Road Work on Arlington Ridge

by ARLnow.com September 14, 2011 at 1:40 pm 2,032 8 Comments

Construction crews are in the process of repaving the intersection of Arlington Ridge Road and 23rd Street S.

The work has blocked one westbound lane of 23rd Street and one southbound lane of Arlington Ridge Road.

Arlington County recently completed some curb, sidewalk and turn lane changes in the area in an effort to improve pedestrian safety. The county’s web site has additional information on the changes.

  • ArlingtonSouth

    When can we expect Arlington to repair the deplorable conditions present on Columbia Pike from Four Mile Run to George Mason?

    I pay my fair share of taxes in the area, I’d like some return!

  • Bluemontsince1961

    I can vouch for what you said, ArlingtonSouth. That stretch of the Pike is awful. I can’t remember the last time I saw any road repairs in that part of Arlington.

  • Meade

    Is this the same location with all the signs complaining about everything? I miss those sign. I’d get a great chuckle every time I drove past. What ever happened to the police tape house?

    • Josh S

      Wait, what? Am I on Candid Camera or something? Didn’t this exact same post appear about a month ago the last time we got an update on construction on Ridge Road?

    • Uncle County

      Nope. This is the area where County steam-rolled all the residents. Accidents waiting to happen….

  • soarlslacker

    This is the same intersection with the signs concerning the slip lane being removed. 23rd & Ridge are the main roads in and out of this neighborhood. IT WOULD BE NICE TO HAVE SOME NOTICE THAT THIS PAVING WAS GOING TO HAPPEN! I have gone to the grocery store and come home 45 minutes later to find my street closed by the contractors hired by Arl Cty. None of these folks have a bit of common sense. Arl Cty hires fools! Fools who instead of replacing our water line on Veterans Day, disconnected our home from clean water and went home early. How hard is it to knock on the door and check and see that residents have water before you leave early, especially if your job is working on water lines? Got water back at 10pm and the next day they turned it off again with no notice.
    There have been 2 police tape houses in this area in recent years: 1) An older gentleman ran over his spouse while backing out of the garage. 2) There was a shooting/homicide at a rental house that was the result of a 3 way sex hook-up gone bad. any recent tape was residents protesting the loss of the slip lane, or protection while the cty increased the size of a yard into where the slip lane was and redid driveways.

    • Matt

      There’s other ways in and out of your Ivory Tower neighborhood. Get over it. Get adventurous and go exploring!

  • Crycity

    Soarlslacker — since you seem to hate south Arlington, the ridge, the county and your neighbors, we suggest you move. You will be a much happier person and so will your neighbors.


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