Deal of the Day: 50% Off Pines of Florence in Va. Square

by ARLnow.com July 6, 2011 at 4:49 pm 3,166 23 Comments

Our partners at WTD are offering a great deal at the already reasonably-priced Pines of Florence restaurant in Virginia Square.

Through the end of the week you can get $30 worth of food (see menu) and non-alcoholic drinks for $15. The restaurant’s specialties include Italian classics like fried calamari, baked ziti and white pizza.

The deal is good for dining in at Pines of Florence’s pizza counter or main seating area. The restaurant is located at 3811 Fairfax Drive, two blocks from the Virginia Square Metro station.

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  • Greg

    They need a better promo pic. No way anyone could identify that plate of slop as Italian food.

    • Dr. Kwok

      Has anyone else had a wicked case of explosive diarrhea after eating at this joint? Count me as a resounding YES in that category.

      • Joe


  • Bill

    This is downright disgusting. Perhaps my least favorite restaurant I have ever been to in Arlington.

  • Phil West

    I second that. My posterior almost completely painted the interior of a friends car upon leaving this establishment. If you’re constipated, this is the place you want to go.

  • Failed Again

    Yes it is! This place is horrible with bad service to compliment its gross food. They should relocate to the Artisphere with bad art. They would fit in very well there!

  • b0rk

    There was a Pines of Italy off of Glebe and Pershing a few years back. It was actually decent. I wonder if this is the same owner?

  • charlie

    anyone who goes to any of the Pines restaurants is brave.
    and the picture is probably an accurate representation of whatever two cans they opened and poured together.

    i think these restaurants are some sort of front, like the used-car dealers.

  • Wanker

    I don’t understand how this place stays open. I never see anyone in there. Must be the lunch crowd or something.

  • Joe Hoya

    Thanks for the recommendation, ARLNow. But I think I’m going to pass on this one.

  • steve

    You guys are so mean to Mr. Arlnow. He’s just trying to cover the costs for this place and you are crucifying the advertisers. If their food was so horrible, why do they have multiple places still in business?

    • Thes

      Steve, indeed we can be sure that this experiment by ArlNow in allowing open comments on this kind of thing has yielded its result. Way to bite the hand that feeds you, guys!

  • OX4

    Weird about all the hate for Pines of Florence. We’ve been eating there for years.

    • LyonParker

      No hate, but bad food. Expiration dates mean something.

  • Frank

    I actually think their pizza (to-go) isn’t half-bad. The rest of their menu, condiment practices (re-using open faced parm between tables), and service is….lacking.

  • Skeptical

    Some years ago we had friends come through from a suburb of Richmond, which isn’t exactly known as a capital of gourmet dining, and someone said “Hey, I’m up for some Italian food.” So we went to the Pines which had been down the street for so long that we figured it must be at least OK. I still remember the expression of bewildered disgust on one guy’s face as he registered that the tomato sauce on his order of pasta was approximately the same thing you get on a particularly disappointing school lunch. No one could eat their meal. In a town with some of the fanfrackingtastic restaurants we have, there’s no excuse.

  • Dennis

    I’ve eaten there several times…the food is not spectacular, but it’s not bad either. It’s old-fashioned Italian food.

    • Legal Resident V

      Correct. I prefer the Old Town Alexandria location, which is packed quite often.

  • Josh S

    Yes, that looks like something you’d feed to the pigs.

  • danielobvt

    Is this place gourmet? Heck no. But they offer solid and tasty Italian food. My family has been eating at this place since ‘way back when” they used to be in Courthouse (where the Four Court’s expansion is now). I love their calamari and their white pizza.

  • Lisa M

    We eat here frequently and have for many years, We enjoy the chicken picata and linguini w/ clams. Don’t expect trendy — Pines is definitely an old fashioned Italian restaurant like dad took us to in the 70’s. The waiters are quiet & kind. My only disappointment is the interpretation of antipasto–I’d like to see more of a meat, salad/pepper,cheese platter, This is a hearty green salad–not bad, but not what i expected. Pls enjoy the restaurant for what it is. They are group and family friendly too!

  • Alan Schroeder

    This place used to be not too bad. About 2 years ago. Sauce was nice and tangy. Was. Last time we went, a few months ago, sauce tasted like something out of a bottle, sweet–yuck! We asked if they changed chefs. Never got an answer. That made the tip go down.
    Won’t be going back.

  • nota again

    The picture looks like sauteed condoms with…


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