The cannons that woke up half of South Arlington Thursday morning have apparently been moved — to face the District.

Yesterday, our District-based reverse chronological publishing counterpart DCist went on a very familiar-sounding quest to find the source of loud, early morning booming noises that roused the fair residents of D.C. from their slumber. Of course, they immediately started blaming Arlington.

First they called an Arlington County spokesperson to ask if the noise came from blasting at the Rosslyn Metro station.

“We didn’t blast today,” was the reply.

Then they started eying other projects around Rosslyn — which, to D.C. residents accustomed to low-slung block-long buildings, is a place of wonder and possibility. They asked if construction at 1812 North Moore Street — destined to be the area’s tallest building — might be behind the racket. No, the workers there don’t start that early, they were told.

Perhaps the sound was actually the beginning of the “Great Battle of Clarendon” along the “Orange Line front.” But, in the end, Gen. Curtis Bikey Dogpark seemed to be an unreliable source.

Finally, the DCist big wigs took note of commenters who linked to our article, “Mystery Solved: Military Was Firing Cannons This Morning.” The noise, it seemed, was from the very same Presidential Salute Battery that woke up residents of Pentagon City, Aurora Highlands, Foxcroft Heights and Columbia Heights last week.

“Yes the Old Guard was doing a training mission,” an Arlington National Cemetery spokesman told DCist. Mystery solved, indeed.


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