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Storm Damage Caused by ‘Macroburst’ — The National Weather Service says the extensive damaged caused by Sunday night’s storm was caused by a “macroburst” — a larger version of a microburst. The macroburst brought winds of 60-70 miles per hour to some North Arlington neighborhoods, causing trees and power poles to snap in half. [MyFoxDC]

RV Catches Fire on GW Parkway — Traffic was brought to a standstill on the GW Parkway Monday morning when an RV burst into flames. Dark, billowing smoke from the fire could be seen across the river in D.C. The driver got out safely, but the RV was a total loss. [NBC Washington]

Pike Residents ‘Want it All’ — Columbia Pike residents who participated in last week’s ‘charrette‘ process “want to have their cake and eat it too,” in the words of one planner. The county is working to satisfy their demands for expensive amenities and preserved affordable housing. [Washington Examiner]

Arlington Schools Handle Language Challenges — Arlington Public Schools’ Language Services and Registration Center helps children from nearly 3,000 immigrant families, who communicate in 96 different languages, to integrate into the school system. [Washington Post]

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  • Burger

    Wow, shocking everyone has different wants in a development plan.

    • TMP

      It doesn’t mater what residents want, the county board will continue to do what IT wants. That is, waste money on a trolley, promote the construction of soulless high rise mixed use buildings, and make it harder to drive around by car.

      • Bluemontsince1961

        +10, TMP

      • Josh S

        Actually, the article points out that 80% of those in attendance voiced their approval of the county’s general plan for the Pike. So, I think the county board is doing what they were elected to do.

  • TMP

    re: Languages in Schools: Easy solution…make people integrate by making them learn English. We make it way too easy to get by in America without knowing the language. I’m all for programs to help them learn, but against anything that keeps them from having to.

    • doodly

      You’re a real genius, TMP. Teach them English? By, like, enrolling them in school? Duh. But they don’t know it yet, and you have to deal with that first.

      • PhilL

        This is what was called ESOL when I was a kid around here. Not sure what they call it now, but it was always integrated with the elementary schools and taught English to non-speakers.

      • TMP

        You misunderstand me. I’m not talking about enrollment, but making things like ESOL compulsory and doing away with “For English, press one…” and government forms in other languages.

  • The Dope of South Arlington

    Obviously instruction should be given in all 96 languages. Why should anyone give up part of their culture just to receive a tax-payer financed education?

  • John K.

    Who really WANTS that damn trolley on Columbia Pike? I’m fine with one more decent supermarket (with a parking lot, please) and better sidewalks in a couple of spots. Screw me for not getting to those stupid meetings to be a pain in the ass. smh.

    • Josh S

      “those stupid meetings” … yet, perfectly happy to spew the hate on an anonymous internet blog…..

      If getting to the public meetings set up to invite participation and comment was not possible, I believe you’re still free to write a letter to the Board, call the Planning Department, etc. Then, no matter what happens in the future, at least you’ll have peace of mind knowing that at least your voice was heard. You can then make your decision about whether or not the Pike is a place you want to live near or visit.

      • John K.

        Having made my voice heard to the Board and certain Departments of the County Government in the past two years on Columbia Pike and other topics, I trust that what I have to say wouldn’t change their agenda. Now, if only I had lawyer money like the upstanding citizens on either side of 66!

        Fwiw, “Those stupid meetings” is hardly spewing hate. You may disagree with me about the value of the window-dressing buy-in process of the charette, but you cannot be serious with that comment.

    • TMP

      I went to the new Giant, but won’t be going back. Had to park in a lot underneath the building, signage to find the elevators weren’t obvious, and getting around the other cars with a cart when done was a hassle because they ran the lanes parallel to the exits, not perpendicular. Will not be going back. At least the Shirlington Harris Teeter has an entrance on the same level as the garage.

      • John Fontain

        I went to the new Giant last week and found the experience to be very good. I went at 7pm on a weeknight. The parking garage was practically empty and there were loads of spaces within 25 yards of the elevators. Hopped in the elevator, went up 1 level and entered directly into the store. The store is huge, clean, and was not crowded at all. They have tons of selection of items my normal Giant (Washington Blvd in Virginia Square) doesn’t carry. The new Giant is probably 2 to 3 times as big.

        There were no lines at the checkout and the staff have a postive attitude since everything is so new (same can’t always be said for Virginia Square location).

        Taking my cart back to the parking lot and unloading was a breeze since the lot was largely empty. And parking was free (which it should be).

  • If you live or work in Arlington, chances are you have heard more than a little discussion about streetcars in the past several weeks. Back in July, the Arlington County Board voted in approval of plans to develop a streetcar along Columbia Pike. Once completed, the streetcar will serve a 5-mile course from Pentagon City, out toward Bailey’s Crossing along Columbia Pike.


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