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Remy Releases New Music Video: “I’m a Caps Fan”

by ARLnow.com March 17, 2011 at 7:00 am 3,631 62 Comments

Arlington rapper Remy Munasifi is out with a new music video.

“I’m a Caps Fan” is Remy’s humorous take on Capitals fandom. Much of the video appears to have been filmed in the comedian’s Clarendon apartment which, coincidentally, is not too far from the Caps practice facility in Ballston.

The video was “produced exclusively for Comcast SportsNet.”

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  • ClarendonKing aka ClizzleDizzle

    Love this guy! He’s the reason I moved here.

    • Z

      Wow that is pathetic.

    • Lindsay

      You can’t be serious.

  • Arrrrrlington

    Haha, loved the Mike Milbury reference. This video is like any typical Caps fan: zero acknowledgement of the teams existence before 2007.

    Go Flyers.

    • Go Flyers

      Agreed. Gotta love (hate) the bandwagon fans, and a stadium 98% full of jerseys with an 8 on the back.

      Get some knowledge, don’t abandon the team when things go south, and support more than one player. Then I will respect you as a fan.

      • Puck Philly

        Go back to Philadelphia.

        • Arrrrrlington

          They may have an xxs small sized shirt for you in this:

    • yrb

      So why did not you stay in Philadelphia? No jobs?

      GO CAPS!

    • Cyrus

      Mike Milbury Mode. That’s good stuff.

      • Sam

        Not as good as “Semin got a hooking penalty on a shootout attempt.” Best line in the entire video.

  • YoBimbo


  • Brad G

    this guy is horrible

  • Stoneridge

    Life is too short and tickets too expensive to waste following bad teams. Getting violently drunk while watching your team suck should not be a badge of honor, like it is in Philly.

    • Arrrrrlington

      My favorite experience at a Caps game:
      Flyers @ Caps, first game this year, during a break in play they have some girl in a red Caps sweatshirt on the jumbotron. The host asks her “Who are the top 3 scorers in Caps history?” to win some gift certificate or something.

      The girl turns into a deer in the headlights and says “I’m sorry I’m really not a big hockey fan.” And for the next 30 seconds while the clock counts down the host just kind of stands there awkwardly and says nothing. H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S.

      That stupid chick just had to look up to the rafters for at least one of the names (Mike Gartner) then if you watched the Caps at least ONCE before 2005 you know who Petr Bondra was. I’ll admit I had to look up #3 (Michal Pivonka). I guess it’s tough when you have never had a franchise player score north of 100 pts in his career.

      • Maria

        Are you upset because she was at the game and not a hockey fan or because she was wearing a Caps sweatshirt and not a hockey fan?

  • Josh

    Agree with Arrrlington above. Fortunetly there are some (5) true caps fans that were going to the Capital Centre when I was going there as well when the Rangers came to town.

    Also, Ovi is just as much as a diver.

    • Westover

      Number 8 is great, but Number 5 was the great on from my formative years!

  • Broad St. Bully

    No doubt there are a contingent of Caps fans out there who’ve pulled for this team before they began to build the rest of the league’s favorite inside joke: “America’s Hockey Capital”. I know many of them; our back-and-forth growing up is the rationale behind my disdain for the franchise, supplemented recently by the Artifice of Red.

    Any team that requires a horn to incite its Pavlovian fans to cheer, or that cheers “[Insert Team Here] S*ck!” between the opposing fans’ “Let’s Go, [Insert Team Here]!” has miles and miles to go before they, as a franchise, gain the respect of their Northeasterly counterparts (Philly, NYR, NYI, Buffalo, Boston…). As it is, Caps fans fall back on an inflated sense of themselves, drawing on their history through vintage unis and their “new” color pattern.

    But here’s to hockey. And here’s to seeing y’all at the Verizon Center stare dumfoundedly at me as I scream “Let’s go, Flyers” for 3 periods.

    • Arrrrrlington

      -But here’s to hockey. And here’s to seeing y’all at the Verizon Center stare dumfoundedly at me as I scream “Let’s go, Flyers” for 3 periods.-

      You too? I thought I was the only one.

      • DT

        They’re staring because they can’t believe they let you out of your cage to come to the game. Now go on and tell us how great you Philthy fans are while beating up someone. We aspire to be such awesome fans. Moron.

        • Broad St. Bully

          Sound logic. Fall back on the stereotype you’ve no basis to support. I cheer for my team. I do so very loudly for the entirety of the game, independent of the arena. I also have a good time with the fans around me, again independent of the arena. I have drinks with many of them afterwards. I’m a nice guy, and I’m well-educated, and like 99.9% of my brethren, don’t condone idiocy. For sure your ignorance to date has fared thee well, and I look forward to not respecting your fandom (or recognizing you amongst a sea of the self-same yous) at the next game.

          • DT

            Awesome, after generalizing an entire fan base, you get offended when someone generalizes an entire fan base. Hypocrisy, thy name is Philthadelphia fans.

          • Evil


          • Broad St. Bully

            I effectively separated the core fans who’ve existed in this town and its surrounding suburbs for decades from the newly red-clad hockey-evangelicals representing upwards of 85% of the current base. Also, having lived in DC for quite some time, what remains of my “generalization” is grounded in hundreds of experiences with individual fans, as well as the popular culture in general. At the end of the day, DC is not a hockey town — nor does it or will it ever approach the title of “America’s Hockey Capital — though many very knowledgeable hockey fans, including (potentially) yourself, inhabit the city.

          • Arrrrrlington

            You wouldn’t be so upset about such a generalization if it wasn’t true I bet.

            When I moved to DC out of school in 2007, Caps tickets started at $10. How much are they now? $40.

            Waiting for invocation of booing Santa Claus in 1967 in…

          • Sam

            I’m sure you’re a great guy and after a game, I’d have no problem buying a round of drinks, regardless of what sweater you’re wearing.

            But don’t you think it is a little hypocritical to complain about stereotypes being used against you and your city when you’re doing the same to Washington? I’m a Caps fan but I haven’t been a Caps fan my entire life. I guess I’m not a real fan then. Having grown up in central PA, I spent most of my life as a Hershey Bears fan. I followed their affiliates, mostly the Avs and the Flyers. When the Bears and Caps aligned in 2005, I started following the Caps. So no, I don’t have a Yvon Labre jersey. And no, I didn’t go to games at the old Capital Centre. But I’m POSITIVE that there are fans in both Washington and Philly that have jerseys for players like Ovechkin and Richards but don’t know much about their team’s history. Just like you can find many players in Boston wearing a #30 Tim Thomas jersey and might know who Phil Esposito is… but may have no clue about players like Terry O’Reilly. It’s definitely not a Washington thing.

          • BallsInBallston

            Funny that even you say 99.9% of your fans are idiots while also trying to say that you were upset for someone pushing that stereotype… On the other hand, I will definitely admit that most caps fans are bandwagon, and as someone who has watched the caps their whole life, it doesn’t bother me one bit. No matter what people like to say it happens in every city and in all sports, even if the team has that strong contingent of true die-hard fans. Bandwagon fans always seem to come from somewhere. And yes this is true for even Flyers fans in Philly. I remember when you guys came out in droves during your cup run in 97 and then went back to those holes when bounced first round in 98. We could all sit here and say “I’ve been a fan since this time or that” but everyone knows that each team has a contingent of true fans but for both these cities the Skins and Eagles will continue to dominate sports for their respective cities. So let’s just call it for what it is, and all have a great time watching the wonderful game of hockey – new fans and old.

            Oh yea by the way, I used to heckle “Hextall” all game when we would play the Flyers at USAir 🙂

          • Broad St. Bully

            Haha. Hextall had the greatest chantable name in hockey history. Being as psychologically volatile as he was, he’d respond, too, by banging the posts with his sticks, which only egged on Caps’ (and other teams’) fans to chant louder and more aggressively. THOSE were the days.

            And, for the record, I didn’t say 99.9% of Philly fans are idiots; on the contrary, just as each team has its proportion of core-to-bandwagon fans, each city has its share of idiots single-mindedly bent on making others’ lives miserable. Philly has a rather well- (and somewhat unfairly-) publicized share, as does DC — as I, and my hysterically crying mom during game 5 of the playoffs a few years back — can attest.

    • Josh

      Who respects the fishsticks?

    • Evil

      Any team that requires a horn to incite its Pavlovian fans to cheer, or that cheers “[Insert Team Here] S*ck!” between the opposing fans’ “Let’s Go, [Insert Team Here]!”

      Really!!??!!… fans of Philly, New York, etc, don’t chant the same sh*t! Please dude… I’ve been to many games against just about every team and ALL of them do this.
      In fact Philly and Pittsburgh fans are probably the worst of all – always starting fights with the opposing team. I know b/c my brother is a Pitt fan and I had to get in between him and a Caps fan when my brother started sh*t.
      I also had an opportunity to go see a Caps game in Philly – but decided my life was more valuable than watching my team win in Philly (which they did).
      So don’t bash our fans for doing the same thing that fans from all the other teams do! Jus sayin’

      • Broad St. Bully

        Of course every self-respecting fanbase doesn’t just sit back and allow visiting fans’ to cheer without interruption. You’d get the “Caps s*ck!” in Philly, too — just like you get the ref-directed “A$$hole” and “S*CKS!” after opposing player announcements — if there was ever a contingent sizable enough to initiate such a cheer. The issue I raise isn’t so much with what Caps fans do; rather, it’s what they don’t do, like generate cheers organically, without the assistance of a horn or a video. With all of the “Rock the Red!” bravado, the game itself would be awfully quiet if not for the agitation of visitors or, again, the artifice of the arena’s assorted Pavlovs.

  • JamesE

    Flyers fans be proud you are only the second worst in all of hockey, Habs fans are #1. Most Caps fans are bandwagon but that is what happens to any team when they get good.

    • JamesE

      Also I miss $10 tickets before the Ovechkin fee

      • GoRangers

        $10 tickets…there use to be $5 tickets.

        You know how you shut up a caps fan….”Name 5 Capitals before Ovi” ….most can’t do it. Then when you can they can’t believe it.

        Caps fans…there was hockey before Ovi!

        • BrownFlipFlops

          Well, I used to stand out in the Mt. Vernon parking lot with my brother after hockey practice, and try to catch Langway, Carpenter, Hatcher, Gartner, etc. on the way in, to see if I could snag a stick.

          You’re right, though, DC is full of horrible bandwagoneers, even though this fan could pass your quiz.

        • BrownFlipFlops

          …and since you’re a Rangers fan, my family still laughs about a guy who sat near us at the Cap Center. Every time you guys would come to town, he’d yell, “HAAAAANLON, HAAAAANLON, HAAAAANLON,” at Glenn Hanlon the whole game. Annoying? Why, yes, yes it was. We still laugh about it, though.

        • BrownFlipFlops

          Er, unless GoRangers is all about baseball, or Texas state law enforcement. …or tough patrol specialists down at Ft. Benning…

        • Maria

          So… are people who’ve moved here since he started playing for the team supposed to do research about the Caps pre-Ovechkin? Is that the only way to be considered a true fan if one didn’t grow up a Caps fan?

          • Sam

            No. If you moved here, too bad. You are banned for life from ever being a Capitals fan. It doesn’t matter how much you want to become one, if you didn’t see the entire 74-75 season in person, you are not allowed to be a fan.

  • Hipster

    “oh, but I (just me, not you) was the first Caps fan, no wait I was a Caps fan first” – Yay for you.
    you tools that don’t like the “new” Caps fans – screw you – i’m wearing my “8” jersey just to piss you off.

    • Arlwhenever

      A true Hipster you would long for the days when fans could get post-game refreshments at Dennis Maruk’s night club, down on Route 1 south of the Beltway across from the welfare motel. That was living it, not just putting it on.

  • MGartner

    I have a Scott Stevens game jersey from 1985. I wore it to a game and the guy behind me asked me where I got the jersey with my last name printed on it. Oh, and we were sitting in a 100 section. So much for hoping that the people who shell out the overpriced amounts for the good seats know anything about hockey.

    • Arrrrrlington

      Awesome. As a Flyers fan I was raised to believe Scott Stevens was Lucifer incarnate, but the guy is still one of my favorite all time players to this day.

      The Caps franchise would have a completely identity today if he was never traded away.

  • Puck Philly

    Lets agree to disagree. Philly fans have no class and Caps fans are bandwagoners.

    • JamesE

      We both hate Crosby

      • Evil

        Who? Oh, you mean Cindy Crybaby! Yup, that I can agree with!

  • NJMets

    I love Remy. This video is good, but my favorite was his Arlington rap one. Starbucks, at the Starbucks, at the Starbucks, at the Starbucks.

    I will start to watch the Caps when the playoffs start. I laugh at the bandwagoners every spring.

    • Sam

      “I will start to watch the Caps when the playoffs start. I laugh at the bandwagoners every spring.”

      So, you laugh at… yourself? You don’t watch the Caps all season and then when they make the playoffs, you’ll watch them? Sounds like a bandwagoner to me.

  • Steve

    Kinda sucks when your team becomes a bandwagon team. I bet the people (TRANSIENTS), who like the caps because they are good now have never heard of Langway, Scott Stevens, Mike Gartner, Bobby Carpenter. Damn, they probably don’t even remember Kolzig.

    • JamesE

      Poor kolzig

    • Arrrrrlington

      I hate the transients who like the Caps because they are good, but have know nothing about hockey. What pisses me off about such fans is being a Caps fan is trendy because all the other teams suck (caveat: the Skins have a huge TRUE fan base).

      Wait until the Nats get good sometime around 2030. The town will suddenly be “America’s Baseball Capital”. Jason Werth is NOT the answer, just like Donovan McNabb was NOT the answer. Oh, and neither will Mike Knuble bring a championship to this town.


  • GoRangers

    What the Caps are known for

    • Arrrrrlington

      What the Rangers are known for:

  • CrystalMikey

    Shouldn’t some bandwagon jumpers be a good thing. At least more people are taking at least a slight interest in hockey. Case in point, I wouldn’t mind if a few more people jumped on DC United’s bandwagon. Need to keep that team from moving to Baltimore.

  • CantPleaseThem

    If it weren’t for bandwagon fans – hockey arenas would be empty below Pennsylvania. Fine by me.

    • Stoneridge

      All the better to piss off their fans who no longer can buy as many tickets to games here.

  • sports tourist

    bandwagon, no bandwagon, who cares? whatever floats your boat. It’s just a dumb game.

  • Greg

    This is actually really good. A lot of subtle stuff in there that only people that follow the Caps would catch.

    • Olie the Goalie

      Jeff Schultz plus 20.
      Beat the bongoes.


      Funny stuff.

      As for bandwagons, while I miss being able to walk up and get a cheap ticket anytime, the atmosphere in the phone booth is tremendous. Fans are loud AND spontaneous. And being able to watch practice here in Arlington is a great bonus.
      Why is there never a Caps exhibit/player/rep at our County Fair??

  • Deb

    I grew up with the Canadians as my team in far up-state NY. Montreal was only an hour away (in decent weather) to watch games…and they were always on TV (CBC). Even though I have lived here for over 20 years; they are still my favorite regardless of their record. I have been to hockey games in various cities…and must say, Philly is somewhat — entertaining. My husband likes to say we went to a fight and a hockey game broke out…eh!

  • Chase

    The best was the Mike Milbury reference


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