Video: Afghan Kabob House in Courthouse

by ARLnow.com September 9, 2011 at 3:14 pm 3,006 19 Comments

Afghan Kabob House in Courthouse (2045 Wilson Blvd) was recently profiled by AVN, the county’s cable TV channel.

Owner Akbar Madany showed host Katie Greenan the process of hand marinating and grilling the meats used in their kabobs. Also discussed: the popularity of the Kabob House’s delivery business and hookah offerings.

  • Cricket


  • KalashniKEV

    E-W Grill > Kabob Bazaar > Afghan Kabob

    • CW

      Sorry dude. Ravi and the Palace take them all to the woodshed.

    • Meat on a stick

      Kabob Palace > Kabob Bazaar > Ravi > grilled roadkill > E-W Grill > Afghan Kabob

      • Steamboat Willie

        The pale faced kabob fanboys, er, “experts” are circling this story like buzzards.

        I like Afghan Kabob, and I don’t have to hike over to Crystal City to have it. Then again, what do I know? It’s just my unsophisticated taste buds, so maybe I should listen to all you hipster posers.

        • CW

          I know I shouldn’t feed the trolls, but, if I’ve eaten at all of these places, what stops me from saying which ones I like more than the others? I don’t think anyone is “posing” as a kabob expert, only giving their individual opinions.

    • playa

      Sorry dude : Kabob Bazaar > Afghan Kabob > E-W Grill

  • I Judge People

    “I love meat on sticks.” That was the quote of the piece.

    • DudeGuy

      hahaha, I agree… NOTED @ 4:26

  • I Judge People

    4:26 mark.

    • I Judge Smails

      You? BUY?? BUSHWOOD?????

      • Ty Webb

        Don’t sell yourself short, judge – you’re a terrific slouch

  • JimPB

    Is making business promotional video tapes a good use of limited tax dollars?

    Businesses seem able to pay for sophisticated web pages; so adding a video, or posting a video to You Tube or, best, to ArlNow.Com, if a business(es) thought such an endeavor was worth while, would seem like a minor additional expense.
    The thing is to leave it to businesses to decide how best to advertise and promote their businesses.

    ArlCo would do best to concentrate on minimizing the regulatory burden to that which is essential for public health, safety, security and perhaps also fair business practices, and to make demonstrating compliance as easy, quick and inexpensive as possible.

    • Clarendon

      I was thinking the exact opposite of what you are implying. I don’t know what Arlington Economic Develop does, if anything to help small businesses, but this sort of thing (not sure what department is responsible) seems like it not only helps them, but also helps the residents learn what is out in their community. Reduce regulation burden too, but this is great. Successful small business helps fund the government through the taxes they pay.

      • Steamboat Willie

        Amen Clarendon.

    • CW

      Every single county in this country, from here to Sticksville, Iowa, has a public access cable channel that does just this sort of thing to draw attention to local businesses.

      Pull the [name of object] out of your [name of orifice] and have a nice day!

  • Cas

    Never been to Ravi, it’s on my list.

    Problem is…I can never go anywhere else besides Kabob Palace because it’s that damn good.

    Afghan Kabob is like a AA team of kabob. The Palace is like the Yankees.

    • Richard Cranium

      You mean it costs $17 for a beer when you go there and if you walk 2 blocks away from your destination you might get mugged?

  • Teyo

    I love this place! I used to go all the time when I lived in Courthouse and now that I live on Columbia Pike, I still order from them from time to time since they deliver.


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