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by ARLnow.com September 9, 2011 at 8:44 am 1,675 20 Comments

Wild Animals Rescued During Hurricane — Given this week’s weather, Hurricane Irene is increasingly looking like a brief summer rain shower. Nonetheless, the hurricane created a dangerous situation for humans and animals alike. Animal control officers from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington rescued more than 20 wild animals during the storm, mostly baby squirrels. [Washington Post]

Defense Contractor Moving HQ to Arlington — Defense contractor ATK is moving its headquarters from Minneapolis to Rosslyn. The move will only affect the top brass at the company, however. Fewer than 10 employees, mostly executives, are expected to make the move. [DefenseNews]

Arlington Man Found Dead in N.J. — Arlington resident David C. Williams, 47, was found slumped over in the driver’s seat of his car in Woodbine, N.J. on Wednesday. Foul play is not suspected. [Shore News Today]

Arlington Arts Center Happy Hour — The Arlington Arts Center will be starting its series of fall happy hours on Thursday, Sept. 15. [Clarendon Nights]

Flickr photo courtesy of Brendan L.

  • Lou

    I’m glad someone thought of the baby squirrels.


    • drax

      Yeah, there are soldiers in Afghanistan!

    • Don Ager

      someone comes to the aid of squirrels, and you take offense at it?
      somehow I think we can care for the animals and hear about it in the media and still support our troops in harm’s way.

    • baby squirrel

      It’s the day after a big storm. You see me lying there in your yard, about to slowly starve or get eaten by a crow or a dog, and you can’t be bothered to just make a phone call?

      • Mother Nature

        Yes. That’s correct.

        • Lou

          They need to find their boot straps.

          • You need to find your humanity.

          • Lou

            You need to find your meta-humor.

            Sorry the rain has everyone in a foul mood this morning. I’ll let you guys vent in peace.

        • baby squirrel

          Wasn’t talking to you, Mother. Can’t you ever leave me alone?

          • Hungry Raccoon

            You taste great. And best of all, you won’t live to pass on any of your clumsy DNA.

    • Congrats! You get the award for the uncaring remark of the day!

      • Humorometer Adjuster

        Hello – it appears your humor detect-o-meter is in need of recalibration. Please call to make an appointment. I have an opening this afternoon, right after I’m finished with steve[number withheld to protect anonymity].

  • ed

    Posted at 8:44, first complaint at 8:54. Good morning, everyone.

  • Swag

    Why do all art-related boozefests have to revolve around wine and cheese? Most artists I know drink hard liquor.

    • Richard Cranium

      Marketing. “Wine and Cheese” sounds better than “Jack Daniels and pork rinds.”

      • DarkHeart

        Or Crown Royal and Bull Testes.

  • Baby Chipmunk

    This discrimination is getting ridiculous.

    • baby squirrel

      Stay away from my nuts.

      • Baby Chipmunk

        That does it. I’m getting Alvin, Theodore and Simon and we’re coming for you.


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