Photos from the Air Force Cycling Classic

by ARLnow.com June 13, 2011 at 11:25 am 4,178 18 Comments

The Air Force Cycling Classic was held in Clarendon and Crystal City over the weekend.

Dozens of professional and amateur cyclists competed in a series of circuit races around both urban corridors. Cyclingnews.com has the results from both the Clarendon Cup and the Crystal Cup men’s and women’s pro races.

Photos by ARLnow.com, 83(b), Brendan J. McMurrer, D.WHIT Photography, Tim Kelley

  • wilbur


  • JustSomeRandomGuy

    nice! 🙂

  • charlie

    the caliber of the athletes at the Clarendon Cup is AMaZING. We are talking world reknown people. OMG.

  • MB

    Was really pleased with the crowds during the men’s pro race. Now just to get the word out about the world-class women that show up a little earlier . . .

    Thanks for the coverage, ARLnow.

  • Confused

    I’m confused by how these races work. The program/schedule shows several of the races being measured in minutes, but also a mileage. E.g. the Crystal Cup article linked above says the race was 90 km, but also says, “The men were scheduled to complete 90 minutes…”

    Several of the amateur 123-ranked races were scheduled based on minutes. Anyone know how that works? Are minutes/kilometers interchangeable in a criterium race? Thanks.

    • MB

      The times you saw were just so people knew when each race started, and about how long it would take. This weekend, the number of laps was known ahead of time for the pro races (e.g., the women knew they’d be doing 50 laps, and the men 100, regardless of how long it took).

      In amateur crits (i.e., the races earlier in the day), the speed of a given field in a race can vary, so they don’t set the number of laps until they see how quickly that particular field is moving. Then the field is told that there are X of laps to go.

      Put a little more clearly – you never know how slow/fast the amateurs will go, so we make them races a few laps to find out, and then set the number of laps left based on that speed.

      I hope this helps. Cycling’s an awesome sport.

      • Confused

        MB, thanks for the info. I was trying to calculate what it would take to hang in an amateur race, so wanted to calculate the amateurs’ per-mile pace. Unfortunately, amateur results from the weekend’s races, as displayed on the race organizer site, don’t show a distance, so the times listed in the results don’t mean much to me.

        I see the pros were clocking about 2:12 per mile in Clarendon, which is pretty damn fast.

        Any sense of what the amateurs did?

        • MB

          I don’t know anyone with a GPS track of it (tho’ if you’re *really* interested, drop me and email and I’m sure I can put my hands on one), but I suspect it was about 15-20 seconds slower. A little tough to compare, as the men’s pro race was much longer than the am races, so pace necessarily had to be dropped a bit.

          If you’re interested in racing, come on down to Hains Point on a Thurs evening and see what you think of the pacing there 🙂

  • TGEoA

    From the 1st picture, only 2 guys are riding the drops. What gives?

    • hebebeegee

      Probably because in a tight field, air resistance isn’t as important as control, since you’re drafting most of the time.

  • Dood

    Saw some folks get fussed at by one of the bikers. They were nonchalantly crossing the track when a woman sped around the turn and started screaming at them to get out of the way. Funny.

    • dood 2.0

      I almost crossed in front of the whole race once. The stupid crossing guard was an idiot who didn’t warn me.

    • Ryan

      During the women’s race several of the volunteers near 15th street were sitting in on lawn-chairs in the shade on the other side of the road, yelling from 50ft away at people trying to cross when the field was no where in sight. I even saw them tease one of the residents who dared to shout back.

      Having events like the the race come to the neighborhood is awesome, but it would be nice for the organizers to impress on their volunteers that they should be considerate towards the residents who are giving up access to their homes to facilitate the event. I think that’s going to be increasingly important as the neighborhood continues to become more residential.

    • Virginia^2

      Try running along the Custis Trail on any reasonably nice day. LEFT! LEEEEEEEEEFTTTTTT! ON YOUR LEFT!!!

  • G Clifford Prout

    Mmmm hot bulbous spandex.

    • Liberace

      You said it, Mary.

  • Michael H.

    I watched some of the men’s and women’s races yesterday. Pretty cool to have a pro cycling race nearby. I thought about signing up for the non-competitive Crystal Ride earlier in the morning but I was feeling a little sluggish after a 5K run race on Saturday.

    Nice pictures too.


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