Woman Struck by Car in Crystal City

by ARLnow.com April 29, 2011 at 9:49 am 3,399 29 Comments

A woman was struck by a car on S. Clark Street in Crystal City around 5:30 last night.

The accident happened just south of 23rd Street, near the Hilton Hotel. Initial reports suggest the woman was in the crosswalk when she was struck.

The woman was transported to a local hospital. Her injuries were said to be minor and non-life-threatening.

No word on whether the driver will face any charges.

  • DudeGuy

    I am not surprised, that area is crazy before and after work hours. Even when people are crossing in the crosswalk they are not suppose to be crossing (they have the RED hand).

    • Rebecca

      I agree. Arlington pedestrians are notorious for crossing the street without looking or darting across roads. Yes, it’s sad that this woman was hit by a car but it’s a real trend to see peds crossing the street w/o looking, first.

    • This actually isn’t at a stop light – so there are no hand signals for pedestrians. It’s a quietish side street between sad office buildings where servicemembers, civilians and contractors are constantly crossing.

      A block away, the Rt. 1 and 23rd St. crossing indeed is ridiculous, but pedestrians always have the right of way and drivers should always be more alert.

      • Rebecca

        Yes, they have the right of way but they still need to stop, look and listen before crossing the damn street. Even the most responsible drivers can have blind spots and pedestrians can jump out from behind cars, posts, etc. Be responsible.

        • OX4

          Why are you blaming the pedestrian? I didn’t see anything in the post that says she darted in front of a car.

      • Jason S.

        The mistaken belief that “pedestrians always have the right away” is what I blame for many of the people getting hit around here.

      • Michelle

        I was there when this happened. The lady is an active duty Army soldier and I had seen her in the same area almost every day around the same time. The cross walk is on a one-way street and is not at a stoplight so there is no hand signal sign to indicate it is safe to walk. The lady most likely looked to make sure no vehicles were coming, stepped out in the crosswalk when this guy driving down the street and not paying attention, ran over her foot. I was walking the other way but when I heard her screaming, I ran back to find her foot under the vehicle’s front passenger side tire. The guy moved the vehicle off her foot and she dropped to the ground obviously in pain. I agree that pedestrians still have to make sure cars have stopped before they jump out into a crosswalk but it was clear that the driver wasn’t watching the road in front of him. The driver and the lady were both lucky this wasn’t any worse.

    • Tim

      I’m not surprised because people drive like maniacs. Cars are required by Virginia law to stop for ALL pedestrians in crosswalks. There are some people who cross the street without looking, but they are far outnumbered by the drivers who drive way too fast through residential areas and other places were there are pedestrians, and don’t pay any attention to what they’re doing. The fact that people are blaming the pedestrian for getting hit INSIDE A CROSSWALK shows exactly what the problem is with too many drivers. Unless this woman stepped out directly in front of the car, the driver is at fault for this collision.

      • DudeGuy

        Tim, you do not know enough about the situation to be saying anyone is blaming anyone. I was just saying… if a car in CC is going 25mph down the road and a pedestrian RUNS out or jolts out behind a parked car then it is automatically the cars fault? Bottom line is it can be the driver OR the peds fault, we just don’t know. What we do know is that the area is nuts for walkers and drivers in general.

  • Chris

    I hate driving through that area. There are a bunch of crosswalks and crazy drivers, and then tons of people cross between the crosswalks, too. It’s frustrating. Take metro.

    • Tim

      It’s easy. Drive the speed limit (which is 25 in most of CC) and pay attention. If you can’t do that you shouldn’t be behind the wheel of a car anyway.

  • GOB

    Women getting hit by cars

    Burger joints

    Cupcakes and frozen yogurt

    Welcome to Arlington!

    • LyonParker

      That’s kind of weak man.

  • Jason S.

    Unless the ped stepped out suddenly and without regard for approaching traffic, the automobile’s driver would almost certainly be at fault at the crosswalk shown in the photo. It’s a marked, non-controlled crosswalk, so there are no signals which means the car must yield to a crossing pedestrian but the pedestrian cannot enter regardless of approaching traffic. Law or not, I’m not foolish enough to place my health in the hands of a random DC-area driver.

  • Curious George

    I thought all the police cars I saw last night with their lights on was because Charlie Sheen was back in town.

    I go by that crosswalk every weekday although I usually cross at the next one south. Since there are usually no gaps in traffic at that crosswalk during morning and evening rush you kind of have to ease out into the crosswalk and make your intentions known. And be prepared to jump back. The drivers of the DoD buses there are insane. I am amazed they have not killed someone yet.

    I do see an awful lot of people cross that intersection without apparently looking. Basic physics states that 2 ton death machine beats meatsack every time.

    • Shane

      So this happened at 5:30 PM? That’s when I saw the 4 Arlington County police officers stroll into Corner Bakery. Instead of, you know, doing some traffic enforcement during RUSH HOUR.

      We’re hearing about accident upon accident upon accident in Arlington. That’s because drivers clearly are hurrying, and they don’t feel there’s any real chance a cruiser will pull them over. That is, unless it’s the last Sunday morning of the month and they’re driving on 110 or South George Mason.

      Just sayin.

      • bb

        South George Mason and Columbus, right? They had a cruiser out there this morning at the bottom of the hill making money today. It was part of my morning entertainment once or twice a week while waiting for the 16W back before that route was eliminated to watch the cops pull over cars speeding down the hill.

      • CrystalMikey

        Cops get a meal break to you know.

      • V Dizzle

        I was going to write “You’re a moron.”, but decided to take the high ground and refrain from personal attacks. You know I’m thinking it though.

        Blaming police for someone getting hit by a car, due to the fact that they find it necessary to eat during their shift… please see above.

        • V Dizzle

          Sorry, that was to Shane.

  • Dressage Queen

    In Arlington people drive and walk like they are entitled to do what they want. Both are just as guilty.

  • Aaron

    The most dangerous traffic flow there tends to be the southbound 110 drivers getting their green arrow left to turn onto 23rd and then making sudden turns right onto South Clark, usually without signalling anew.

    It’s even worse when the leftmost lane does it because legally that’s a no-right-turn lane, but there’s a lack of unambiguous signage to clearly indicate such.

    • Aaron

      Oh wow, the picture FINALLY loaded. I mistakenly thought this took place on the south side of the 23rd/Clark intersection.

      There is no excuse for a driver to fail to yield to a pedestrian in that mid-block crosswalk.

      • JASDCA

        I drive down that part of Clark at least once a day and that’s a terrible crosswalk. People just walk out without looking at all. Often there are buses parked in the west side of the street in front of the building there, blocking the view of drivers coming down Clark, and pedestrians just walk out and go without looking. Even if you’re just going 15 mph, it takes some distance to stop. Too many pedestrians just don’t look. It’s not always the driver’s fault.

  • CW

    My mother always used to say that bad news comes in sets of three. Let’s hope that this is the last story we hear about vehicle-on-pedestrian collisions for a while.

  • G::TheNativeArlingtonian

    Two in one day… I didn’t see it reported anywhere, but I believe a cyclist was hit by a car at the corner of Kirkwood Rd. and Washington Blvd. around 5:30pm-ish yesterday. When I came through the intersection a cyclist was lying on the pavement of the insurance company there on the northwest corner. He was clutching his arm and a guy in a suit was standing next to him talking on his cell phone. There was someone else and car in the lot as well, in addition to the guy’s bike. My immediate reaction was “holy crap.” ACFD passing me on Washington headed towards the scene.

    People need to slow down and chill out. I agree with the entitlement comments above… cyclist and pedestrians need to use their heads, and drivers need to get their heads out of their butts. Everyone is in a hurry and wants to get where they are going. Its not worth your blood pressure or killing someone over.

    • Ali

      I didn’t see it anywhere either but a cyclist got hit on the Rosslyn side of Key Bridge the other morning around 7:30 as well. The van that hit her was parked in the far right lane and then the driver proceeded to block the next lane over by standing in it. Shock no one hit him either.

  • John Andre

    I’ve had problems with cars making left turns into me when I’ve had the WHITE “walk” signal around Ballston. Then there are the cars you NEVER see–the ones who insist on turning into you from behind while you’re crossing on the “Walk” signal!!! Honestly, some of these drivers don’t seem to have ANY respect at all for the traffic laws or for pedestrian right of way. Drivers are supposed to know that the driver’s license is a REVOCABLE PRIVILEGE and not a right. Unfortunately too many road hogs seem to think that they “own the road” and that defenseless pedestrians are obstacles to be liquidated or mowed down at will; the same applies all too often to bicyclists and motorcyclists as well!

  • Julie

    I am appalled by the lack of common sense safety by pedestrians and bicyclists. Running stop signs. Jaywalking while talking on cell phones. Wearing black from head to toe at night and running stop signs and jaywalking. Then getting hostile at drivers. Really, people.


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