Second ART Bus Crash

Friday was not a great day for Arlington Transit buses. As multiple people told us via Twitter and email, an ART bus was involved in a second accident on Glebe Road, just minutes after another ART-involved accident was cleared three blocks away.

The first accident occurred around 11:30 a.m. at Glebe Road and 4th Street N. A minivan rear-ended a bus stopped at a bus stop, sending two people to the hospital.

The second accident happened three blocks away on Glebe Road and 7th Street N., according to Arlington Transit Services Manager Steve Yaffe.

The ART bus was driving slowly behind a trash truck in the right-hand lane when a box truck belonging to an electrical contractor rear-ended the bus, Yaffe said.

Approximately 10 people were on board the bus, but no one — including the truck driver — was reported to be injured.

There was “some damage to the left side of the rear of the bus, including some broken signal lights,” Yaffe said.


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