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by ARLnow.com May 17, 2011 at 8:16 am 3,575 27 Comments

Police Search for Suspects Near Shirlington — While you were (probably) sleeping, Arlington police were trying to track down two suspects who fled on foot near Shirlington. Just before 1:30 a.m., an officer spotted a car that had been reported stolen out of Prince George’s County, Md. traveling on I-395. Due to department regulations, they did not pursue the car after it refused to stop. A short time later, the car was found crashed into the Four Mile Run creek bed at Shirlington Road. Police K-9 units and the U.S. Park Police helicopter were brought in to search for the suspects. As of 2:30 a.m., they were still on the loose.

Four Mile Run Trail Detour — The Four Mile Run trail will be detoured near 3rd and Harrison Streets in Glencarlyn Park due to storm/sewer system relining in the area. [Bike Arlington]

Woman Celebrates 30 Years at Retirement Community — Helen Crossley first moved into Arlington’s Culpepper Garden retirement community in 1981. Now at age 102, she’s being honored for her 30 year tenure at the facility. [Sun Gazette]

Forum Changes — We listened to your suggestions and made some changes to our discussion forums overnight. Unfortunately, the changes resulted in the deletion of some posts. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Stew Magnuson

    “While I was sleeping?” Hardly, that Park Police helicopter was circling right over my new home at 1:30 a.m.
    I just moved to Shirlington thinking I had found some peace and quiet after living for 6 years underneath the National Airport flight path.
    It sounded like a war zone last night.

    • Mickey

      Move to Florida

    • groundsquirrel

      helicopter woke us up, too!

  • Somebody get Helen Crossley’s secret to longevity down before it is too late. 102 is impressive.

    • MktCommon

      I’ve always heard it’s down to a glass of sherry every night!

    • Mickey

      Two shots of 151 and a few table dances for exercise will do it.

    • CW

      Mayonnaise and raw onion sandwiches.

  • KalashniKEV

    “Due to department regulations, they did not pursue the car after it refused to stop.”


    Wanna get away from the cops? Just ignore them. Go home and sleep in bed while they spend all night looking for you…

  • Lacey Forest

    “If you do not stop and I find out who you are, I shall send you a strongly worded memorandum.”

  • Bluemontsince1961

    “Due to department regulations, they did not pursue the car after it refused to stop.”

    Maybe this is due to regulations limiting/forbidding pursuits due to dangers of high speed pursuits in urban areas. I’ve heard some jurisdictions have these types of regulations. Seems to help the perps more than anything else, they know the police can only pursue them so far.

    • Police don’t pursue but they then go on the lookout for the suspect vehicle, and more often than not it turns up somewhere. Either that or the car flees into another jurisdiction and police there pick up the (non) pursuit.

    • KalashniKEV

      It’s called overtime… BIG overtime!

      • dynaroo

        This is just pathetic.

    • charlie

      i don’t want our police doing a high speed pursuit over a stolen car. It was probably a Hyundai anyways. One stolen car is not worth any crashes or endangering our women and men in blue.

      • jan


      • KalashniKEV

        Are you dim? Any child will tell you that a police officers job is to pursue and detain criminals. Only in Arlington do we think this means parking tickets and not car thieves, criminal aliens, drug addled vagrants…

        • dynaroo

          Since your arrogance is directly proportional to your ignorance, I’ll explain to you that this no-pursuit policy is common in many jurisdictions, and it is designed to avoid some of the horrible traffic accidents that have killed both police officers and innocent bystanders. The duty of the police is to not accidently kill people too.

          • Please tone down the personal insults and limit your discussion to the issues at hand.

        • madisonmanor

          The criminals don’t stop because they figure that the current community service penance is at Artisphere. This is Arlington, remember – not only do our fearless leaders SUPPORT thieves, illegal aliens and drug addled vagrant, they build monuments to house them, too.

  • Cheeseeater

    The same thing happened in march! Why do the PG thugs keep abandoning cars in shirlington? Those helicopters were LOUD last night. No sleeping here!

    • CW

      Because it reminds them of home…

  • Tom

    Get used to the helicopters – I’ve lived in Shirlington for a couple years and low-flying helos are a common occurrance. Not usually in the middle of the night, but it isn’t rare to see/hear them flying overhead around 9:00pm.

  • Rick

    The forum only shows general discussion and everything is locked… If i was the first to get banned I’m honored

    • Thanks for pointing that out, it should be unlocked now.

  • Roquer

    Man!!! Some Seriously bad drivers here!!! The police did not pursue them and they STILL crashed the car! Amazing. Probably texting the success of the theft.

  • Tabby

    Helen looks great. Has she had work done? She’s so fashionable. My new role model.


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