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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com June 15, 2011 at 8:56 am 2,328 24 Comments

Contractor Says ART Drivers Weren’t Fired — The contractor that operates the Arlington Transit bus service says 23 striking drivers were suspended pending an investigation, not fired, as the drivers claim. ART reports that it is operating this morning with minimal delays on most bus lines. [Washington Post, Arlington Transit]

No Republicans Stepping Up for Board Race — County Board incumbents Mary Hynes and Walter Tejada are still without a Republican challenger. Today is the local GOP’s self-imposed deadline to find a candidate for the race. [Washington Examiner]

Activist Wants to Make Board Race About Libraries — Local activist Shelley Wade has one goal this fall: to make sure Walter Tejada gets slightly more votes than Mary Hynes. Wade is waging her one-woman campaign to draw attention to the fact that the Board only approved a partial restoration of library hours this year (effective July 5), rather than the full restoration she was hoping for. [Sun Gazette]

Man Wanted in Arlington Arrested After Chase — A man wanted for property crimes in Arlington has been arrested after a wild police chase that started in Loudoun County and ended with a three-car crash in West Virginia. [WJLA]

Shelves Stocked at New Pike Giant — The shelves of the new Giant on Columbia Pike have been stocked. The store has a grand opening set for Friday, June 24th, but may quietly open its doors before that date. [Pike Wire]

Flickr pool photo by Philliefan99

  • 4Arl

    The proposed hours still keep branches closed one weekday every week. The restorations look like hours they never had in the first place. Strange.

  • Sophia

    The ART 45 was 11 minutes late this morning and I don’t see the workers picketing outside the rosslyn stop.

  • ArlForester

    Oooooo, an activist wants to make sure one democrat gets more votes than another democrat!! Wow, this is a revolution people, get on board!!

    • Bluemontsince1961


  • CW

    A bunch of this week’s posts read like a laundry list of why not to throw away your time reading the Sun Gazette. I almost want to suggest that ARLnow consider his time too valuable to waste it linking to Sun Gazette material. 🙂

    • Stun Gazette

      Kept afloat mostly by the realturds,written mostly for the realturds.

  • MB

    Love that photo.


    So God didn’t answer the Arlington GOP’s prayers for candidates? Oh, the places we could go with that . . .

    • What does God have to do with any of it??? Being a supporter of issues on both sides of the political fence is difficult. I can’t blindly support one party and thus find blind comments from both sides to be totally idiotic.

      • Chris Slatt

        MB’s referencing this: http://www.sungazette.net/articles/2011/04/29/arlington/news/nw80i.txt

        “At the meeting, Republicans looked for some guidance from a higher authority in their quest to regain competitiveness in local politics.

        Helen Blackwell, who delivers the invocation at GOP meetings, asked God to “give us additional candidates” to spread the party’s message in the community.”

        • Thank you. Sorry MB. I read through the link, but didn’t see the reference. Apologies.

          Now, I’ll join in on your criticism. God doesn’t belong in this. It is politics. It is anything but heavenly.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            @Overgrown Bush,

            Back during the blizzards of 2010, I told my neighbors that Hell is a very cold place. I’ll add to that that Hell is a very cold place where the tenants are subject to endless political blathering and posturing by politicians of every stripe throughout eternity.

            You’re right, God does not belong in this. When a politician starts “bangin’ the Bible” my instinct is duck and cover. Being both an ex-Dem and an ex-Repub, I’d rather the Arlington GOP focused on how to bring forth someone with a clear and articulate message of alternatives that would spark interest among independents like myself, just to balance the over-heavy representation of one party for years in Arlington.

          • BM1961: I agree. Arlington has been blue unopposed for too long. It just leads to no checks and balances. Getting a good GOP candidate who is legit would only help to bring those checks and balances. Having one who is so far right preaching God is not going to do it for me or anyone else.

    • doodly

      God did answer their prayers: with a big fat NO.

      • Bluemontsince1961

        The Almighty likely knows that an honest politician of any kind is as rare as snow in DC in August.

  • Michael H.

    I’d like to see some political competition. Keeps everyone a little more honest or accountable. One-party rule is not a good thing. The Arlington GOP doesn’t need to mirror the national party. For example, California Republicans are much different from Republicans in Texas or Mississippi.

    Even a local 3rd party would be nice to have. In some states, there are separate Liberal and Conservative Parties that have some influence in local elections. Or a party with less of an ideological focus. Just to have a choice. Otherwise, what’s the point of having elections if the same people and party win all the time. That’s what they do in one-party dictatorships.

    • doodly

      You still have a choice, it’s just a choice in the Democratic primary instead of the general election.

      In any event, if you want competition, run for office yourself.

      • ArlForester

        Or maybe the electorate could start looking at the people they are putting in office instead of blindly voting for the D next to their name. Nah, that would take some effort and thoughtfulness.

        • doodly

          Why do you assume they are blindly voting for Ds? Because you don’t like Ds? Maybe, just maybe, most voters in Arlington are intelligent, thoughtful people who carefully consider the choices and pick Democrats. Nah.

          • Michael H.

            Recent history has shown that whenever any party starts to get a stranglehold on an office or institution, that they start to believe that they can get away with more and more. It’s happened with both Republicans and Democrats in national politics. Neither group is immune, as you seem to be implying. “Intelligent, thoughtful people” can only vote Democratic, in every race? Uh, no.

          • doodly

            I’m not even remotely implying that.

            I’m saying nobody can assume that just because one party wins big, the voters are mindless. The county is full of voters who largely prefer Dems. Calling them mindless is lame and unnecessary. Same goes for a county that is full of Republicans too.

  • doodly

    Oh, and I almost forgot – there is a third party active in Arlington – the Green Party. But it’s not exactly going to be an alternative for most Republican-leaning voters.

  • Suburban Not Urban

    Anyone that pays any attention to an activist that would promote Tejada over Hines – has never sat down and watched a county board meeting. I’m not a big fan of either and the current one party viewpoint, but at least Hines is articulate, asked pertinent and penetrating questions and trys to push for passing things with measurable goals. Tejada is poorly spoken, and asks questions with obvious answers – often staff can’t even understand what he’s trying to ask. I even saw him ask what the symbol for a door was on a floor plan – if someone who’s key role is to approve site plans etc doesn’t know that, he is sorely underqualified.

    • FedUp



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