Kitchen Fire at Ireland’s Four Courts

by ARLnow.com April 20, 2011 at 10:19 am 5,091 31 Comments

Arlington firefighters are on the scene of a “significant” grease fire at Ireland’s Four Courts (2051 Wilson Boulevard) in Courthouse.

The fire started in the kitchen and produced a lot of smoke, but was quickly extinguished once firefighters made their way into the building. Fire damage should be confined to the kitchen, but there may be some smoke damage and a few broken windows elsewhere in the pub.

Police shut down Wilson Boulevard at N. Rhodes Street during the incident to allow fire equipment to position itself around the building.

Photo courtesy @MixMasterZano

  • CW

    Is four courts open for breakfast?

    • OX4

      I ate breakfast there once. Once.

  • BrownFlipFlops

    Hah! …but the Saval food service truck is still double-parked out front. Classic.

    • CW

      Tow that sh*t!

      Also, the grease fire must have been quite “significant” indeed seeing as to how ACFD apparently took it upon themselves to hose down the entire roof with the ladder truck…or is that standard operating procedure (I don’t know anything about firefighting)?

      • Aaron

        Heat rises?

      • Nooner

        The water on the roof is likely residual water left there from the recent storms. Look like they need to get someone to look at their drains. The ladder doesn’t have a supply established so it was likely used for people and equipment to the roof and not flow water. Another indicator of no master stream use is that there is a handline in the front door and this small of a fire would not warrant master stream use.

        • CW

          Ok, thanks. Although it seems strange that none of the other roofs are that wet. Also, there is a hydrant in from of California Tortilla (http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=38.891354,-77.083699&spn=0,0.00567&z=18&layer=c&cbll=38.891611,-77.084492&panoid=jlMdCucv8IKVhxvssKzoxA&cbp=12,48.78,,0,17.8). It’s obscured by the truck in the picture. Couldn’t the ladder truck have been hooked up to that?

          Just curious. I did not know what the protocol was for when an internal fire would or would not warrant hosing down the roof and other surfaces to inhibit the spread of the fire.

          • The hydrant in front of Cal Tor was not functioning.

          • CW

            1) Excellent reporting.

            2) Scary thought!! Did they know that beforehand or just find out in the heat of the moment? I’ve not seen one of those out of order hydrant bags over it.

          • Thanks. I think they found out during the incident.

          • CW

            Hmm. Hope that’s not a common thing.

          • FireMarshallBill

            wrong information ArlNow. They always “lay out” supply hose from a hydrant on the way in. In this case, that was the primary one used down past Guarpo. A later arriving engine picked up the hydrant @ Cal Tortilla, it works fine.

          • They called in for maintenance on the hydrant, what exactly is incorrect?

          • FireMarshallBill

            It had a solid charge of water supplying another Engine company when they hooked up to it. It seemed to work fine.

          • FireMarshallBill

            it was still working, just a leak in the main below seeping up to street level.

    • Daniel

      Actually that’s a legal, metered spot….for now.

  • Rick

    You’re not supposed to use water on a grease fire to begin with..

  • spooner

    NOOOOOOOO! Save the Guinness!

  • Ground level! LOL

  • Jason S.

    TNR is safe, my lunch will proceed as planned.

  • j street

    The water on the roof is definitely from the rain. It sits on that flat roof after every rainfall. I can see if from my office. It was interesting that the fire trucks could not go to the back of the building because of the cars parked along the side of California Tortilla near their outdoor patio. That should definitely be a fire lane.

    • Mac

      it should be a pizza hut buffet again is what it should be

  • Foodie

    Maybe a Cupcake\Burger\Pizza\FrozenYogurt shop can open there now.

  • j street

    The release is correct to say that it was a “significant” fire. However, the sign on the door at Four Courts stated that it was closed today due to a “small” grease fire. That is clearly BS.

  • SouthArlJD

    I turned from 15th Street to North Courthouse to get to an appointment and was practically run over by a firetruck, one of several, that raced to the scene. There was a lot of smoke pouring out of the roof, so it must have been one of those “really smoky small fires” one hears about. Anyway, the FD had an impressive, quick response. Looks like someone’s got some splainin to do about how so much grease accumulated wherever it was that it caught fire when someone fired up the grill or stove.

    • Arlington, Northside

      Grease fires produce a lot of dark smoke for the amount of material burnt. I could see how this was far smaller than it appeared to be.

    • CW

      You must never eat there if you’re surprised about the amount of grease that they had on hand…

  • Arlington firefighters done a magnificent job to make the fire down at Ireland’s Four Courts (2051 Wilson Boulevard) in Courthouse. It is very difficult job especially to make the fire gone from kitchen due to the fact that in Kitchen Cabinets Oakville a lot of grocery stuff is laying.

    • me

      I would say this is spam, but it’s no less intelligent than some of the other posts on here.

  • CW

    Can’t seem to find anything online regarding a damage estimate, and I’ve not had the chance to walk by. Did any further information become available?

  • DC

    Just Back from Happy Hour at the Four Courts, limited menu but great happy hour. Its good to see it open again.


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