Thank You to Our Server Tech

One might think that Alex Chamandy of Barcroft-based Arlington Virginia Computer Repair is merely a computer fix-it guy. Someone who spends his days troubleshooting errors, removing viruses, dealing with fizzled hard drives and tackling other computer maladies.

Yes — Alex and his partner Jennifer do all of those things, and do them well. But he’s also a wizard when it comes to Linux servers, open source server software, and the IT needs of small businesses, and that’s why we’d like to thank him today. Alex has been helping us with our technical/server issues since shortly after we launched, and now he’s spending hours of his scarce free time helping us transition to a newer, faster and more reliable server.

Without Alex’s help, we would have been hard-pressed to keep the site up and running as it grew. Plus, Alex has been our go-to guy for random technical questions and information security-related services.

Rather than toiling anonymously — save the mention at the bottom of each of our pages — we wanted to let Alex’s dedication be known to all. If you want the same expertise and service when your desktop or laptop goes belly-up, or if your small business needs some tech help, give his company a call at 703-486-0200 or visit the Arlington Virginia Computer Repair web site.


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