Naked Pizza Coming to Pentagon Row

by ARLnow.com March 15, 2011 at 9:40 am 5,358 48 Comments

Fast-growing all-natural pizza chain Naked Pizza is coming to Pentagon Row.

A Naked Pizza restaurant will be replacing Pizza Milano, in a storefront that faces the Harris Teeter parking lot on the northern end of Pentagon Row. Pizza Milano, which used to offer free delivery, is now closed.

New Orleans-based Naked Pizza is noted for its devotion to making positive social change — it claims to be “part of the solution to the global epidemic of obesity and chronic disease” by making fast food “healthful instead of harmful” — as well as its health-minded pizza.

Some of the “favorite” pizza recipes on the menu at Naked include the Ragin’ Cajun (sausage, chicken, garlic bell pepper onion), the Superbiotic (artichoke, spinach, bell pepper, mushroom, garlic, red onion, cliantro), the Pima (black beans, jalapeno, cheddar cheese, tomato, onion, cilantro and lime) and the Smokehouse (hickory-smoked BBQ sauce, onion, chicken).

No word yet on when the restaurant plans to open.

Photo via nakedpizza.biz. Hat tip to @RahulG86.

  • G. Clifford Prout


    • Jason S.

      With a name like “Naked Pizza” it doesn’t have to be “Y*A*W*N”.

  • About time South Arlington is getting some of this douchebaggery

  • South Arlington

    Pizza Milano was just awful.

  • CrystalMikey

    I’ll take a slice of that Ragin’ Cajun.

  • Jennifer

    I don’t get what sounds boring about this–all they have around here are Dominos-esque or Neapolitan ‘gourmet’. Other than Italian Store, I have yet to find a local slice that isn’t gross. And a pizza place making an effort to be slightly healthier will pique my curiosity enough to trip it to S. Arlington.

    • SD

      Agree Italian Store is top notch. Try out Goody’s on Wilson for a decent slice.

      • Jennifer

        I’ve never been there (I thought it was an ice cream store only), but I know where it is. I’ll try it out in a few days. Thanks!

      • CW

        Italian store pizza is ok but that place is run by the biggest bunch of jerks I have ever seen. They treat their customers like crap and I will never spend another cent there.

        Goody’s pizza tastes better and the people who run the place are as nice as can be.

        • JamesE

          I gave up on the Italian store because of the lines, not worth it.

        • SD

          You can call ahead to Italian Store, forget the lines.

    • JamesE

      I’m probably the only human being that enjoys Pizza Roma. Although their individual slices are overpriced and best to get when they actually make a fresh one and not one that has sat there for 10 hours.

      • Jennifer

        Sorry, James, but I think you are. If we’re talking about the same place across from Ballston Metro, it’s the first place I had a slice after moving here from NJ. I had a severe WTF attack, followed by the 5 stages of grief.

        • CW

          So move back. Problem solved.

          • Jennifer

            LOL. Sorry if you are taking my criticism of DC’s sub-par pizza to be personally offensive. Look at the bright side: more Pizza Roma/Bricks/Flippin Pizza/Dominos/Papa Johns/Matchbox/Pizza Paridiso/Comet Ping Pong for you! Can I please keep living here now?

          • CW

            Overreact much?

          • Jennifer

            Hmmm, I didn’t see that as OVERreacting, but whatever. Lighten up, we’re talking about pizza.

          • CW

            Lol, I make two jokes and get two vitriolic responses. Cute. I also like the “lighten up” part. Self-centered, nasty, and always ready to blame someone else…I guess you really are from NJ.

          • Jennifer

            I’m not sure fun-poking intonation is coming across here for either of us. Apologies for the comment clog, Arlnow.

          • CW

            Ok, fair enough.

            Just to make it clear that I’m all for some fun: I LIKE TURTLES!!!

            There. 😛

  • Overgrown Bush

    Ah, yes… Arlington is pizza central.

  • steve

    Let me guess, they don’t deliver because cars are bad for the environment?

  • Joe

    Again, what’s the going rate for publishing this?

    • Arlingtonres

      Come on Joe, skeptic much? Some of us like to hear about new places opening up in the neighborhood. It may seem like a commercial, but I appreciate the heads up.

      • CrystalMikey


      • SD

        I love hearing about what local places are opening. Frankly find it more interesting than the latest status on the tbd.com website and Zimmerman. To each their own.

        • LBSki


    • Aaron

      In a small town/mid-sized city, the opening (and closing) of businesses IS the news. Would you prefer more celebrity shenanigans or regurgitated press releases from politicians?

  • Tabby

    Too bad there’s never any parking in that Pentagon Row area.

    • South Arlington

      There’s a garage and free validation in Harris Teeter. The garage is always empty, it beats endlessly circling the surface lot looking for a spot and having a black Suburban with Maryland plates cut you off and swipe one right in front of you.

      • Tabby

        I did not realize that HT offered free validation. So I can go out to eat and have a massage and buy cat food and not pay for parking? This is so exciting.

        • t-cough

          Sure – provided you do all that in one hour.

        • Larchmont

          Yes, at the customer service counter in HT – it’s a self service scanner for your ticket. And you don’t even have to eat, get massaged or buy cat food at HT.

          • CW

            I want a cat food massage!

          • Tabby

            Crunchy or wet food? We have it all.

          • CW

            Deep tissue massage with warm wet food.

        • SamsontheCat

          You can also park in the HT lot and push the little button that gives you a free hour of parking. That’s usually enough for me to eat and get all my groceries. The other “secret” is to park on the side street near River Houses or in the residential area (sorry residential folks). It’s free after 6 and on weekends and the walk is good after pizza.

  • DT

    I’d be real curious to see how this place lives up the their claim they have healthy pizza.

  • Jennifer

    DT, I did a bit of searching around, but didn’t compare the nutrition info to any other sites. The one thing I was shocked at (something I focus on personally) was how low the sodium is. I found this link, so thanks for inspiring my search in the first place. http://www.pizzamarketplace.com/article/179272/Restaurants-continue-efforts-to-reduce-sodium

    • Tabby

      That’s good news. Down with salt!

    • DT

      It looks like they use whole grains, skim milk mozz and add in nutrients to their crust. I guess they can make the claim that they are healthier than other pizzas but should be careful to make any claim that they are part of any solution to obesity.

  • Hmmm… I’m curious to see how well a pizza place will do in this spot given the previous place also served pizza and lasted maybe a year. Pizza Milano was kinda pricey for what I considered a mediocre pie. Maybe the lure of healthier pizza will help them fare better? I’ll definitely try it once since it’s within walking distance for me but for the money I’d probably rather get delivery from Lost Dog Cafe.

  • Jack33w

    And before Pizza Milano there was a bakery that failed… and the bakery stuff was out of this world GOOD yet it failed. Lots of store fronts around Pentagon Row are in dead zones and fail… Arlington County really dropped the ball on planning. Ya can’t even walk from Metro to the Harris Teeter on sidewalks without going the long way around. ANd then there’s the mistake of CREATING another intersection & traffic light at Rite Aid INSTEAD of incorporating the pre-existing, one intersection at Joyce. Arlington County usually bends over for developer ****, so it’s really not a surprise…

    • i usually walk straight through the edge of the food court from the metro, which puts you into the lower level of the garage – between the mall and pentagon row. much more direct than walking all the way around the mall. then again, you could always take the long way around after the pizza if you wanted =)

  • Jennifer

    Jack, I that bakery was around when I moved here, and it *was* really good. The signage for those few stores isn’t the best, unfortunately. Hopefully–if this place is good–generating a buzz will be enough of a boost.

    As for Metro accessibility, isn’t walking through the mall a fairly direct route to P. Row?

  • One thing that I do think was smart was converting the three small store fronts next to DSW that used to be the Visitors Center, More Space Place and random clothing stores to a large USAA branch. This is a much better use of this space than smaller boutiques that were going out of business every six months.

  • YUCK!

  • Big Dog Dong

    Man that pizza looks like puke! I rather eat frozen pizza than that crap! Second that Mike YUCK!!!!!


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