Arlington Reporter Leaves TBD

by Scott Brodbeck March 11, 2011 at 3:54 pm 2,773 13 Comments

This is the last day on the job for Rebecca A. Cooper, the Arlington community reporter for Rosslyn-based TBD.com.

Cooper joined TBD last July, a month before the site launched. She was formerly a contributor to DCist.com and a reporter for a Long Island newspaper. No word yet on her future plans.

TBD is in the midst of layoffs and will likely not replace Cooper or her Arlington coverage.

The layoffs are part of a reorganization that will shift TBD’s mission from being a primarily news-oriented site to exclusively arts and entertainment-oriented site.

TBD’s corporate sister, television station WJLA (ABC 7), will eventually relaunch WJLA.com as a separate, news-oriented web site. (WJLA.com was replaced by TBD after its launch.)

On a personal note, it was a pleasure working alongside Rebecca, who was a total pro and brought an unrivaled depth to her Arlington reporting. Whatever she does next, we hope she stays here in Imperfect Arlington.

  • Novanglus

    Hire her!

    • CrystalMikey


    • BK


  • FrenchyB

    Rebecca’s coverage of Arlington was the best thing on TBD; here’s wishing her luck finding a new gig.

  • VASQ

    I got to work with Rebecca several times when she was serving as a reporter, and let me tell you, she is first rate. I really hope she lands on her feet. It’s a tough time to be a journalist.

  • MB

    Big fan of the work she did in Arlington. Not at easy time for this sort of challenge, but she’s got talent and I expect she’ll land well.

  • GMo

    I often read her posts on DCist and was glad to see her take up the beat in Arlington. I certainly hope she is able to stay in the area! I’d be a shame to loose such a great writer to a different city.

  • Wendy Buckley

    She did a wonderful job!

  • AG

    I’m disappointed to see her go. We need more solid reporters and less emphasis on entertainment news and on real news. Best of luck.

  • Dave

    Her articles were some of the best on TBD. Hope she lands on her feet.

  • Was a big fan of her work. Her reporting and this blog were a great combo for an Arlington reader. Hope she lands somewhere great!

  • John Snyder

    Bravo Rebecca, we’ll miss her excellent work.

  • Davidm

    WJLA.com is coming back!


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