratic Committee. School board races are officially non-partisan, but parties will usually endorse a candidate.

The last Republican to hold a school board seat was Dave Foster, who currently sits on the Virginia Board of Education. Foster declined to run for re-election in 2007, clearing the way for Raphael to run unopposed for the seat and easily claim her first term.

County Democrats issued the following press release last night.

As of the filing deadline of 7:00 p.m. tonight, only one candidate — current School Board Vice Chair Abby Raphael — filed papers seeking the Democratic nomination for the Arlington School Board, making her the presumptive Democratic endorsee for the position.

“We are proud to have School Board Vice Chair Abby Raphael running for re-election,” said ACDC Chair Mike Lieberman. “In her four years on the Board, Abby has been a model for inclusive and creative leadership in Arlington’s schools. Her work to encourage achievement by all Arlington’s students is a foundation for the success in Arlington schools that many take for granted. Every Arlingtonian should be excited about the prospect of four more years under Abby’s leadership.”

Ms. Raphael’s endorsement will be made official upon a vote of the Arlington County Democratic Committee at its meeting on April 6. As a result, the party will cancel its May School Board Caucus and focus its efforts on a general-election victory.

Abby Raphael issued the following statement: “I am honored to serve Arlington and want to continue working with my colleagues on the School Board, and the community to ensure that each child reaches his or her potential.”

Abby Raphael was first endorsed by ACDC and elected to the School Board in 2007.

  • Arlwhenever

    To “ensure that each child reaches his or her potential” is indicative of the regression-to the-mean, teach-to-the-test philosophy that drives education in Arlington Public Schools. It’s not about preparing or thriving, it’s not about growing and achieving and it is most certainly not about learning how to think for oneself, be strong and independent, and to stand up for what one believes in. We can and should do better but will not so long as education is driven by the Arlington County Democratic Committe theocracy. APS is training lemmings.

    • borf

      Except no, that statement is not indicative of that at all.

    • Josh S

      Yeah, the statement is about as bland as you can get and certainly is not indicative of much of anything.
      And what a bunch of unsubstantiated rants from Arlwhenever in general. In what possible capacity could you have the knowledge and experience to make such sweeping generalizations about APS?
      But here is a great opportunity for anyone who sits around and complains about local politicians to step up. If she gets re-elected, you can’t really argue about HER anymore. Instead, you would be forced to argue pro or con on particular policies, actions, etc.

  • disappointing

    After her leap to defend her buddy Dr. Murphy after the Williamsburg fiasco, despite her claim that she knew nothing of the matter, I was hoping that there would be some credible opposition to Abby Raphael. Very disappointing.

    • borf

      So you have evidence that she did know something about the matter? Or what?

      • disappointing

        I would have preferred that she promise to withhold judgement until all the facts were out, rather than immediately jumping to assert that she had “full confidence” in Murphy’s leadership. If it was true that she knew nothing of any of this beforehand, and only had met with Murphy on a few limited occasions, her statement was premature and inappropriate. It was clear from the PTO meeting that she saw her role as defending Murphy, not questioning whether there might be some validity to the accusations against him.

        • Lou

          And if the investigation comes back and finds fault with something Murphy did, those words will come back to her. It was an inappropriate, naive, position to take.


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