Manhattan Bagel Closed for Renovations in Ballston

by ARLnow.com May 3, 2011 at 1:48 pm 3,991 34 Comments

Manhattan Bagel (4201 Wilson Blvd) remains closed as it undergoes renovations and a management change.

Ballston bagel lovers are being forced to cross Wilson Blvd to get their bagel fix at Panera Bread in Ballston Common Mall while the store remains closed.

A half dozen workers were busy inside the store when we stopped by this afternoon. A woman who identified herself as the outgoing manager said the newly-revamped eatery should reopen next week.

  • Ballston Mike

    Bruegers Bagels is also in Ballston for my fellow Bagel Lovers

  • JamesE

    Mike’s Cafe across N. Stuart has breakfast sandwiches available, and they are fantastic.

  • Thanks for covering this ARLNOW!

    Not a big fan of Bruegers or Chesepeake.

  • CW

    Can haz bagelz?

  • Ballstown

    now please cover why Jaleo was closed in crystal city

    • KC Shirlington

      What?! Is Jaleo closing in Crystal City? Ugh, I love that place, and havingg this location saved us from having to go into the city for Chef Andres food.

    • CrystalMikey

      Power outage on that block. Kora, Corner Bakery, and Coldstone were also closed at lunch today.

    • Abe Froman

      I am going to hazard a guess that medicore food and abysmal service finally caught up with them. And if it wasn’t that, I would guess that their rent was going to go up significantly, which combined with medicore food (including awful paella) and lousy service put them out.

  • Snookie

    Cosi is right around the corner also. No lack of bagels in Ballston!

    • MC 703

      Ballston Bagel Bonanza

  • Adam

    Manhattan is ok. Brooklyn Bagel is better. Breuggers is garbage.

    A Jew who knows a thing or two about real NY bagels.

    • AllenB

      Another Jew agrees with Adam, Brooklyn Bagel in Courthouse has the best bagels in the area.

      • ArlLiver4

        I heard it was run by Muslims. Is that true?

        • TheRealAllenB

          Yes. They try to poison the jews all the time but we keep outsmarting them. What an idiotic question.

          • ArlLiver4

            Hey — it was an honest question, nothing implied by the question.

            I’ve heard that from friends before, and if true, thought it was ironic.

          • dynaroo

            Agree, nothing wrong with the question. Besides, Egypt used to have a large Jewish population.

          • CW

            How’s it ironic? All of our food around here – american, french, middle eastern, south american, asian – it’s all cooked by people from Mexico and Central America anyhow. And damn well. It’s not look you have to put a certain type of DNA into the bagel dough or something, just a recipe and a lot of practice.

          • PhilL

            Ironic would be a Muslim pork barbeque place.

          • dynaroo

            How about a Kosher-Halal ham-and-cheese sandwich food truck?

          • KalashniKEV

            LOL @ putting your DNA into bagel dough…

          • Novanglus

            Brookly Bagel is great! Mo the owner (yes, it’s short for Mohammed) is part of the community and just as friendly to people wearing yarmulkes as to anyone else.

            His breakfast bagel sandwiches come with cheese and a choice of pork (sausage, ham, bacon). So not much focus on kosher or halal rules here.

        • KalashniKEV

          Yeah, I think they’re Egyptian.

          • The Dope of South Arlington

            Do they have papers? Let us see their papers.

          • CW

            So does that mean you don’t go there?

          • dynaroo

            He goes and eagerly pays to support the business that he hasn’t checked for illegals, but he doesn’t actually tip the employees – just in case. It makes perfect sense.

          • KalashniKEV

            My suspicion is lower that an African, Asian, or European immigrant is illegal is lower because they can’t invade by land. They also are held to a different standard by law enforcement, and typically live by the rules of our society. Look at every city’s Chinatown- you can be as different as you want in this country, just play by the rules and don’t expect a handout. Back to the topic at hand though, I tipped the bagel girl when I was there on Monday because she’s cute. 🙂

          • dynaroo

            You tip based on suspicion of illegal activity based on race or ethnicity. That’s loony. But you still patronize the businesses.

            Oh, and yeah, certain ethnic groups live by the rules of society more than others. Not racist at all…

  • Southeast Jerome

    yeah, adam the jew above is right, brooklyn bagel is much better

  • Rick

    Marvelous Market has good bagels. Granted, they can’t coat em with eggs or cheese or anything, but a bagel in its purest form (or with plain cream cheese) is damn good there and pretty cheap

  • Bagels Your Way

    Safeway makes some decent bagels at Lee Harrison and Cherrydale. Being from Long Island, I grew up on Bagels. My large intestine is a hollowed out bagel. CH has that one ya know. Nothing else around here very impressive around here. I miss Strathmore Bagels from Hauppauge, NY (Rt 347). Open 24 hours, always fresh and hot. A perfect day to kick off the early workday, or soak up the booze after a rough night.

  • Abe Froman

    Go to Brooklyn Bagel in Courthouse. They are one of only 2-3 proper bagel outlets within 50 miles of the Beltway.

  • CW


  • CW

    Ugh comment posting doing weird things…

  • wheelchair bagel eater

    Sure hope they make it wheelchair accessible.


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