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by ARLnow.com March 28, 2011 at 6:00 am 3,872 50 Comments

H-B Woodlawn Student Wins Arlington Idol — We have a new Arlington Idol. H-B Woodlawn junior Mary Shields (above) placed first at the annual singing competition Thursday night. Watch her winning performance here. Shields will now perform at a July 8 summer concert at Washington-Lee High School. [Arlington Public Schools]

Discussion of Pike/Glebe Development Tonight — Arlington’s site plan review commission will discuss early plans for a mixed used development at the Rosenthal auto dealership site at Columbia Pike and South Glebe Road tonight. The development plan calls for ground floor retail space, 259 residential units and 44 town homes. The meeting is open to the public. [Pike Wire]

Donations for Employee Injured in Brawl — The Hyatt Regency Crystal City hotel is accepting donations for an employee who was seriously injured during a brawl at the 2011 DMV Music Awards. Antonio Illanes was hit with a bottle and lost sight in his left eye. He has had to endure several operations since the March 6 incident. [TBD]

Dogs on Display at AWLA — The Animal Welfare League of Arlington has set up a small animal viewing area in its lobby to encourage the adoption of animals that have had a hard time finding a home. [Sun Gazette]

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  • BigSpender

    Prepare to pay top dollar for one of those 44 townhomes..

  • Rick

    I’m sure that will do wonders for traffic

  • charlie

    didn’t AWLA just bring in a bunch of dogs from another shelter?

    • CadeTyler

      They do that on practically a weekly basis.

      • charlie

        I thought so. So why are these dogs “hard to adopt”? Because we keep importing other dogs and the competition is too fierce? Shouldn’t we take care of our own dogs before bringing others in? Or are the dogs being imported the ones that were hard to adopt elsewhere and now they are our problem? Trying to balance out the supply and demand issue on this one.

        • Tabby

          “Hard to adopt” can mean a lot of things. Too big for an apartment, too barky for an apartment or townhome, not good with kids, pulls at the leash/hard to walk, etc. I saw a little terrier there who had five applications in for him, while a lot of larger dogs (particularly pit bull mixes) were less popular.

          • PikeHoo

            As an owner of two adopted pit bull mixes from Lost Dog in Arlington, I would highly recommend giving the breed a chance as they are wonderful, loving family dogs when they are taken care of by RESPONSIBLE owners.

  • charlie

    Glad to see that Ballston-ing the Pike is coming along well.

  • SoCo Resident

    The Hyatt Crystal City should be paying the full medical, loss of income and all others costs associated with the loss of sight of its employee, Antonio Illanes, during the DMV riot of 2011. They are accepting donations instead of responsibility! The Hyatt was fully responsible because a.) they allowed the venue in the first place, 2.) had totally inadequate security and 3.) allowed projectile-bottles. Has there been even one arrest in this riot which required the prescence of every single Arlington police car? The Hyatt Corporation should be ashamed of itself for not taking excellent care of its employee. BOYCOTT HYATT!

    • f that

      If anyone should pay, DMV should. Since when are hotels reasonably expected not to provide “projectiles” at awards shows? What about butter knives, are those weapons? Get real.

    • Burger

      Hyatt could be doing all of the things you state should they not accept donations for him in addition to their support. The article makes no such accustations and you are jumping to conclusions.

      If he is unable to work because he is in the hospital recovering there could be other expenses occurring. For instance, maybe he has a child that needs to be cared for but his wife works or is supporting someone that needs elder care. those are costs not usually borne by Hyatt in a worker’s comp case. Disability payments only go so far.

    • Arlwhenever

      Employees get workers’ compensation payments — a no-fault system that pays medical expenses plus allowances for lost time at work and permanent disabilities. While incapacitated in Virginia an employee receives two-thirds of his/her average pay. Under the Virginia law loss of an eye is compensated for by a lump sum payment equal to two-thirds of 100 weeks average pay. All payments received through workers compensation are exempt from federal tax. The employee’s only remedy against the employer is through the workers compensation system.

      • shirley

        Nice in theory. File workers Comp and you get fired. Sure then you can sue. But that is because YOU know you can. Many of these workers in service jobs are not protected by unions, don’t know their rights, and, quite frankly, get intimidated.
        even in my white collar job i was told to NOT file a workers comp claim. I said I would do that only if the company paid all my expenses. They RELUCTANTLY did, but only because I insisted.
        So in theory, great, but not sure in practice it work for this person.

    • CW

      Why doesn’t he just sue the actual perpetrator?

      • borf

        It was a riot in a room full of people. Likely nobody knows who the perpetrator was.

        FYI, video of part of the fight – starts at about 1 1/2 minutes in:


      • The Dope of South Arlington

        You can’t get blood from a ghetto turnip.

  • SoCo Resident: I couldn’t agree more. I hope there’s attorney out there that’s calling Mr. Illanes right now…

  • Dr. Dremos 4 the PIKE!

    Bring Dr. Dremos to the Pike! Oh and Rick, yes, this will do wonders for the pike dispite your sarcasm. Considering there will essentially be a metro-esque train running to the metro come 2016. Build, build, build on the Pike Pike Pike… but bring Dr. Dremos first to CoPi+WaReed. http://www.piketransit.com/downloads/METRO_PIKERIDE.pdf

    • KalashniKEV

      And by “Metro-esque” you mean very similar to the Bonde streetcar that runs through the slums of Rio…

      • CW

        Well, when you describe it that way it sounds BETTER than metro!!

        • KalashniKEV

          You would have to mount a crew served weapon on that streetcar to safely travel west on Columbia Pike. You literally risk your life every time you head that way after dark…

          • mehoo

            You really need to get therapy for all this paranoia and anger.

          • KalashniKEV

            It’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you! 😉

          • John Snyder

            Simple solution: stay away from the Pike. You won’t be missed.

          • Slums

            That’s how I feel about slummy Courthouse. Between being constantly berated by bums, having a bike stolen from Courthouse last weekend and traversing the low income, aging tenements between 50 and Clarendon Blvd., it’s a horrible experience.

          • mehoo

            Life is sooooo hard when you live in the 9th richest county in the nation.

          • KalashniKEV

            The rotting bungalows will all be demolished in time. As far as the bums, please ask the County Board WHY oh, why would they invite vagrants into our communities and lavish them with year round accommodadtion, including registered “VIOLENT SEX OFFENDERS” (no joke!). A-SPAN needs to be shut down immediately and we need to start enforcing the LAW in Arlington, not just tax enforcement and making sure all the stickers are the right color and up to date.

          • KalashniKEV


          • mehoo

            They’ll be much better sleeping on your front stoop instead.

  • PikeHoo

    I’m thrilled that the car dealership is going to be developed into something new, but the creation of an 11th street isn’t necessarily a good thing.

    • FrenchyB

      That new stretch of 11th Street between Monroe & Glebe is probably necessary for entry/exit to both the larger building and the townhouses. Putting entrances to the parking garage directly on Glebe or Columbia would be a disaster.

      • PikeHoo

        Yeah, I think you are right. Hopefully, the county will get a handle on speed abatement on Monroe and maybe zone Douglas Park street parking.

        • FrenchyB

          I do see your point about cut-through use and speeding below (and see plenty of it on S. Barton every day). Maybe adding a three-way stop at 12th Street would help.

  • Dr. Dremos 4 the PIKE!

    PikeHoo, why is 11th street bad?

    • Josh S

      Yeah, I’d like to know the answer to that, too.

      Also, is the Idol winner performing with the Army band? What’s with the camos and combat boots?

      • ArlMama

        From the APS web site:
        H-B Woodlawn Student Wins Arlington Idol

        After multiple rehearsals and four school-wide concerts, H-B Woodlawn junior Mary Shields won the third annual Arlington Idol pop/vocal competition. She performed Carrie Underwood’s Cowboy Cassanova.

        Shields competed against Danyele Greenfield from Wakefield, Abir Haronni from Washington-Lee, and Kate Mountain from Yorktown while performing with the U.S. Army’s rock band “Downrange.”

        Arlington Idol is a unique partnership between APS and the U.S. Army Band. Finalists were selected at the school level. Leading up to the final concert, U.S. Army Band members coached the finalists during rehearsals.

        Audience members and those watching on TV and online chose the winner via text messaging.

        Shields will perform with “Downrange” during the band’s July 7 Music in the Parks concert at Frying Pan Farm Park in Herndon and their July 8 Summer Concert at Washington-Lee High School. For more information, call 703-228-6004.

    • PikeHoo

      My primary issue is the increased amount of speeding vehicles on Monroe Street, south of Columbia Pike. Monroe already seems to be used as a cut through for people coming off Glebe and it appears that many MANY cars speed up and down it. It doesn’t have any real speed abatement measures like the section of Monroe north of Columbia Pike. I figure that another feeder from Glebe to Monroe via the 11th street proposal is only going to make things worse. Other than that, I welcome the redevelopment and think it’s great for Douglas Park.

      • Bringmetheyuppies

        There are speed humps on monroe from the pike to 16th.

        • PikeHoo

          There are zero between 12th and Columbia Pike and the two existing ones near Monroe Park do very little to slow people down.

          I saw an SUV doing probably around 45-50 this morning.

  • 1234

    This redevelopment is welcome news, including the 11th St. extension/reclamation from Rosenthal. I’m curious what the plan is for the Rosenthal property on the East side of Glebe which includes all of the property surrounding the Exxon station as well as the vacant lot on 12th and Glebe.

    • PikeHoo

      Now that would be a great parcel to redevelop. What an eyesore!

  • DT

    I guess “mixed use” is the new term for “maximum tax benefit” for the county.

    • Arlwhenever

      True but new car dealership is a cash cow for the County — real estates taxes plus business personal property tax on entire inventory and sales tax on beaucoup auto repair bills. Dealership is all tax revenues and no services/expense, unlike residents. This development will likely be a net loser for County coffers.

      • Jezebel

        Hey Arlwhenever (Jim, is that you?), here is some contrary information on your simple thought of land as a cash cow vs. net loser from development. The large (~2 acre) site of the Rosenthal dealership has a total assessed value of about $4 million a year. Its basically land. A similar (1.5 acre) site gone vertical in development on a similar corner (The Halstead @ Columbia Pike and Walter Reed) is assessed at about $90 million. Tell me where the cash cow is now.

        • Arlwhenever

          The Rosenthal site is only going up six stories max so its potential compared the Halstead is more in the $50 to $60 million dollar range and likely closer to $50 million since it is further out and has lesser nearby amenities.

          At $50 million and the 2011 tax rate of .00958 a residential development at the Rosenthal site would generate $479,000 in real property tax revenue.

          The Rosenthal site is actually four parcels which collectively are assessed at $8.4 or about double what you claimed. At $8.4 million and a 2011 commercial property rate of .01083 the Rosenthal tracts generates $153,000 in real property tax revenue.

          Rosenthal also pays 5 percent tax on its personal property, which I’d guess includes about 200 cars – cars which just sit there and don’t put any demand on the road system. At $30K average per vehicle that is $300,000 in personal property tax revenue, not including 5 percent taxes applied millions more in business equipment and inventories. At an assumed150 vehicles repaired/serviced per day, assuming $350 charged per vehicle, and Arlington’s one percent sales tax cut, that’s another $130,000 in tax revenue (vacant storefronts don’t produce sales tax revenue).

          The grand total for Rosenthal is $584,000 vs. $479,000 for the new development. On the expense side car dealerships don’t require schools and teachers (the lion’s share of ARLCO’s budget) and don’t require social services. Nor do car dealerships require a $160 million trolley investment on Columbia Pike.

          I hate to get factual, but the net financial impact of Rosenthal as a car dealership vs. the redeveloped site favors the car dealership clearly.

          I’ve never actually met Jim, but I will be happy to say Hi to him on you behalf if I ever do.

          • John Snyder

            You think being one streetcar stop further away from DC cuts the property value in half? And you think an apartment building with over 300 parking spaces has no cars? That retail stores take in no sales tax? And that the 30 or so additional APS students will require tens of millions per year to educate? Yes, you do hate to be factual. If you really think car dealerships are the key to a better community, why don’t we tear down your neighborhood and make it the Arlington Auto Mart?

          • PikeHoo


            I had no idea that counties made so much money off of car dealerships! We should build more. I’m surprised Route 1 in Woodbridge isn’t just like Beverly Hills.

  • Arlington, Northside

    So where should I take my Jeep for warranty repairs if there are town homes in the way?

    • RKrafft

      Lobby for car dealers where you live.

      • Arlington, Northside

        Why? We already have the dealers in the County in which I live and pay my fair share of property and sales taxes. What is with the major changes to the zoning and commercial development that exists? I think it is nice to have the new auto dealers that have survived and stuck around in Arlington. I remember even when we had a Motorcycle dealership in Ballston.


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