Cava in Clarendon Shooting for May Opening

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Cava, an upscale Greek restaurant that’s coming to the 2900 block of Clarendon Boulevard, is hoping to open its doors in early May.

Owner Ted Xenohristos says construction is underway on the 4,000 square foot restaurant, which will be Cava’s third location in the D.C. area. Last July, Xenohristos told the Washington Business Journal that he was excited about the prospect of opening a restaurant in Clarendon.

“It’s like a little city over there,” he said.

  • John

    I have eaten at the CAVA restaurant on Capitol Hill. It is good but certainly not “upscale.” Their humus is avaibale at Whole Foods.

    • Only the prices will be upscale.

  • CW

    How many articles like this have been published? Not blaming the messenger (for publishing the articles), but just saying that, my god, the lead-up to opening this place has been ridiculous!

    They were at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show last November hawking their hummus. It was pretty good.

  • JamesE

    I would like a lowscale gyro stand please

    • Southeast Jerome

      you can get a good gyro over at that place off 50 and Pershing where they are doing the construction…. I cant remember the name of it now for some reason.

      • AllenB
        • CW

          Yes, very highly rated and I’ve never made it out there! Thanks for mentioning it – I need to go soon.

        • Radar


        • Interpol

          I had dinner at Astor last night! I love it and the owner is great. One of the women who works there ALWAYS has an attitude (not sure what her problem is), but everything else about Astor is great.

        • JamesE

          Apparently upper crust gourmet has them as well, and falafels. I live right next door and never knew I’m retarded.

          • borf

            Jeez, two “retardeds” in one day. Please lay off that term.

          • dont be a rere

        • Mike

          Agreed. They make a fantastic gyro. The rest of their food is pretty great too.

        • Oooh

          Thanks for the tip! So nearby yet I’ve never spotted it. Looking forward to trying it out.

        • AllenB

          Just FYI – the pizza’s are pretty good too. Definitely big enough for 2 or more.

  • TuesdaysChild

    Anything that does not serve burgers and show sports on TV constantly is “upscale.”

  • LyonSteve

    I quickly read the headline and thought there was a shooting in Clarendon.

    • Donna

      Me too.

      My cynical side says that “clarendon shooting” was supposed to get us to click.

    • CW


      My god, I thought I was the only one that saw that too! Seriously…

    • BCR

      And then I wondered, who is this Cava dude and why did he decide to shoot people in Clarendon? Negative thoughts…

  • Jenny-Bear

    The casual “Cava” here in Bethesda is AMAZING. It’s like the Mediterranean version of Chipotle, but better. Very good for a quick bite.

    • CrystalMikey

      Hmmm…now that statement makes me want to try it out.

    • CW

      Eh…if you said it was the mediterranean version of Baja Fresh, then you would be onto something in my book.

      • JamesE

        It’s like the Mediterranean version of taco bell.

        • CW

          Oh my god…I’m leaving work early to go…

    • JASDCA

      The Cava in Bethesda you’re referring to is Cava Mezze. This Cava is going to the more upscale sit down version of the restaurant (they also have locations on the Hill and in Rockville).

  • KM

    Describing something as a version of “GIGANTIC CHAIN X” does not exactly make me want to run out for mass-produced mediterranean factory food.

    • Maria

      God forbid anyone just try to enjoy something in life instead of worry about whether it’s from a chain or not. Sheesh. Not all chains are run by the devil, for goodness sake.

      • Maria


  • Scott

    This is the longest restaurant build out in the history of the world. The entire Clarendon Center project across the street was built in less time than it is taking to open this 4,000 square foot restaurant.

    • JamesE

      Rustico took a pretty long time

    • david

      When I moved into Station Square in 2006 we were told that a restaurant was coming soon. Nice to see that 5 years later something is actually moving into the space. I’m curious if they’re going to use the outdoor courtyard and how the neighbors with balconies 10 feet off the courtyard feel about that.

  • Umm

    Wow! A non-pizza/burger/cupcake/thai/irish bar restaurant in Clarendon?!? I give it 6 months(!) (<= Sarcasm)

    • Suburban Not Urban

      +1 Sarcasm noted

  • GinoTheGinny

    Former NYer here, where are the damn DELIs? We need a real deli in Clarendon, not the Italian Store. Somewhere that’s open at the ass crack of dawn for greasy good egg sandwiches and fresh bagels/rolls. Then come back for lunch and get hot coldcut subs, soups, muffins, potato salad, whatever your fancy. Whatever you want, they can probably make it. That’s the one thing about this area that sucks, other than all the brown flip-flops. My armpits smell like garlic.

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