As we all know, signs are generally frowned upon in Arlington County. That’s why it takes a 22-page staff analysis and a vote by the county board to put some banners up around a construction fence.

But is part of the solution to the attendance woes at Artisphere are few prominently-placed signs telling people where it is?

Doug Galbi of the Ode Street Tribune thinks so. In a blog post entitled “Artisphere needs more signs,” Galbi says that many Rosslyn visitors may be unaware that the multi-million dollar cultural center even exists.

“Artisphere’s large revenue and visitor shortfall may be due in large part to lack of public awareness,” he writes. “Persons traveling through the busy intersection of Wilson Blvd. and Lynn St. could easily be unaware that they are less than 100 yards from the DC-area’s most inviting arts venue.”

Galbi suggests that signs pointing to Artisphere could be added to the Central Space to Central Space public square, across from the Rosslyn Metro. What do you think?

Flickr pool photo by Afagen


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