Unregistered Tour Buses Seized by Police

by ARLnow.com April 8, 2011 at 2:47 pm 3,094 39 Comments

Police impounded five unregistered tour buses at Arlington National Cemetery on Wednesday.

The Hartford Courant reports that the buses, which took 250 eighth-graders from Connecticut to D.C. for a school trip, were operating without insurance or registration. One of the buses had a pair of bald tires, according to the paper.

The buses were impounded in the cemetery’s parking lot by U.S. Park Police and Arlington County police. School officials were eventually able to find other buses to pick the stranded students up from the cemetery.

File photo

  • John Goilios

    Watch your use of file photos. I doubt Quicks bus service was involved today…

    • Westover


    • Thus why we noted it was a file photo.

      • PCity

        +1 to the disclaimer!

      • John Goilios

        I appreciate the use of the file photo. I don’t know what a bus looks like.

        • Rick

          Don’t be salty you got owned by the editor

          • CrystalMikey


        • Sue


          • Rick


            You hit the wrong “reply” link. You’re endorsing the wrong zing.


        • Dan

          “I appreciate the use of the file photo. I don’t know what a bus looks like.”

          You should have attended the bus class given by the county..

          • The one held at the Artisphere?

  • JamesE

    Could have done some sweet drifting with those bald tires

  • GMo

    Scary. Can you imagine if one of those had a double blowout at 65mph on I-95?

    Won’t somebody please think of the children??!!

    • Me

      They do a lot more than 65 on I-270 around Urbana and weave in-and-out of traffic, too.

  • jar

    In the bus company’s defense, they didn’t think the U.S. Park Police would be operating this weekend

    • FFX CO

      The Cemetery would have been closed too.

  • nance

    Connecticut news is reporting that the company was ABC “Affordable Bus Charters”

    • Novanglus

      …and that the kids were brought home by DATTCO.

      Yay. I group near there and all our far-away field trips were on DATTCO buses. (“This one time? on the way to band camp? …”) Always registered, always safe.

      • R.Griffon

        I was always partial to their sister company that operates the Arlington Shuttle Service – DATASS.

    • borf

      Nah, they got home on MEBSBYGWYPFDBLI – More Expensive But Safer, Because You Get What You Pay For, Dumbass! Bus Lines Inc.

      • Aaron

        But seriously they went home on DATTCO the media reports

        • borf

          Thanks for clarifying – Some people might think I was serious.

        • Nick C.

          Was that last guy serious?

  • LP

    It was Wednesday. Government has been open all week!

    • jar

      wow, take things literally much

    • borf

      Grow a sense of humor, LP.

  • I’m just glad the kids are all safe. This could have been tragic.

    • CW

      Please everybody…

  • Chino Bus

    These chino buses are terrible your better off walking than leasing one of these death mobiles.

  • Blur

    With these sleazy, fly-by-night tour bus companies I imagine that registration is more the exception than the rule. Good catch!

  • Steve

    I was the owner of storm tour company operating out of OKC. Of the 12 or so storm tour companies out there, we were the ONLY one to operate completely insured, inspected and permitted by the USDOT. But you would not believe the fly by night guys out there in 18 passenger vans without insurance and permits. You see them out west every year with the vans totally loaded to the gills, flying up the highways at 80 mph. Its only a matter of time before a couple dozen people get killed in this fashion. Im also a certified motor coach operator, licensed to operate a 60 passenger coach. I see these coaches operating on the interstates all the time with bald tires, and in dire need of repair. Be sure you know who you are contracting with, and ask for certs and proof of insurance when looking for a tour operator.

    • Me

      Thanks for the advice. I dread going on these things because I haven’t known how to verify their safety.

  • Set_the_Controls

    I’ve ridden vans like that in Africa plenty. Lots of Hail Mary’s.

    • borf

      I doubt the ones in Africa were nearly as safe as the ones we consider unsafe.

  • SouthArlJD

    Thank goodness the Congressional GOP delegation is steering us toward a complete shutdown in its quest for defunding of bad, messy lady medicine. With the oppressive federal gubmint shut down we won’t have to worry about poor, hard-working, Murrican bus entrepreneurs having their buses seized by greedy over-regulating gubmint fascists. Come next week they’ll be able to operate with impunity. Yay!

  • Arlington Officer

    I wasn’t there for this incident but one correction to your story – the buses were not “seized” but impounded. When the police seize vehicles, e.g. vehicles used in street racing or drug distribution, they become the permanent property of the police. When vehicles are taken for other reasons (like the driver being arrested or the vehicle not being registered, etc.) the vehicles are simply impounded and can be recovered by the owners later.

    • Thanks, I’ll change the wording.

      • dan

        hi there the title still says seized not trying to nitpick but

  • Steve

    In this case, siezed may very well be the proper word. These are not traffic charges, these are criminal charges. I know of an unlicensed coach operator sitting in jail right this minute for the same violations. The chances of them getting these coaches back is slim.


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