Video: Arlington’s Mobile Visitors Center

by ARLnow.com May 24, 2011 at 12:11 pm 2,703 9 Comments

As tourists (and motorcyclists) start flocking to the Nation’s Capital for Memorial Day weekend, Arlington’s Mobile Visitors Center will be here to greet them.

The four-wheeled, electric-powered tourism information booth will be out in Clarendon Friday night, providing maps, brochures and personal guidance to visitors. The MVC hits six different Arlington neighborhoods — all along Metro corridors — in the course of a week. It typically does not operate on weekends or holidays (including Memorial Day), except for special events like the Marine Corps Marathon.

The MVC won a statewide award for Virginia Visitor Center of the Year earlier this month. In the video above, the county-run Arlington Virginia Network takes a tour of the award-winning vehicle, which is the first of its kind in the United States.

  • NomNom

    Is that LeVar Burton from Reading Rainbow?

  • Bob

    Waste of money. 🙁 All ya need is an iPhone or other mobile device to get all of this information, as most of us have.

    • Take it down a notch

      And if you can’t afford those things, you don’t deserve to take a vacation anyway.

      • MC

        It’s not that simple. People need to know information is available before they will access it. This approach offers visibility, attracting people to information they might find beneficial.

    • 22204

      +10. Ridiculous waste of money in a day and age where most people have smart phones, and if you don’t, you either plan ahead and research where you are going, or you ask a bystander for directions.

  • Mickey

    More of “your tax money at work”. Did you ever wonder how many of these projects are funded by your money? What is the cost of the parking meters vs. return to the taxpayer? Production of brochures to explain the colors and system, neighborhood stickers, signs, meter maids, vehicles, tickets, police, etc. How about the # of police at the Taste of Arlington? I felt like I was at a jail!! Talk about loss of freedom and Big Brother Watching You!….all for a few thousand affluent people! I was at Oktoberfest in Germany last year and never saw a policeman! Arlington has figured more ways to spend tax money and will continue until the voters revolt. 39th on a list of THOUSANDS of counties in the USA? What a disgrace!!

    • dynaroo

      39th is a bogus stat.

  • MC

    This is a commendable project. The goal is to have more visitors see Arlington as a destination worthy of spending time in, rather than simply as a place to sleep at night while visiting DC. This kind of marketing helps to generate more traffic to Arlington restaurants, adding to our tax base. I am glad that folks in the County government embrace market-oriented concepts and think about generating revenues that benefit citizens. It is a real example of government acting like a business. I am perplexed why anyone would object.

  • dynaroo

    It’s a visitor’s center – one that actually goes out to find visitors. That’s pro-business. A visitor’s center is perfectly normal for a local government, and this just happens to be a very effective and clever version.

    When will the whining cease?


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