SUV Slams Into Bluemont 7-Eleven

by ARLnow.com March 8, 2011 at 11:46 am 2,547 34 Comments

An SUV came crashing through the front of the 7-Eleven on Wilson Boulevard near George Mason Drive this morning.

As customers were arriving for their morning coffee, a vehicle described as a new Toyota Rav4 hopped the curb, smashed through a low brick wall, a door and a plate glass window. Nobody was hurt.

In addition to the busted-up storefront, some merchandise in the SUV’s path — including at least a dozen cases of beer — appeared to have been damaged and strewn about the floor.

Workers have boarded up the broken windows and the store is now open. The store’s clerk said the driver was an employee who had recently learned how to drive.

  • charlie

    that is a new take on the employee parking problem in arlington.

  • Lalaland

    what’d they do with the beer?

  • madisonmanor

    “The store’s clerk said the driver was an employee who had recently learned how to drive.” – that’s debatable – unless his learning was at the local taxi driver’s institute.

  • CrystalMikey

    Probably only Bud Light…no loss.

    • Lalaland


  • CW

    The employee has been contacted by and is currently entertaining offers from, amongst others, Red Top, Blue Top, and Washington Flyer…

    • el fat kid


    • Dan


    • Aaron

      Hey! I’ve never had a bad experience with an Arlington Red Top driver. I don’t know what their application/screening process is like, but every one of them has been professional, polite, and knowledgeable.

      • CW

        Right – to the people IN the cab. I’m not disagreeing with that. It’s just the rest of the world that needs to be worried. From a pedestrian and cyclist perspective, I’ve not seen their driving to be any better or worse than taxis in general.

      • SouthArlJD

        That’s true. The deal is that drivers have to start out with Yellow Cab or White Top and then progress to Red Top. They’ve got a little hierarchy going. I’ve represented a lot of cab drivers and they’ve told me about their system. They’re only offered a Red Top cab if they have a good reputation and record. BTW, all this stuff about what horrible drivers they are is nonsense. Fact is they lose their “face” (i.e., their cabbie license) if they’ve got more than one traffic offense in two years. Those who are charged are usually offered a chance to attend a traffic school run by a retired FBI guy. If they have another offense the hammer often drops. It’s important to remember that these guys spend hours and hours every day behind the wheel and it’s damn difficult to avoid charges if you’re driving the same roads over and over for hours every single day.

        • CW

          Conflict of interest.


    Not the beer!!!!!!

  • Witter

    Not the GameDay Light!!

    • CrystalMikey

      Damn, I forgot they had their own brew now.

  • When next?

    Was it a Maryland or DC driver?

  • kj

    For what it’s worth, this actually happened earlier than “just before 8:30”– I rode past on the bus at 7:05 and they were already cordoning off the parking lot with police tape.

    • Hmmm, I may have misread an email. I’ll take that part out.

      • NancyDrew

        I sent an email saying that I drove by at 8:30 and saw this, but I didn’t say that’s when it happened. 🙂

  • Bluemont John

    Too bad it didn’t completely take out that 7-11, so we can get a Starbucks right there. I live sort of behind that 7-11 by a few blocks, and a coffee shop would be nice. (I’m shocked I didn’t hear the crash!)

    Anyway–glad no one was hurt.

    And new drivers should not be allowed to drive SUVs.

    • Sammi

      I live right there as well and happily walk to Starbucks at Ballston mall. A little walking is good for ya.

      • Bluemont John

        But trying to cross Glebe on foot is not.

    • Take it down a notch

      RAV4s are smaller than Camrys…

  • Brendan

    clearly… #winning.

    • Sammi


    • CW

      Nice job, but what actually stood out to me more (in the original photo as well) was the van door that says “ASS actors, inc.”

      • Snookie

        Kind of like the Asplundh (need I sound it out?) vans you see around here.

    • Southeast Ben

      Nice utilization of Charlie brown-bagging it.

    • Jezebel

      Very well done.

    • CharlieSheenFan

      looks like Charlie Sheen was in Bluemont this morning looking for a spot to score some blow and oxy’s

  • GMo

    What? No comments about the Toyota recalls?

    New driver or stuck accelerator? Bad floor mats? Spiders in the fuel tank vents? Wait, that last one was Mazda…

  • NorArl Res

    Glad the Redbox was not injured

    • NancyDrew

      The Redbox was broken Saturday night, so it probably needs to be replaced anyway.

  • SouthArlJD

    NOT the beer!!!! Someone THINK of the beer!


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