• Internet Troll

    Hey, that’s my house!

    • TinaLovesARL

      I can only imagine what you pay in property taxes…

  • CW


    A nice little one of these opened up in the brick sidewalk in court house right where 15th splits off from clarendon blvd. About 2 feet across and 2 feet deep. We’ll be getting lots of these as things dry out and warm up.

  • BallstonDude

    Report it. They’ll get around sometime… maybe before next winter!

  • charlie

    this grate in the street has been the worst one in the world for years. it has never been properly anything.

  • MIchael H.

    Report it using this form:

    I’ve reported other potholes before. The serious ones are usually taken care of pretty quickly. I would report this one myself but I don’t know the exact location and description of the surrounding area. You have to post the exact street address in the form.

  • Ben

    Those bumps there are horrible. They need to fix that whole section of the street.

  • Thank you for posting the Pothole Report form, Michael. I have reported it to my colleagues in the Water Sewer Streets Bureau, as well. You can also call our customer service center at 703-228-6570 to report potholes. We strive to repair potholes within 72 hours of the report, weather permitting.

    Department of Environmental Services

  • Crews have marked the pothole to warn passing cyclists and motorists. This particular pothole presents a different challenge than most and requires more than a standard patch. Crews are assessing the best solution and expect to begin making repairs within a week.


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