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Deal of the Day: $9 for $20 of Food at Faccia Luna

by ARLnow.com August 2, 2011 at 10:30 am 4,730 22 Comments

Walk up and down Wilson Boulevard in Clarendon on a warm summer night, and you’re likely to be offered a free sample of pizza.

It’s a tradition at Faccia Luna, the “American Trattoria” that has been a presence in Clarendon since 1992. For those who haven’t tried their pizza, or those who can’t get enough of it, our partners at WTD are offering a great deal: $20 worth of food and non-alcoholic beverages for $9.

The deal is available for purchase through next weekend. It must be redeemed by Dec. 1.

See Faccia Luna’s menu here.

  • Clarendude

    Back in the day, people on the street would ask me where a good pizza place was and I’d send them to Faccia Luna and I’d sometimes mention that it was a little pricey. Now, I still send them there for good pizza and can say it’s one of the more reasonable priced ones.

    • Sean

      Good…..don’t tell them about Pupatella. Let’s keep that a secret, okay?

      • John Fontain

        I’ve tried to go to Pupatella more than a handful of times and every single time it is closed. It literally hasn’t been open a single time I’ve driven by.

        • Poodles

          Sort of sorry to hear that, but they talk up their straight-from-Naples pizza oven and then serve you floppy pizza. What’s the point of an oven that can get super hot if they never use it? I can bake crust like that in a Hotpoint electric. It’s not bad, but just not up to the hype, imo.

        • CW

          Serious question though – is it ever open? I’ve never seen it open on any day of the week.

      • Clarendude

        I don’t know about it, so your secret is safe AFAIC.

  • Southeast Ben

    Best Pizza in town. Great service.

  • LP

    Purchased! Thanks for providing the info…never look at WTD so glad it was on here.

  • John

    I went here all the time as a kid and still love this place! It’s one of the few remaining family-friendly restaurants in the area.

    • CW

      “Few remaining family friendly restaurants”? Give me a break. I can’t stand it when people say that…one would think from what you say that every other place is doing strip shows and selling drugs in the back. Look down the boulevard on a weekday evening – it’s nothing but dogs and SUV-sized double strollers. If your definition of family-friendly is a place where everyone there just LOVES screaming, uncontrolled kids, then there is no such thing.

  • chipotle_addict

    In for one. Haven’t tried the place yet, but the reviews convinced me. How does it compare to Piola?

    • BallstonNOTBoston

      It’s much better than Piola, both food & service.

  • WestoverAndOver

    It is solid. I do not think you will have regrets. I prefer it to Piola. I even go there when I am up in State College, PA.

  • The Dogfather

    I partook of this as well. For 60% off, it would have to be unspeakably bad for me to be dissatisfied. I mean, you can get a 16-inch pizza there for $9 with this deal!

    • charlie

      did you just brag about getting a 16 inch pizza for Nine Bucks?
      that is regular price anywhere else in the world, isn’t it?

  • WARNING!!!

    This is only good for eat-in! No takeout! Good luck parking in Clarendon or suffering the Metro crowds.

    • CW

      Crawl back under your rock and stay there.

      • ?

        Hope you get hit by a bus, a–hat.

        • CW

          I’m not allowed to call someone a “fool” in the midst of a spirited debate, but yet here we have an example of the sorts of lovely little gems that are allowed to stand. Stay classy.

          • ?

            OK, I went way too far. But so did you. Not everyone wants to endure Clarendon. That doesn’t mean I’m some hermit. It’s a little unusual that takeout is not included.

    • Clarendude

      I thought Faccia Luna has their own lot in the back ?

      • Southeast Ben

        It is $5 to park in the lot behind back. Roads are zoned until 1AM or something redic.


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