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by ARLnow.com September 14, 2011 at 8:22 am 3,439 52 Comments

Arlington’s Biggest Redskins Fanatic — Charlie Clark has tracked down perhaps the biggest Redskins fan of them all. North Arlington resident Mary Holt, age 87, owns about “1,500 team knickknacks ranging from napkin holders to clocks to team photos to Redskins Wheaties cereal boxes.” The tchotchkes are displayed across “every inch of her ‘woman cave'” — where she watches the burgundy and gold every game day. [Falls Church News Press]

Lyon Village Park Ribbon Cutting — Residents and county officials will celebrate the completion of improvements to Lyon Village Park (1800 N. Highland Street) over the weekend. Park upgrades include new tennis and basketball courts, backboards and a living green picnic shelter canopy. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at 11:00 Sunday morning.

Bricks Missing in Rosslyn — The Ode Street Tribune spots a number of missing brick pavers at a pedestrian crosswalk in Rosslyn. [Old Street Tribune]

Eden Center Controversy — Vietnamese merchants in the Eden Center in Falls Church are complaining about police intimidation after a raid last month that resulted in 19 arrests for alleged gang activity. Earlier this year, Arlington authorities — the county provides fire department services to the City of Falls Church — raided the Eden Center and confiscated illegal fireworks. [Washington Post]

  • Lou

    Bud Light, breakfast of champions.

  • G Clifford Prout

    Go police. Give ’em all the intimidation you want.

    • Leave Eden Alone

      You’re a jerk. These people fought the communists alongside US soldiers and came here with nothing. Then built businesses, bought homes, and sent a lot of their kids to medical schools. We need more Americans like them.

      • G Clifford Prout

        Youth gangs fought in the 60’s?

        • BoredHouseWife

          youth in asia will kill your grandma

      • CW

        All Vietnamese people in this country were once rebel fighters from the South. And they all send their kids exclusively to medical school; nowhere else. But you’re against any sort of stereotyping or profiling, of course, that goes without saying.

        • drax

          Well, no, he didn’t say that at all.

          • CW

            He didn’t? Sure implied it.

      • Skeptical

        Try parking while non-Asian in that lot some time, say especially on Lunar New Year, and see how fast those “freedom fighters” and their posterity swoop in to intimidate and curse at you, if they think they had a right to the spot you took. (At this point there is only one business there that doesn’t serve a primarily Asian clientele, but there used to be others.)

        What comes around goes around. No ethnicity or history confers the right to be immune from law enforcement (or to act like an asshole, for that matter).

        • othersideoftheriver

          My decidedly non-Asian self has never had trouble parking in that lot, nor anything but a warm reception from any of the shops there. I’d never expect easy parking there at the Lunar New Year, same as I don’t expect easy parking in DC on the 4th of July.

          What goes around, comes around…

          • Skeptical

            It’s one thing not to expect “easy” parking. My point is the very strong feeling you get that the Asian customers consider every space in that lot “theirs,” and did even when there were more non-Asian businesses there, resulting in abusive confrontations involving several Asian patrons shouting at one non-Asian (me) — something that did NOT happen on the Lunar New Year, incidentally. I wasn’t present, but was told by an eyewitness of a similar incident where a young woman trying to park at the gym in back was frightened to tears by a group of young men who wanted her parking space. A friend of mine once went into a tailor shop in the main center to see if they could do her daughter’s wedding dress and found herself being passed over for customers who’d come in the shop long after she did, and since she was not exactly one of the white people who used to do that to minorities in this country, it was plain rude and discriminatory without the slightest whiff of “what comes around goes around.” I’ve heard just enough stories like that and had just enough of my own experiences never to want to do business there, even if I felt as if I were safe from gang activity.

    • charlie

      the gangs at Eden Center are unrelenting. intimidation is needed to get people to help the police bust up these groups. the strongest will win.

  • Swag

    FTA: “Downtown Rosslyn features much elegant brickwork on sidewalks and street crossing. However, after the recent fierce primary contest for our Virginia senator seat, several bricks are missing from the crosswalk at Key Blvd. & N. Oak St.”

    So is the author implying that the bricks were taken to be thrown at politicians? I mean, I can see the appeal, but that might be a bit of a stretch…

    (if you want to see missing bricks, check out the sidewalk behind the Clarendon WholeFoods)

  • BrownFlipFlops

    “The tchotchkes are displayed across “every inch of her ‘woman cave’” — where she watches the burgundy and gold every game day”

    …and Snyder is desperately trying to think of something for which he can sue her.


  • MC 703


  • WestoverAndOver

    Love the photo! The Inn!

    • Westover05

      Oh yes, I recognize it too. No better breakfast in Arlington

      • ?

        Where is it?

        • CW

          The same place everything else in westover is…the one block that has retail in it…

        • Westover05

          It’s the Forest Inn on Wash blvd in Westover. Never had their breakfast though.

  • Leave Eden Alone

    This harassment of elderly Vietnamese Americans really angers me. I go to Eden Center all the time. It’s crowded, but it’s polite and orderly. It’s a real cultural gem. For the police to go there and randomly frisk elderly people is infurating and un-American. Find someone in the act of gambling? Write them a ticket. Or arrest them and file charges. But stop this business of intimidation.

    • Clarendon

      UPDATE, 1:30 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 14: The first five defendants arrested at Eden Center on Aug. 11 all won their cases Wednesday in Falls Church General District Court. One man was found not guilty of illegal gambling and the city prosecutor then dismissed the same charge against four other people.

  • DarkHeart

    The Post had a story a few years ago about a Landon grad/ son of a former Pakistani ambassador who has half his house filled with Taterabilia, including a used Riggo jockstrap.

  • Mattie

    There are missing pavers on Wilson Blvd in Rosslyn at Nash St. as well. How do I know this? My foot caught in the hole and I did a faceplant on the sidewalk on the way to work yesterday. (Thanks to the several random pedestrians who all stopped to make sure I was OK – which I am.)

    • John

      Glad you’re ok. Those bricked crosswalks look terrible. The county should go back to painting broad white stripes at the major intersections.

    • little johnny fudgepack

      How does one step in a hole in the sidewalk in daytime? Got your face in a PDA, by chance?

      • drax

        So you look down while walking? You’ve never ever tripped in your life?

  • John

    The Lyon Village Park has steadily gone downhill since the County removed the wooden playground back in the mid-90s and replaced it with safe toys for the under-5 crowd. At least they maintain the sports facilities. I gotta check out the new “living green picnic shelter canopy.” It better be amazing.

  • Richard Cranium

    2 things. First, please never, ever use the phrase “woman cave” again, especially as relating to an 87 Y.O. woman. Thank you.

    Second – whomever has the contract to repair those bricks is making a fortune. They are in CONSTANT need of repair on sidewalks and elsewhere.

    • UnlimitedCustoms

      DC removed their paver crosswalks from K Street a few years ago.

  • UnlimitedCustoms

    It would be nice if some of the speed humps were removed from Highland Street in LV.

    More so on the western half of the street (going south) as it causes unnecessary acceleration after going over the humps.

    • John

      Won’t happen. LV residents prefer thru traffic to use Kirkwood.

      • UnlimitedCustoms

        Maybe true, but Highland is an arterial street for entering Clarendon.

        Kirkwood is out of the way, involves multiple left turns, and more traffic lights.

        • drax

          Exactly. So either use Kirkwood or slow down on Highland.

          • UnlimitedCustoms

            No need to jump to a conclusion there. I don’t speed through Highland.

            I’m saying that going south is /uphill/ and thus, requires acceleration from each speed bump to gain the velocity that was lost while going over the bump.

            Yes, I know they are designed for 25 mph, but in practice, I don’t think its wise to go over the humps at that speed.

          • CW

            (Here’s the part where somebody falsely states that, unless you are driving a Ferrari, you should be able to go over them at full speed, even though any owner of anything resembling a luxury or sports car knows that to not be the case.)

          • drax

            I didn’t mean you specifically.

            I think pretty much all speed humps involve acceleration after going over them. But I don’t know how you’d put speed hump only on one side (the downhill side) of a street. Maybe you could.

  • Hattie McDaniel

    Do they ‘renovate’ Lyon Village Park every few years? Why does it get so much attention when there are other public spaces in Arlington that hasn’t been touched in decades?

    • CW
      • UnlimitedCustoms

        I didn’t click the link, but I suspect it may involve the County Board.

        • Bluemontsince1961

          It’s a listing of homes for sale in Lyon Village. Definitely not the low rent district by any means.

    • Bluemontsince1961

      The old “money talks” still holds true. Driving around Arlington, I notice one thing that seems consistent, the condition of the streets in a lot of North Arlington seem much better than in a lot of South Arlington.

    • Herb

      Now, now, Hattie. Nauck got a sprayground, WITH a bathroom included. In the midst of the renovation, the Lyon Village Park did not get a bathroom.

      I’m afraid if you’re concerned that your little ones will need to use the bathroom, that they’ll have to stick with the park in Nauck. Or, if they’re not going to a sprayground, they can use another County park that has a bathroom.

      Your choice.

  • Bob

    Anyone in Lyon Village know why the ArlCo logo was removed from the circle in the middle of the basketball court? It was there and then it was gone.


    • Thurston

      It’s inappropriate to place a County Logo onto a private association’s court.

      • John

        It’s a public park. The county can stick their seal where they want. Lyon Park’s park on the other hand is owned and maintained by the community and not the county.

        • Thurston

          Technically it’s a public park, but that’s so County money can be extracted for its support. But in reality, it’s meant for the citizens of Lyon Village. Outsiders really don’t belong. That’s why all the parking is permit-based, and why there are no restroom facilities on-site.

          • John

            If the park was meant only for the citizens of Lyon Village as you claim, the civic assn would at least need to own it outright, and maintain it themselves. Lyon Village could then choose to restrict access. Lyon Park owns their park, but the community welcomes users from outside the neighborhood. Lyon Park does not ask for county money for its park, because they choose to keep it as a private park in order to have complete control over it’s design.

            The Lyon Village park is designed for the surrounding community by the Arlington DPRCR with input from Lyon Village. And like all county parks it is open to all people, whether or not they are Arlington taxpayers. Lyon Village never had plans to keep the public park for themselves through various restrictions/lack of facilities. If you are a Lyon Village resident, and want more say over who can and can’t use the park, speak up at a LV community assn meeting. Although there is not much a community can do to restrict access to a public park.

            Parking is permit based because of the proximity of the subway. Permit parking discourages commuters from parking on residential streets close to metro stations. It has nothing to do with discouraging “outsiders” from spending time in Lyon Village or its parks. Country Club Hills or Chain Bridge Forest have no parking restrictions, so any bum could park their car in those “exclusive” neighborhoods for hours on end.

            I hope others in Lyon Village do not share your views. I grew up in the neighborhood and I fear it’s becoming like a mini north Santa Monica, or some similar pricey ‘burb where residents turn their noses up at outsiders.

          • CW

            Umm, I’m pretty sure his view is that he thinks its turning into a pricy place where we residents don’t allow outsiders. You’re reading what he said too matter-of-factly. Read it again, out loud, with some spiteful inflection here and there and I think you’ll get it.

            But let’s be fair here – he’s right. What LV wants, LV gets. Keep those cars off of our damn streets, they say! Never mind that those streets (e.g. highland) provide the only direct route from Lee into Clarendon, which is where all the attractions are that are driving up their property values and allowing them to be elitist snobs in the first place…We want nice restaurants! We want high property values! We want Starbucks…yes, more of them! But keep those damn outsiders off of our streets and out of our park!

          • John

            Damn. So I wasn’t about to out argue a really annoying elitist snob. I’ve come across quite a few of them lately and it gets me going.

  • Leon

    The County could set aside 5 or 10 parking spots by the park that would be maximum 2 hours parking. That would deter commuters and yet allow outsiders to use the park.

    John, since you grew up in LV, you’d be well-positioned to push for this. If you played in LV park as a kid, I bet you’d love to take your own kids there to play. It would be easier if there were some parking spaces right there.

    • John

      By the time I have kids, I’m sure that silly splash park will be long gone, hopefully replaced by something challenging and for kids of all ages (pre-5 to 6 grade, roughly). That park seems to undergo some kind of transformation every ten years. If I had my way I’d dig up the plans for the old wooden playground and rebuild that.

      Sure there should be limited one or two hr parking spots nearby, and maybe a bikeshare station, for those people who want to use the courts. The other Arlington neighborhood parks, Lacy Woods, etc have plenty of street parking. LV should at least have a limited number of time-restricted spaces. Why not?


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