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Local Sex Offenders By the Numbers

by ARLnow.com June 1, 2011 at 9:34 am 6,003 48 Comments

Arlington has one of the lowest rates of sex offenders per capita in the region, according to local sex offender registries.

Arlington County has 70 resident sex offenders registered with Virginia State Police. When compared to the county’s population (approximately 210,000), that means that Arlington has one sex offender for every 3,000 residents. Compared to a selection of other local jurisdictions, that’s the lowest rate in the area.

  • Arlington Co. — 1 : 3,000
  • Loudoun Co. — 1 : 2,600
  • Fairfax Co. — 1 : 2,500
  • Prince William Co. — 1 : 2,000
  • District of Columbia — 1 : 675

Of Arlington’s 70 registered sex offenders, 48 have South Arlington addresses and 22 have North Arlington addresses.

  • The Dope of South Arlington

    Twice as many in South Arlington – must be all the homeless and immigrants.

  • Southeast Ben

    Whoa. Why does S Arlington have to get the call out? What technically qualifies as S Arlington? South of 50?

    • doodly

      Yes, south of 50 is south Arlington. It is unfairly considered the wrong side of the tracks, and it’s a running joke here to denigrate it to any extreme, sarcastically aping those who really do.

      • Westover

        It is not that unfair when you look at the two sides of the County relative to each other. Housing values and school scores are clearly higher on the north side of the county while the poverty and crime rates are slightly higher on the south side. Now comparing the south side to most of the nation, and the world, it would be considered upper class living. Generally it is just fun and easy to pick on, sort of like teasing your younger brother, all in good fun.

        • Southeast Ben

          No hard feelings here. I am currently living in S Arlington for the affordability, but tend to frequent the N Arlington establishments so it’s funny how N Arlington residents have no clue about S Arlington and it’s makeup.

          • doodly

            You’re paying a sensible price for housing yet enjoying the quality of life here? That’s cheating.

        • doodly

          I meant it’s unfair when you take it to extremes like some do. It’s also unfair because the boundary is arbitrary. Yes, all good fun, especially when you make fun of the latte-sipping, BMW-driving, $1,000 stroller-pushing North Arlingtonians as well.

          • ArlForester

            What’s arbitrary about saying everything south of Arlington Blvd and Fort Myer is South Arlington?

    • SoCo

      SoArl = anything with an even zip. 22204, 22206, etc.

    • charlie

      there are parts of North Arlington and Zip 22209 that are SOUTH of Route 50 — the Radnor Ft Myer Heights area behind Iwo Jima.

      • Idi Amin Dada

        That’s the ghetto part of North Arlington.

    • loocy

      It’s an addressing scheme. If your address is “South”, you live in South Arlington. If your address is “North”, you live in North Arlington. Not arbitrary at all, and it came from when they re-ordered the streets for postal service purposes.

    • Michael H.

      Arlington Ridge and Aurora Highlands have nice houses, some quite pricey. Crystal City condominiums can be very expensive too, especially at the northern part of Crystal Drive. Those units can list for well over $1,000,000. All of these areas are part of “South Arlington” too.

  • OddNumber

    I would also be interested in learning what designates N or S Arlington and if there is a difference in population densities between the two areas.

    • Stu Pendus

      Route 50 is the demarcation, strictly in terms of whether your address is proceeded with a North or South designation for your street name.

      • FrenchyB

        Pretty easy to figure out for us folks who have actually looked at a map (still far superior to GPS).

        • anyone under age 25

          What’s a map?

          • BoredHouseWife

            It is a GPS in book form.

          • Wildhair

            Whats a book?

          • BoredHouseWife

            a paper Kindle

    • loocy

      Not sure what the exact figures are, but yes, South Arlington has more apartments and multifamily dwellings, as well as slightly lower rents, and those probably account for the difference.

  • LyonSteve

    This is clearly wrong, the County Board should build some housing for these offenders, preferably in affluent urban corridors.

  • JamesE

    All 70 can be found inside Mister Days on a Friday night.

    • Bard

      I laughed

  • Anon

    Weird guy that works at the Va Sqr. and Ballston Cosi is one, lives on N Kenmore.

  • ClarenCourt Dweller

    Is anyone else concerned about the guy who works as a locksmith. Seems like that is just asking for trouble at some point.

    • BoredHouseWife

      yes!!!!! I have been wondering about that. Granted his conviction was early 90’s. But I assume the police know what he is up to.

  • Debbie S

    One sex offender is too many. I subscribe to Family Watchdog which is a free tool allowing the public to keep their family informed and aware of different dangers in their area. I receive a notice any time an offender moves into our area. Check it out.
    http://www.familywatchdog.us/ – Watch Dog

    I wonder if the numbers reflect the sex offenders, which are many, sitting in the Arlington County jail.

    • CW


    • Derp.

      so coming to the defense of a sex offenders is not something i enjoy doing…. Some of these people committed absolutely heinous crimes, but some did not.

      However, let’s acknowledge that there are significant flaws not only in Virginia’s judicial system, but states across the country. Hopefully all of you (of age) have given/received an action that, according to Virginia law, would require you to register. Additionally, in some states urinating in public can get you listed as a sex offender. Or, if a 17 year old boy has consenual sex with his 16 year old girlfriend that 17 yo, despite being underage himself, can be charge with taking liberites with a minor along with a whole host of other charges.

      There is so much hoopla about this stuff, that it’s almost impossible for people to oppose the expansion or discuss nuances in how this is enforced without being labeled as supporting child molesters.

      • Evil

        Don’t forget teens who are caught sexting can now be labeled sex offenders

      • BoredHouseWife

        Va sex offender registry lists the crime and if it was a violent crime.

    • loocy

      No, the 70 doesn’t include incarcerated offenders. There are about 20 of those on the web site.

  • SoCo

    Two guys work at the same place on Glebe in 22203. Guess they have lax requirements.

    Curious, are these numbers just residents or do they include those who work in Arlington as well?

    • loocy

      It looks like you can only search residence address by county, so the 70 mentioned who are living in Arlington are all residents. You can also search by zip code, though, and that gives residents as well as those working in that zip code.

    • Debbie S

      Familywatchdog.com lists offenders by home address and work address.

  • bloobah

    We should form an angry mob and run them out of town. I’m free this Saturday around 3.

    • BoredHouseWife

      maybe we can all meet at the jefferson memorial for a little dancing as well.

  • Jim

    There’s a guy on N Dickerson who basically lives in the backyard of Jamestown Elementary. How is that allowed?

    • Craig Jones

      because he’s white

    • BoredHouseWife

      grandfather clause probably

      • spooner

        Sounds like a creepy grandfather.

    • JD

      Whoa! Someone in living in N Arlington, but not living in a fancy house and driving a BMW? How’d you guys let that happen?

  • Andrew

    Why isn’t Montgomery County on the list?

    • The Maryland sex offender registry is a bit convoluted and didn’t allow us to get the data we needed in a timely manner.

  • Don

    I think your comparison to DC’s numbers might be apples-to-oranges. For the purposes of their registration law DC has defined “minor” as under 18. Virginia, on the other hand, caps out at 15 for many offenses and has a number of caveats that DC might not – classifications that make it not a crime or a lesser crime for, say, a 19 year old to have sexual contact with a 17 year old.

  • ArlForester

    In North Arlington’s defense, most of the people registered on that side are work addresses. They don’t live there.

    • loocy

      Well there are a creepily large number of them in those Cherrydale apartments between Old Lee Highway and Old Dominion Drive.


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