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Ribbon Cutting for New VT Research Center in Ballston

by ARLnow.com June 24, 2011 at 3:26 pm 7,143 20 Comments

Featuring next-generation internet connectivity, computational laboratories and multiple meeting and conference spaces, the new 144,000 square foot Virginia Tech Research Center building in Ballston (900 N. Glebe Road) celebrated its grand opening today.

Virginia Tech President Charles Steger, Rep. Jim Moran, and County Board Chairman Chris Zimmerman were on hand this afternoon for a ribbon cutting ceremony on the glimmering glass-and-steel building’s seventh floor.

Zimmerman kicked off the ceremony with references to the “human bandwidth” and “internet firepower” that the building brings to Ballston, Arlington’s science and technology hub. Dr. Steger spoke about the research already underway in the building, including research into military medical care, renewable energy and cyber security.

Calling Virginia Tech’s Ballston presence an “international center of excellence” and an “investment in our future,” Rep. Moran remarked on the benefits it will bring to the area and to the university.

“It will pay substantial dividends to Virginia Tech and enhance its mission to become one of the leading research institutions in the world,” he said. Moran added that it would be a mistake to cut federal research funding in the interest of deficit reduction, citing what he said was the need to supplement the “short term, bottom line” focus of corporate research.

  • TGEoA

    First he’s using plastic bags, now plastic ribbons. Zimmerman is anti-enviornment

  • aHoo

    Is VPI&SU researching cow flop at this building?

    • Hoo2

      And poultry science.

      • CrystalMikey


    • JamesE

      Researching what possesses males to wear ties to football games

      • Me

        I hear the UVA center is almost through researching what football is. Next step, how to surrender to it.

        • Jon B

          Maybe VT can research how to win a NCAA title in any sport.

    • not a hoo

      UVA d-bags trolling random articles about VT? Get off your daddy’s iPad and get a job. Oh, wait, liberal arts majors can only get jobs at Starbucks…

  • VT

    That would be UVA who wears ties to games!

  • nota agin

    I do hope the security at this place is first class. I do wonder why it is located here when there is such marvelous pastures and electronic communications around the world which Blacksburg should use. I did not know Ballston is the science and technology hub of Arlington. Is that why the Arlington police have been protecting that building on Nelson and Fairfax since 911 and getting tons of overtime and not caring about pedestrians trying to cross Fairfax. Will overtime protection for photo-mapping, science and technology be required when the new Fed opens at Quincy and Randolph and the VTRC?

    • MC 703

      From Wikkipedia

      Ballston is also home to several U.S. government agencies and organizations including the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, DARPA (the funding agency for the original Internet research), and the Office of Naval Research, as well as non-profit groups, such as The Nature Conservancy. Additionally, many government contractors and high tech companies have offices in Ballston such as CACI, SAIC, as well as the headquarters of ESI International.

  • vt

    Very funny comments from the uva losers, considering most vt students and alumni are actually from northern VA and other states north of here.

    • Jon B

      Great writing vt! Real nice education you all get down in Blacksburg. I hope you’re an engineer for your sake…

    • aHoo

      Even VPI grads must know that cows exist north of the Mason-Dixon Line. What in the world does that comment even mean?

      VPI is farther south than The University. Is that why you think most alumni are from states to the North? That is VPI logic at its best.

  • 4Arl

    This building parcel is listed in the real estate assessment database at $38 Million, owned by an LLC. Yet it is classified as TAX-EXEMPT, owned by the state! Since when is the state creating LLC’s? And now Arl will lose out on property tax on this prime real estate for years to come.
    RPC 14053058 for those interested.

    • Burger

      An LLC, doesn’t mean for-profit necessarily.

      You can still have a non-profit in an LLC and you do it for a variety of reasons, mostly do to liability. If someone decides to sue the VT Ballston for some reason and gets a huge judgment, it prevents the litigator from placing the liability on the entire University – which is non-profit and a state entity.

  • Take it down a notch

    I just want them to finish the damn construction. It is such a PITA getting to and from my office, which is next to this mess. Note to anyone driving west on Wilson — drivers pulling out of Wakefield can’t see if anything is coming at us — we have to just cross our fingers and go.

  • Lou

    Just read the Green Turtle is opening a place in this building. TURTLE

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