Favola Tops Latest Fundraising Numbers

by ARLnow.com July 15, 2011 at 6:56 pm 4,412 18 Comments

Quarterly finance reports are out for Arlington’s state Senate races.

In the heated 31st District contest between County Board member Barbara Favola and Army National Guard JAG officer Jaime Areizaga-Soto, Favola won the fundraising battle and conserved her cash.

Favola received $130,414.68 in contributions during the second quarter of 2011, compared to Areizaga-Soto’s $73,816.00. Areizaga-Soto also took out $145,000 in net debt during the period, but only ended up with $41,137.84 cash in hand thanks to a whopping $177,678.16 in spending. Favola spent $74,764.67 and ended with $112,909.01 cash in hand.

Favola may face renewed criticism of her willingness to accept money from developers and other interests with business before the County Board. All told, Favola accepted nearly $35,000 in donations from real estate, development and hotel companies.

Among the donations were $5,000 from JBG Companies executive Walter Coker, $2,500 from Monday Properties executive Timothy Helmig, $2,500 from IDI Group CEO Giuseppe Cecchi, $1,000 from The Bozzuto Group’s Thomas Bozzuto, and $1,000 from MRP Realty executive Robert Murphy. She also accepted donations from representatives of Vornado/Charles E. Smith, the B.F. Saul Company, McCaffrey Interests, and Cushman & Wakefield.

Additionally, Favola accepted a $2,500 donation from Advanced Towing owner John O’Neill, $1,000 from Red Top Cab and $500 from Enviro-Cab partner April Hess. All three firms are subject to special county regulations. Political supporters Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple, Sen. Janet Howell, and Sen. Dick Saslaw collectively contributed $32,000 $42,000 to Favola.

Areizaga-Soto, meanwhile, raised a significant portion of his money from friends and family in his native Puerto Rico. He raised more than $21,000 from donors in the American territory. Areizaga-Soto’s fellow attorneys were also generous. He raised $18,700 from donors identified as attorneys.

Areizaga-Soto’s largest individual donor was Carlos Del Toro, the CEO of a service disabled veteran-owned engineering and consulting firm in Stafford, Va. Del Toro donated a total of $5,250 to Areizaga-Soto.

The winner of the primary race between Favola and Areizaga-Soto will face Republican Caren Merrick in the fall. Merrick raised $136,031.25 during the quarter and has $153,499.90 cash on hand.

In the three-way Democratic primary race for the 30th District state Senate seat, Arlington County School Board member Libby Garvey captured the fundraising crown.

Garvey raised $114,352.22 during the second quarter, ending with $88,815.62 cash in hand. Her largest individual donor was the Political Action Committee of Sen. Patsy Ticer, who’s vacating the 30th District seat, followed by $5,500 from Arlington-based AES Solar Energy Ltd. CEO Bob Hemphill.

Alexandria City Councilman Rob Krupicka, meanwhile, came in second with $110,197.25 raised from April through the end of June. Krupicka ended with $44,773.23 cash on hand. His biggest individual supporter was Jay N. Hoffman of the real estate firm Hoffman Co. Inc. Hoffman donated a total of $5,000 to Krupicka.

Del. Adam Ebbin raised $103,093.97 during the quarter, ending with $70,388.95 cash in hand. His biggest outside donation was $5,000 from the D.C.-based Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, adding to a prior $3,500 donation.

Update at 11:30 a.m. on 7/16/11 — The Favola campaign has released a statement about the latest fundraising numbers:

“I am grateful to the hundreds of supporters who have contributed to my campaign. I am humbled to know that so many have confidence in my ability to serve Northern Virginia in the state senate. I am proud that the senate leadership and other elected officials have invested in my campaign and trust me to fight for our progressive values.” — Barbara Favola

These reports show that Favola has a nearly three to one cash-on hand advantage that will allow her to deliver a strong Democratic message for the remainder of the campaign, and to beat a well funded Republican machine in November. The Favola campaign is reporting $112,909.01 cash on hand.

Jaime Areizaga-Soto is self-financing his campaign and loaned himself $160,000. After spending thousands on a negative smear campaign, Areizaga-Soto has drained his coffers and has only $41,137.84 left.

  • JB

    Pay to play Barbara!

    • Kevin

      It’s politics, what is so surprising?

  • GS24-7


  • Thes

    What about the Clifford/Lopez race for House of Delegates?

  • Stu Pendus

    That picture of Favola always gets my wallet out.

  • I hope Jamie uses the Advanced towing donation against her.

  • Stu Pendus

    Money is just part of the story. Caren Merrick can dig more money out of her sectional cushions than these two clowns can raise combined.

    • Plus she’s way hotter than Babs

  • jjbug

    Curious about this statement: Army National Guard JAG officer Jaime Areizaga-Soto: Is this not a “Reserve” officer? A campaigner today told me he is “on duty”, and, “yes, you may be right in thinking he is only in the Reserve force and may not be expecting to be called to full duty.” What is the truth? If he was most recently supporting Sen Whipple in Richmond, he could not be active-duty National Guard, could he?

    • BrownFlipFlops

      The Army Reserves and the Army National Guard are two completely separate organizations, with different missions.


  • Unaffiliated Observer

    I’m not in the 31st, but out of curiosity, I pulled down the report data, put it into a pivot table, and looked at where the candidates money came from. This includes data from Favola’s March report (Ariezaga-Soto entered the race after the March reporting deadline) so it the campaigns totals to date.

    Favola has 329 donors; Areizaga-Soto has 183 donors.
    71% (233) of Favola’s donors and 61% ($123,693) of her funds came from Arlington. If you add in Fairfax and Loudoun it rises to 81% of her donors and 86% of her funding.

    For Areizaga-Soto, 22% (41) of his donors and 12% ($9,725) of his funds came from Arlington. Add in Fairfax and Loudoun and it rises to 34% of donors and 22% of funds.

    As the article notes, he had a significant boost from Puerto Rico contributors. For comparison, Areizago-Soto had 41 Arlington donors, and 40 Puerto Rico donors; he raised $9,725 from Arlington and $22,185 from Puerto Rico (28% of his total).

  • John Andre

    The prime item of my concern involves Favola’s receiving contributions from a known McDonnell/Cuccinelli supporter.

    • Skeptical

      Not surprising. Major corporations sometimes donate to both contenders in a Presidential campaign, if I’m remembering rightly the fact-check of a discussion that occurred during the ’04 election. The concern is not so much the suspicion of an oncompatible agenda as it is the naked intention to be sure that whomever’s elected owes the donor something.

      I’ve never thought of Favola as anything but a self-promoter, but I have to ask why so many people outside of Arlington care whether someone supplants her.

    • charlie

      favola got money from a long time Arlington family that helped build this county — not just developments — but also things like Arlington Hospital and a major donor to the Planetarium.
      these people also support republicans, but they know to support their community.
      it isn’t anywhere near as horrible as it sounds, and I am #1 anti-cooch.

  • G Clifford Prout

    That picture of Soto isn’t as spooky as his official one. Is he telling us how big something is in this photo?

  • Umm?

    Absurd how she uses technicalities to skirt the spirit of the law.

  • Charlie

    To think that Favola’s 1 vote on anything would sway the Board of 5 is a stretch . . . Then again . . . making stuff up may be damaging and irresponsible but who cares? Right?

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