For Lease: Former Quiznos Storefront in Clarendon

by ARLnow.com March 31, 2011 at 1:00 pm 2,361 42 Comments

It’s not the highest foot traffic area, but this retail storefront in the Reserve at Clarendon Center building (3000 North Washington Boulevard) is now for lease.

The space used to house a Quiznos restaurant, which in September was replaced by a homegrown sandwich shop called Ganges Grill and Ice Cream. Ganges, which was plagued with problems from the start, did not last very long, and now the storefront is up for lease.

We hear that the rent is about $4,000 per month.

  • Eat more beer.

    Dr. DREMOS!

    • LP


    • R0bespierre

      Dremo “Express” branch

  • cupcakes

    A cupcake shop? I hear there are a shortage of those in the area

  • ClizzleDizzle

    We need a gun/liquor/check cashing drive through.

    • NPGMBR

      Thats what I call a revolutionary idea!

    • PghBigDog

      <> we’re talkin’!

  • Southeast Jerome

    yeah really. the 2 that we have in arlington is really creating a glut.

    • Southeast Jerome

      my comment above was meant to be for the cupcake shop reference.

      • Clarificator

        Thanks for clarifying.

        • Josh S

          That sh*t’s funny!

  • cupcakes

    soon to be 3 with Red Velvet… unless something has changed

    • Southeast Jerome

      3 whole cupcake/bake shops for arlington!?!?!?!?!

      This joke has gone a bit too far

      • cupcakes

        someone’s grouchy… maybe you need a cupcake to cheer you up

        • RosRes

          This a VERY tired joke. Same goes for the pizza / burger comments… New material please!!

          • Overgrown Bush

            Should be a Dr. Dremcakes!

          • brendan


          • V Dizzle

            Ok, how about a Planned Parenthood? That would be sweeet.

          • That would give the new bomb disposal truck something to do.

        • Southeast Jerome

          with a slice of “gourmet” pizza, please

  • Black Flag

    Flip Flop/Cupcake/pizza place with condos built on top

  • SoCo Resident

    In September 2010, two former Quiznos employees attempted to open “Ganges Sandwich and Ice Cream.” The worth-reading original ARLNOW review (9/17/10) was hysterical but kindly stopped short of saying this place isn’t going to last weeks. But, with all the people who would like to go into businees, how do those with such an obvious lack of business/customer savy get loans, leases etc.?

    • Ha, my comments (as Katie) were funny.

    • wat

      no such thing as SoCo
      it’s Lyon Park

      • wat

        and it’s part of clarendon, not C-H or Clarendon-CH (yes there is a separate neighborhood called Clarendon-Courthouse)

  • Tre

    Taco… Bell… someone put up the $1 million franchise fee and I’ll promise to buy mexican pizza’s by the dozen on a weekly basis.

    • Tre

      If not the bell… then a Dunkin Donuts would do wonders too. Lee Highway is too far.

      • Southeast Jerome

        yea a DD would be awesome

  • Clarendon

    How much space is it ? Hopefully we are getting to the point where some of these locations will lower their per sq ft asking price to 10 – 20 bucks and start attracting some of those family run, and ultra tasty ethnic restaurants. Really, a great Thai restaurant like Thai Square would gain a loyal following and the landlord would have a long-term tenant.

  • Chef D

    Fo sho. this is most underserved area. Should pimp that joint with a tat parlor or KFC. Aint enuf bling and shizzle in the R-B coridizzer. Blam.

  • KalashniKEV

    EEEEEwww…. Ganges??? Seriously?

    • Southeast Jerome

      Ganges sounds like a disease that you would get in the amazon or something

      • Apu

        Yeah – or in India!

      • KalashniKEV

        Ganges is a river in India filled with industrial pollutants, partially cremated human remains, and all manner of excrement. It is the most polluted river on the planet. Indian people bathe in it.

        “The water there contains 60,000 faecal coliform bacteria per 100 ml, 120 times the official limit of 500 faecal coliforms/100ml that is not considered safe for bathing”
        Enough of a single, powerful antibiotic was being spewed into one stream each day to treat every person in a city of 90,000.

        “…and it wasn’t just ciprofloxacin being detected. The supposedly cleaned water was a floating medicine cabinet- a soup of 21 different active pharmaceutical ingredients, used in generics for treatment of hypertension, heart disease, chronic liver ailments, depression, gonorrhea, ulcers and other ailments. Half of the drugs measured at the highest levels of pharmaceuticals ever detected in the environment, researchers say.”

        • KalashniKEV

          It can cure you and make you sick at the same time!!!

  • Chef D

    Ups to South-J. Rizzle. Ganges = dope, Ganges = bloods and crips, Ganges = narsty river ain’t nobody wansta be eatin, yo.

    • Tre


  • Chef D

    tre my boy. whearz the love. I thot u had my back.

  • Duh

    Duh. So much for Smart Growth Arlington, being run and ruined by Urban Village Idiot-in-Chief, Chris Zimmerman.

    • AllenB

      Ummm… how is a poorly named and run deli going out of business Chris Zimmerman’s fault?

      • NotChrisZimmerman

        You expect rational comments? This is the Internet, dude.

        • AllenB

          My bad.


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