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Virginia Square ‘Hot Pot’ Restaurant to Open Tomorrow

by ARLnow.com April 26, 2011 at 10:47 am 4,195 9 Comments

Mala Tang (3434 Washington Blvd), a new ‘hot pot’ Chinese restaurant in Virginia Square, is planning to open tomorrow.

The Washington Post’s Tim Carman reports that the restaurant is planning a soft opening for Wednesday and a grand opening for Monday, May 2. The owners have invested more than a half million dollars into the restaurant.

In addition to sit-down, fondue-style dining, the restaurant will offer pre-made “quick” hot pots to go, Carman reported.

  • CW

    Hot pots to go? That sounds like the most dangerous thing I have ever heard of!!

    • Rebecca

      I agree. What is the purpose of that? I am happy to see a place closer than the one in Falls Church.

      • CW

        Yes, I can just imagine it: the carry out container consists of a ceramic shell which they fill with superheated stones. Into that they set the pot of broth. Then you can, you know, easily have hot pot while driving! Nothing like 3rd degree burns while sitting in traffic on 66.

  • JasonS

    I really disliked Uncle Liu’s, mostly because the service was abominable. Since this is walkable, it’s inevitable that I will try it.

  • danielobvt

    But… They are not selling cupcakes, hamburgers, or pizza. And they don’t have a sports bar theme… How did this pass the approval process?
    Kidding aside, I look forward to trying them.

    • Andy

      Maybe they will make up for it by having several TVs and music blaring so loud that you can’t hold a conversation with the person on the other side of the table. That seems to be the current trend.

  • novasteve

    I look forward to trying this out, but I have no friends, so I’ll have to risk the carry out stuff. The location kind of sucks, but if I walk home from giant it’s on the way.

  • MereInArlington

    I’m sure the hot pots to go aren’t actually hot at the time and you heat them when you get home.

  • Jason S.

    Just finished dinner there, the menu is far smaller and far less adventurous than Uncle Liu’s, but the waiters speak English. The prices were a tad high, but not unreasonable. The parking is a *real* hassle if you haven’t been in that garage.


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