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High Pollen Levels Leave Cars Covered

by ARLnow.com April 21, 2011 at 2:39 pm 5,269 40 Comments

As The Weather Channel and anyone with seasonal allergies can tell you, the pollen level in the D.C. area right now is very high.

It’s something of an annual spring rite of passage — tree pollen levels rise as temperatures get warmer, allergy sufferers start suffering, and everything gets covered with a fine, lime green layer of a tree’s reproductive cells.

In particular, cars — especially cars parked under trees — are prone to becoming covered. Perhaps that’s why, at 2:30 p.m., there are long lines at the Mr. Wash car wash at 101 N. Glebe Road.

  • Thes

    Mr. Wash is closed on Sundays. Does anyone know where the next closest car wash is? Are there ANY others left in Arlington?

    • South Arlington

      David’s Car Wash on 4 Mile Run by the DMV has always done a really good job for a $15-20 wash.

    • re: car washes

      I’ve been to Mr. Wash on Sundays – and the website says they’re open, albeit only until 3:15pm: http://www.mrwash.com/locations.html

    • shirley

      they’ve all been kicked-out by the yuppy-growth policies.
      but until the very last one is gone,
      you can find one in Clarendon-Courthouse at the Exxon at 1824 Wilson;
      in the under-zoned East Falls CHurch area at the Exxon at 6730 lee Hwy
      or on Arlington’s street-car-free-zone called Columbia Pike at the Exxon at Glebe
      near the illegal dog park sign on Four Mile RUn is david’ car wash and Car Spa.
      numerous detailers who will come to your house and not pay businesses taxes
      and those of us who are fortunate enough to be in the military can go on base at Ft. Myers.
      a simple google search for Arlington, Virginia Car Wash makes it all possible

      • notahoo

        I, in all sincerity, hope you are not this nasty in real life.

        Happy Easter from someone who moved to Arlington because it is really nice and has great schools, but did know that many long time residents apparently have a thing for used car lots and car washes.

        • shirley

          not at all. i just say stuff so ARLNOW can increase its comment “count”. And, i’m writing a major research paper on how people respond to blog and blog postings. All funded by important government-type grants.

      • South Arlington

        So there’s 6 including Mr. Wash in a not so huge area? It really doesn’t seem like the “yuppy growth policies” have caused us to be hurting for car washes.

      • Maria

        Sometimes it’s easier to get advice about what businesses are around or are good from actual people. Google isn’t always the answer.

      • Kirk

        FYI, if you have a minivan (or an SUV, I imagine), the one at the Exxon on Wilson will not get the rear hatch area clean.

      • Rick

        The one at the “new” 7-11/exxon is NEVER open. New owner doesn’t appear to care about the car wash business. He operates the 7-11/exxon in mclean with another non-working car wash

    • wat

      There is a drive through one at the gas station next to Ballston Mall. Nelson St.?

      Are there any anywhere in the DC metro region that have DIY ones where you gotta fight the timer?

      • LyonSteve

        Closed. At least the one on the N Randolph St side.

        • wat

          ah, yeh Randolph St.

          Oh well I tried.

          You can always do it the old school way, bucket+soap+water+sponge. Gets much cleaner anyway

  • JamesE

    I wish there were more and by more I mean at least one self service wash in this area.

    • Kevin

      I believe the BP station at Walter Reed/Four Mile run has a self service wash station

  • brendan

    what’s the point? this time of year your car will be re-pollinated within a day or two. maybe a $6 machine wash if things are particularly bad but $20 on something that’ll make your car look unique for 24 hours doesn’t sound like a worthwhile investment.

    • The Pikester

      Just find a garden hose and hose it down. It will be covered again in 6 hours.

  • Chad

    “tree’s reproductive cells”

    Naughty, naughty.

  • CW

    I just wish I had a driveway so I could do my own car care.

    • Lou

      Or a garage and you would not have to worry about pollen.

      • The Pikester

        Unless you actually drive the car.

        • Lou

          I pick up very little pollen just driving around. Nothing compared to your car just sitting still outside. Even a carport makes a huge difference.

      • CW

        (Car’s garaged 24/7 when I’m not using it. In still gets dirty from the driving part, ya know?)

  • LyonSteve

    I wouldn’t take my car to Mr Car Wash… but that’s just me.

    As said above, there really aren’t’ many convenient car wash options (self serve, not attendant required) in Arlington.

  • steve

    OMG! ban trees! Think of the children! Third hand smoke! I mean third hand pollen! You could carry the pollen indoors and make people have reactions!

    • Maria

      Yeah. Same exact thing. Good catch.

  • sf

    Forget the car wash. Where can I get my eyeballs cleaned?

    • Anon

      Beyond agree… and nose! My sides hurt from sneezing so much!

  • Clizzle Dizzle

    I was thinking of buying this car at Arlington’s finest. Do you think it willhelp me mow those pesky jaywalking deer out of the way? http://www.bestautosalesva.com/detail-2005-hummer-h2-4dr_wgn_suv-used-6769378.html

  • jjbug

    “Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink” is a worry when carwash water is not recycled. I think that leads the County to easily zone out handwash projects.

  • CarsSuck

    you idiots have nothing better to piss your money away on then a commercial car wash? hose it down yourself, it will only look green again by tomorrow. And no, a squeaky clean car with blingin’ rims doing loser laps up and down Wilson/Clarendon doesn’t give you cool points. Maybe tool points.

    • Banksy

      Duh. With the highest population density in the state, A LOT of Arlingtonians live in apartment complexes, where they don’t have garage parking, driveways, and access to a garden hose. I need to wash my car because I can barely see out of my back window at this time of year. And bird poop is bad for your paint job. That’s why we go to a commercial car wash.

      Yes, the lines at the Mr. Wash on Glebe Rd. are ridiculous this time of year. As are my allergies.

    • JamesE

      I’m in a garage that doesn’t allow washing, and my wheels are dark gray.

      • Jon Collins

        “doesn’t allow washing”. Be crazy and wash.

        • CW

          Insanity. No hose bibs and likely no floor drains. Probably not going to make the neighbors too happy either.

  • OX4

    Why do people wash their cars?

  • 4Arl

    What pollen tracking sites do people like? I find the number on pollen.com to be ok but sometimes I wonder if there is a local site with more details by tree type.

  • Tabby


    Could be pricey but gets consistently good reviews.

  • Just A Thought

    Hey ARLNOW.COM why did you remove my post about Mr.Wash Paying you for this article!!! Blog on some real stories. If you are running a HONEST blog don’t remove people’s comment unless they use profanity or they are hurtful….

    • We’re not being paid for this or any other non-contest posts. We reserve the right to remove any comments that violate our terms of use, which prohibit “troll” comments designed to disrupt conversation. This and every other ignorant comment like it, which I have answered over and over again, are disruptive and not permitted. This is the last time we will answer anything like this.


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