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by ARLnow.com September 1, 2011 at 8:44 am 3,045 18 Comments

Aurora Hills Babysitter Co-Op — While the District has been ranked as the most expensive place in the country for childcare, parents in the Aurora Hills neighborhood, near Crystal City, have banded together to save money by taking care of each other’s kids. The Aurora Hills babysitting co-op is “just a group of moms helping each other out,” according to one of the members. [MyFoxDC]

Seasonal Green Chiles Arrive in Arlington — A shipment of green chiles, fresh from the famous growing region of Hatch, N.M., has arrived at Santa Fe Cafe (1500 Wilson Blvd) in Rosslyn. The restaurant is expecting to receive about 100 pounds of Hatch green chiles throughout September. Owner Kip Laramie says he’ll be using the flavorful, spicy ingredient to serve dishes like locally smoked pork chop with green chile peach chutney, grilled spinach with green chile quesadilla, and red snapper with artichokes, mushrooms and green chiles. [Rosslyn Blog]

Public Forum Planned for Comcast Renewal — Comcast is seeking to renew its cable franchise agreement with the county, and a public meeting is planned to give residents a chance to share their thoughts on the company’s service in Arlington. Officials are specifically seeking ideas for public services that Comcast can provide as part of a new franchise agreement.  The meeting will be held on at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 13, in the County Board room of 2100 Clarendon Boulevard. [Arlington County]

ARLnow Mobile Site Disabled — We’ve temporarily disabled the mobile version of our web site. Web-enabled mobile phone users visiting ARLnow.com will now see the full version of the site. We expect to have the mobile site back up by Monday.

Flickr pool photo by Philliefan99

  • dominion hills

    Babysitting coops are nothing new. We’ve had one in our neighborhood for decades.

    • Loocy

      Likewise. I remember a babysitting coop in my Arlington neighborhood in the 1970s, when I was a teen babysitter. They used little chits to make sure that everyone gave as much as received. A babysitting coop is hardly “ahead of its time”. In reality, I’d consider it kind of retro — going back to a simpler time when neighbors looked after each other’s children.

  • Lou

    Locally smoked? Is that the new culinary fad? Why not call it pork chop with local smoke and green chile peach chutney.

    • CW

      Lol! You beat me to it!

      I was going to say that those “locally smoked” pork chops sure taste a lot better than the ones that are trucked in from across the country…

    • Stoneridge

      I know, they lose so much flavor when they’re smoked out of state. 14% of people know this for a fact. The quesadilla could make an appearance tomorrow at our building’s happy hour.

  • Rick

    I’m sure some Government Agency (Arlington County) will come in a shut down the “Babysitting coops” because they don’t comply with some Government Standards/Regulation. Or some Child Care company will complain and then force the mom’s to not take care of the children!

    • little johnny fudgepack

      Bitter much?

      • CW

        Except he’s got a pretty good point. At what point does it become a “child care facility”?

        • J

          When there’s money involved. It sounds like these moms are just babysitting each others’ kids, free of charge. They simply take turns.

          • dominion hills

            To be clear, our co-op isn’t a full-time, daycare thing, it’s just babysitting when needed.

        • dominion hills

          Like I said, we’ve had one for decades. The county has never once had any contact with us.

          Rick, you lose. Your silly hyperbole is disproven by reality.

    • drax

      How DARE the county require that children be safe!

      • AllenB

        Exactly… if anything ever happened to one of those kids, the same group of whiners on here would be the first to say it’s the county’s fault for not intervening.

  • Lily

    Ooo, pretty picture!

    • AllenB


  • Swag

    Mom’s running unlicensed day care, a restaurant gets a food delivery and Comcast works to continue it’s monopoly… That’s some hard hitting reporting there…

    • drax

      Yet you came here and read the articles, and even took the time to post.

  • NOVApologist

    Any idea when the mobile version of the site will be back?


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